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Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

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  • Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

    Per STL Post Dispatch:

    The St. Louis Rams have named Reggie Scott as their new head athletic trainer, replacing Jim Anderson who was fired last month.

    Scott comes to the Rams from the Carolina Panthers where he was assistant athletic trainer to Ryan Vermillion.

    “He’s a young guy with some juice who we think will be a good fit,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said.

    One of the attractions of Scott, Spagnuolo said, is that he thought he would work well with young trainers James Lomax and Tyler Williams, who were retained by the Rams and whom Spagnuolo thinks highly of.

    All told, Spagnuolo interviewed four candidates for the job. Still to be filled is an assistant athletic trainer’s job held previously by Dake Walden, who also was let go by Spagnuolo.
    Now the offseason is in full effect. Hiring of a new trainer, WR Coach, and the Rams have been sold. Here we go.

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    Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

    Saying your new trainer has "juice" might not be the best choice of words.


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      Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

      Hope he brings peppers too !


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        Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

        Originally posted by shower beers View Post
        Saying your new trainer has "juice" might not be the best choice of words.
        Aha, I thought the exact same thing reading through that.. I was like man, poor choice of words in today's sport culture.


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          Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

          Maybe now we won't have all these injuries? But somehow I feel that next year we will have the same problem with injuries.


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            Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

            Living here in charlotte, I've seen the continued list of injuries that the panthers seem to suffer to key players, hopefully he has some better answers and ideas than when he was here with the panthers.


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              Re: Rams name Carolina’s Reggie Scott head trainer

              Anyone who thinks that the identity of a team's trainer impacts the statistical probability of injuries occuring on the football field is spending too much time with the hookah pipe.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel


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