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Do you care where the Rams play?

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  • Do you care where the Rams play?

    So on a slightly different note we see how many folks here would stay Rams fans no matter where they play. In my case I never lived in LA or St Louis. I became a Rams fan back in the 70s. I just liked the Rams players, and the way the team played. So for me where they are is irrelevant. So how about the rest of you?
    Yes, I follow my local teams.
    No. My team is my team regardless of where it is.

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    Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

    I would like the Rams to play in Los Angeles. I grew up a Los Angeles Rams fan and they should have never left. Rather than speak ill of Georgia Frontiere, I'll leave it at that.

    In no way is my wish a negative reflection on the people of St. Louis or the state of Missouri. And with that said, and with the probable sale of the Rams to Shalid Khan- a midwesterner- I think the Rams forseeable future is in St. Louis!!


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      Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

      I would guess a majority of the members here were fans of the Rams before they moved to St. Louis... I know I was.

      That being said I do not want them to move.

      I didn't fall in love with them because they were in L.A. and I don't love them because they are in St. Louis. They will be my team no matter were they go but...

      Moving is not a solution to any of our problems. In fact I believe it only would add to them.

      Let me flip the thought. If L.A. gets a new team but it isn't the Rams will local fans switch to the new team or stick with the Rams?


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        Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

        Honestly, I chose them as my team when I was nine and I liked their helmets. Didn't start actively following them until 2005, so i could really care less were they play.


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          Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

          Hell yeah I care, you would too if you had season tickets and home games were a 30 minute drive away.

          LA fans (and people who follow them who never lived in LA/STL) have this question answered quite obviously. It's extremely unfair to ask St Louis people because every St Louis person does care where they play as I'm sure every LA person did before they moved.

          And you can't ask what a St Louis fan would do, who knows? I'm sure it would probably be like LA or any other city where a team has moved, the vast majority aren't going to be long term fans and some will remain die hards.

          All in all, I think this is a really stupid and unfair question for anyone in St Louis because none of us could choose 'no' and if we choose 'yes' then it's like we're a lesser breed of fan. You needed more options to this poll so I didn't vote at all. It just seems like you're trying to paint St Louis fans into a corner with this poll
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            Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

            I voted no. My Team is my team. I love the Rams and I always will. I live next to LA, but I hope the team stays in St Louis. Go Rams.


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              Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

              I voted yes, but it's kind of complicated. I've never lived in St. Louis, and if they moved, I wouldn't stop following the team. But it would bother me. I dislike it any time a team moves because a sports team becomes a part of the area's identity. Communities sink millions into building a stadium, then individually shell out hundreds if not thousands on game tickets and memorabilia only to one day see the owner up and move their team away. Suddenly people can't see their team live without planning a minor vacation around it, and then it gets to where you can't even get the games on tv. I know that it already happened to L.A., but I'd rather not see it happen to the people of St. Louis, too.


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                Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                Ditto on you Golden.

                Thanks for the poll Pingitup but the only two answer options are misleading and/or non applicable. I live far away from STL (obviously then my team is not 'local'), but I certainly do care where they are and play.



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                  Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                  No, Team loyalty > City loyalty
                  You can move the Rams to Ethiopia and I'll still support them.

                  ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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                    Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                    Tough answer for me. Yes I follow my local teams. I'm a huge Lakers fan and I always pull for the Dodgers, Angels, Ducks, Kings, Bruins and USC . But I will also always be a Rams fan because they were once my local team. My first choice would be for them to return to LA and my second choice is they stay in St. Louis, at least until I die anyway. 8|
                    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

                    Jack Youngblood


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                      Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                      Originally posted by Rambunctious View Post
                      Let me flip the thought. If L.A. gets a new team but it isn't the Rams will local fans switch to the new team or stick with the Rams?
                      you can't flip in the middle of a thread, start your own!
                      LA RAMMER

                      It's Jim not Chris


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                        Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                        The Rams blong in St. Louis, but if isaster struck and they had to move somewhere else, like San Antonio or some other unnamed large city, I'd still be a Rams fan.

