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  • Spags contract...

    Has anybody heard that Spags has an option that in the case the team is sold he can opt out of his contract? I am not saying he will since nothing has pointed towards that, just asking if its true.

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    Re: Spags contract...

    Originally posted by thermobee
    Has anybody heard that Spags has an option that in the case the team is sold he can opt out of his contract? I am not saying he will since nothing has pointed towards that, just asking if its true.
    It is true. However, I wouldn't be concerned with it. Kahn is a RAMS fan, so he will probably support Spags and make him feel welcomed


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      Re: Spags contract...

      Its true, but I don't know the details of how or when he can opt out of the contract. I've heard he has to stay until 2010. Honestly, I think it'd be foolish for Spags or Khan to do that.
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        Re: Spags contract...

        Even then I don't think spags would get out, where else can he be a head coach? His first year sucked, not saying that it was all because of him..


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          Re: Spags contract...

          Yes, it is true. It was reported when the contract was signed. That with all of the concern if the team was sold that he could opt out of the contract.

          I believe he had some concerns in the case he did not get along with new management or the team moved. That he could opt out.


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            Re: Spags contract...

            If Spags dream was to be a headcoach in the NFL I don't see him opting out.
            Not to mention if there are any headcoaching positions that open up who would hire a guy that just coached a 1-15 football team?

            My guess is that SPAGS will be here for at least 1 more year.
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              Re: Spags contract...

              Actually, since slavery was abolished, every coach in the league could technically "opt out" of their contract and resign at any time for any reason. The only thing an "opt out" clause does is control the consequence of doing so. In all likelihood, Spags has a "golden parachute" that allows him to walk away as a result of a sale with some form of severance compensation.

              None of that matters. Spags would have to be insane to resign now. He is in a great position, as an 8-8 season would likely bring him votes for Coach of the Year.


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                Re: Spags contract...


                Around The Web
                Ramsí Spagnuolo has opt-out clause if team is sold

                Posted: February 13th, 2010 | Staff | Tags: Chip Rosenbloom, Lucia Rodriguez, Shahid Khan, St. Louis Rams, Steve Spagnuolo

                The pending sale of the St. Louis Rams to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan could include a potential wrinkle for the immediate future regarding the teamís head coach, Steve Spagnuolo.

                Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Saturday that Spagnuolo has an opt-out clause included in the contract he signed with the Rams, giving him the option to walk away if the team is sold.

                Spagnuolo was signed to a four-year, $11.5 million contract last January.

                Rams owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez signed the agreement for sale of the team Friday, and the league issued a statement that it is proceeding with the evaluation of the sale, which can take several months.

                My view on this is that Spagnuolo was smart to reserve the option, but it doesn't make sense for him to exercise it unless he's really dissatisfied with the team's direction under the new owner. Right now the Rams seem committed to giving him a chance to build a winner, while other teams are going to be looking at that 1-15 season. Other teams that were looking for a new head coach have already filled their vacancies anyway.


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                  Re: Spags contract...

                  I am 99% sure Spags will be back.

                  The 1% is if Kahn comes in with insane demands like...

                  1) Trade Steven Jackson.

                  2) Get Vick as the starter.

                  3) Draft Tebow as the quarterback of the future.

                  4) Only trade out of the #1 spot if we can get 7 picks including 2 first rounds.

                  5) Wants to replace all of the pictures Spags hung with Tony Banks action photos.

                  But since any one of those demands is CRAZY... I'm pretty sure Spags will be back.


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                    Re: Spags contract...

                    Originally posted by Rambunctious

                    5) Wants to replace all of the pictures Spags hung with Tony Banks action photos.
                    lol The name that shall not be named!


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                      Re: Spags contract...

                      No quick fixes here. New owner provide the support required to Devaney/Spags to build a winner and let's see what Spags is truly made of......Unlikely any other organization would hire him as HC right now and he is in the middle of trying fix a mess that is beyond comprehension. We should know shortly about the style of our to still to be annointed new owner.


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                        Re: Spags contract...

                        i think its more likely that Khan would want to bring in "his guys" rather than Spags using his get out clause...i think weve learnt enough about Spags to be very shocked if he did use it.
                        Khan is still a bit of a mystery to who knows what he is thinking..but if he`s not gonna be the official owner until May at the earliest,it would be a bad move to hire a new coach for the up-coming season after the first wave of F.A & the draft has taken place,so even tho i know very little about Khan and even less about his intentions once he has become the owner... if Spags aint HC next year i would be very shocked and disappointed wether its Spags or Khan who pulls the plug.
                        i do think he needs to have atleast 4 or 5 wins to still be at the helm for 2011 tho.


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                          Re: Spags contract...

                          I agree that spags will be back. I see no upside for him in opting out. While he may well have grounds to resign "For Good Reason" under his contract (the technical legal term that would enable him to quit and still get severance), i dont see why anyone else would hire his so quickly. Its also possible that his contract contains non compete language if he accepts the severance. No way to know that without seeing the language.

                          He is in a great spot. Well thought of, and nowhere to go but up!

                          Ramming speed to all

                          general counsel


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                            Re: Spags contract...

                            Actually, the new owner makes the job more stable. Kahn is a Rams fan and wants to win. Not saying Chip wasn't, just saying it wasn't a passion of his.

                            With stability comes new responsibility. It's time to win. Not asking for a division title, but I am asking for a competitive football team that we don't have to look extremely hard for positives.


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                              Re: Spags contract...

                              The same thing happened with Parcells in Miami, he had an opt out clause if the Dolphins were sold but he stayed on. I'm not worried at all by this.


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