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  • Looking for a DVD

    anybody know where I can buy a DVD of the 1999 season, the playoff summary, and maybe the whole superbowl game.

    Some kind of tribute to the season???

    I have been looking for quite a while, saw a couple on amazon but they did not get good ratings

    Thanks if you can help me out

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    Re: Looking for a DVD

    I've got the CD they mailed out to all the season ticket holders. It's just radio highlights though.


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      Re: Looking for a DVD

      There is a 3-Disc DVD you can get that has the 1999 playoff games against Minnesota and Tampa, as well the Super Bowl, all in their entirety. It's called 1999 St. Louis Rams - 3 Classic Games. It's an officially licensed product, so the quality is great. For a good season recap, there's America's Game: 1999 St. Louis Rams.


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        Re: Looking for a DVD

        The America's Game Series on NFL was the best one I've ever seen. If you send me a PM I will tell you where to get it for free.


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          Re: Looking for a DVD

          Also I have the entire superbowl too


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            Re: Looking for a DVD

            Originally posted by peramoure View Post
            The America's Game Series on NFL was the best one I've ever seen. If you send me a PM I will tell you where to get it for free.
            It won't let me PM you, can you send me one?


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              Re: Looking for a DVD

              Peramour, I sent you an IM about this as well as I am interested in finding out where I can get a copy of the Super Bowl.


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                Re: Looking for a DVD

                I got mine through NFL Shop. Be advised that I think their are small sections of the game missing from my DVD. Still better than not having it at all.
                This space for rent...


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                • MizzouRams
                  Anybody know how to find past Rams games on DVD???
                  by MizzouRams
                  For the past few years I have been somewhat searching for either the full game videos from 1999 or 2001 or even the NFL film highlight footage on a game by game basis.. you know, the one that had the narrarator that did the farily long hightlight for each game... the guy with the deep voice that we've all heard.

                  Does anyone know how to find DVD's of the games from either year? I'd love to go back and relive one or both of those years.

                  I'm exciting about this season as well.. first season in quite a few years. I've also told myself I will be patient. Thought it would be cool to watch an old Rams game before each regular season game this year.

                  Odd question, but if somebody can help.. I'd GREATLY appreciate.
                  -09-08-2010, 08:48 PM
                • thoey
                  1999 Rams Dvd
                  by thoey
                  Sorry, not sure if this has been posted before. Saw the commercial for this on TV last night and just ordered my copy. Should get it next week:


                  This DVD contains the complete network broadcasts of the 1999 post-season run of the St. Louis Rams:

                  NFC Divisional Playoff vs. Minnesota,
                  NFC Championship vs. Tampa Bay, and
                  Super Bowl XXXIV vs. Tennessee.

                  $39.99 plus tax and shipping.

                  -01-03-2008, 04:03 PM
                • supachump
                  Getting a whole Season on DVD???
                  by supachump
                  Does anyone know where I can get a whole season of Ram games on DVD? Does the NFL provide such a thing? If they don't, they should! I can't be the only one that would be interested.

                  I would pay money to have the 99 season (through SuperBowl) on DVD. Any ideas on if this is available anywhere?
                  -03-28-2007, 09:33 AM
                • SteelDynasty
                  1999 or 2001?
                  by SteelDynasty
                  Rams fans... which do you feel was your best team, the 1999 Rams or the 2001 Rams?

                  Personally, as a non-Rams-fan observer (although I do kind of like them), I'm going to say the 2001 team was better. They lost in the Super Bowl and finished with less points scored and more points allowed than the 99 version, but overall they were still much tougher. They finished the regular season one game better, including a regular season mark of 6-1 vs teams with a winning record, and Kurt Warner was really at the top of his game. He threw a lot of INT's that year, but that was acceptable because of the style of player he was... a gunslinger. He really was the perfect prototype of a big play, gun slinging QB that year.

                  But then again, the 1999 team may override all that other stuff because they actually won the big game. Which is why I'd like to get some Rams' fans opinions on this.
                  -02-03-2007, 10:18 PM
                • Wolf
                  Getting the Rams this year.
                  by Wolf
                  Living in Ohio, I can barely watch the Rams. So, I have opted to get a job this summer in order to pay off any cost it is to watch them.

                  Any recommendations on how the non-locals of St. Louis watch them?

                  One day I just can't wait to move to St. Louis and watch them live. heh.
                  -03-29-2008, 05:44 PM