                        But they belong in St. Louis....


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                          Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                          Care where the Rams play? Of course. EVERY fan cares where they play. Don't believe me? Would you like it if the Rams played in your backyard?

                          Of course you would like it. So yea, every fan cares.

                          However, most fans will not let geography get in the way of their fanosity (yea, it's a word).
                          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                            Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                            My only oppisition to moving to LA would be that all my "St. Louis" merchandise would be out dated. :/


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                              Re: Do you care where the Rams play?

                              As long as they don't ever move to L.A


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                                In another thread in the Rams Talk forum titled "Diversity, money are key issues with Khan's RAMS bid". RamsFanSam responded with his 4 items of concern. (#2- Will Khan keep the team where it belongs in St. Louis?)
                                This jumped out at me because I'm an old school RAMS fan and still believe our team belongs in L.A..

                                I know a very large percentage of us would remain RAMS fans no matter where they called home. However where do they belong? St. Louis or Los Angeles?
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                                I just want our LA contingency to know....
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                                ....that when the dust has settled from all these business wheelings/dealings, and the St. Louis Rams are still the St. Louis Rams, that you will still have a home here. Even though, some of you have gone out of your way to alienate fellow St. Louis Rams fans, it's all going to be water under the bridge. By gones will be by gones.

                                And by then, maybe the team will be winning again. We can put all this losing and ugliness behind us, and once again just be St. Louis Rams fans all under the same tent with no geographic dissension.

                                It's going to be a new day soon. And I just want you to know: no hard feelings; all will be forgiven. In the end we're all just Rams fans.
                                -01-31-2010, 06:36 PM
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                                Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times
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                                In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams guard Dennis Harrah won't even turn on the television.

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                                Throughout the NFL today, former players will provide living links to current ones, on sidelines, in broadcast booths, a weekly melding of past and present.

                                In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson doesn't really care.

                                "I'm not a big NFL fan," he said. "The history that I had here is gone."

                                They were once the cornerstones of Los Angeles' most popular franchise, the builders of one of the nation's most solid sporting skylines.

                                Today they don't even have a working address.

                                They are legends without legacy, history without memory, stars of a team that no longer exists in a town that no longer cares.

                                Almost 14 years after the late Georgia Rosenbloom packed up the Rams and dragged them to St. Louis, they are the strange collection of boxes that remain.

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                                Many are successful businessmen who have parlayed their football skills into marketable careers. They do not wish for special treatment, nor have any interest in pity.

                                But sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice if they could show their children who they were?

                                "I would love to take my sons to the place I played, to see the team that I played for, but that's not possible," Harrah said. "This has been like a bad divorce, where you just can't go back."

                                Then sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice to occasionally feel the embrace of a sports community that they worked so hard to create?

                                "I go back to New York and see Lawrence Taylor go to Giants Stadium and hear everyone shouting nice things to him, like he's come home, and I kind of wonder what that would feel like," Dickerson...
                                -11-23-2008, 06:56 AM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                Rams need to move out of St. Louis !!
                                by Guest
                                The Rams would be so much better off in my mind getting out of St. louis and coming back to L.A. As a californian Rams fan it makes me sick to watch the home games in STL the fans are worthless, through the tv you could here a pin drop. Not to mention the out of date music they play during and before games. How they come onto field in the dark with smoke blowing it reminds me of a NBA game. It is the stupidest thing iv'e ever seen. RAMS get out of that middleaged baseball town and come back to your home, Hurry up and sell the team Chip, the sooner it happens the better. ST. LOUIS SUCKS !!!!!!
                                -01-30-2009, 07:06 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Where would you rather be?
                                by RamWraith
                                elAcky brought up something interesting. Would you rather see the team play in LA or St. Louis??
                                Stay home in St. Louis. That town isn't too bad.
                                Return to LA. Thats where we belong
                                -06-25-2004, 04:55 AM