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get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

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  • get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    i hate to say this im a big marc bulger fan but im starting to turn away from him. im thinking its time the rams invested in a new qb cause as it looks now. all the qbs weve got are all basically back ups trying to be starters if not gonna work. i mean kyle boller what was the point of that guy everyone seen how he played in baltimore he looked like a high school qb trying to play in the nfl. and keith null id raither have daivd carr then keith null hell id raither have joey harrington. then we got marc what the hell guy stay healthy. how does the same guy get injuried in multipul seasons and the rams still keep him. kurt warner didnt get injuried as much as marc did and they thought marc was the future we all see how its turned out so far. its not like we cant draft a good qb in the 2 round i mean theres colt,superman(tebow),pike,juice williams,lefevour, hell anyone of those guys. i really think we should bring back holt i think hes still got some more fuel in the tank. hes still got that big play ability and is still a great route runner. he needs to come back and teach these young wide outs how to stay healthy and play a little better at best most of the recievers that are on the team now. arent starters maybe we can keep avery out of the bunch but the rest at best are special teams guys or practice squad guys.

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    Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

    Of course we need to get rid of The Bulge, that ship sailed about two years ago we just refused to adress it. Null isn't a starter, and who knows he may never be, but for a small school guy who played out of the gun he played pretty well against Huston. As for Torry, love the guy to death but if he still has big play ability he hasn't shown it for the past two years. We cut him for a reason, chances are he's not coming back.


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      Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

      The Jags really don't have any sort of receiving corps and Holt still couldn't produce. Plus, I really doubt Holt would want to come back to St. Louis.


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        Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

        Holt is my all time favorite player, when they released him I cried.. Hes not coming back..


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          Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

          I hate to tell you this but neither Warner, Faulk, Bruce or Holt are walking through that door!
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            Re: get rid of marc bulger/ bring back holt

            Man I would love to have Torry back in the STL. He could mentor our young guys and my Holt jersey would be legit again lol. I don't think it will happen though, but hopefully we see him in a Rams uniform again soon.


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            • BEER
              Is it Holt, or Bulger?
              by BEER
              So, witch is it? Bulger could hit Holt last year with the worst line in the NFL.
              To me it seems that Holt can no longer get open, or Bulger cant find him.

              Anyways I think its MB, maybe not though, what do you think?
              -11-03-2008, 03:31 PM
            • RamWraith
              Holt apologizes to Bulger
              by RamWraith
              From RotoWorld:

              Torry Holt-WR-Rams Sep. 27 - 11:32 am et

              Torry Holt apologized to Marc Bulger for not making enough plays to keep him from getting benched.
              Holt wouldn't go as far as to publicly question the decision as Steven Jackson had, but he made it clear that the team is lacking direction at the very least. Holt said he is looking forward to playing Sunday as a way of escaping the "madness" surrounding the team.
              -09-27-2008, 08:40 AM
            • RamWraith
              A conversation with Torry Holt
              by RamWraith
              Rams wide receiver Torry Holt, coming off his best year as a pro, joined host Rich Eisen via Rams cam on NFL Total Access . Holt talked about Kurt Warner's departure, his team's outlook for next season and how he's enjoying his offseason. NFL Total Access airs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (aired June 9, 2004).

              Rich Eisen: We go from No. 4 Green Bay softball to No. 81 St. Louis football. That would be 'big game' Torry Holt! And he joins us on Rams cam right now. How are you doing, Torry?

              Torry Holt: I'm doing well, man. It's always good to talk to you, Rich.

              Eisen: We always love hearing that from you, Torry. Let's talk about what's going on in St Louis. I'm told a quarterback who used to be there is no longer there. I might have read that in the sports pages that somebody who used to win a Super Bowl for you is no longer on the roster.

              Holt: What was that guys name? Are you talking about Warner?

              Eisen: It starts with a 'K'. Kurt!

              Holt: Kurt Warner, Kurt Warner. I'm sorry. Kurt Warner.

              Eisen: That's right.

              Holt: Yeah, he's headed up to New York, man. We're wishing Kurt the absolute best. I think it's a great situation for him, to give him the opportunity to resurrect his career. I think there's still some speculation about his health and all that good stuff, but I think Kurt will go to New York and I think he'll do well. Not only are they getting a good football player and a good man, they're getting somebody who does a lot of great things out in the community. It's a great opportunity for Eli [Manning] to learn from a guy like Kurt, who's played in two Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, was a league MVP and all that good stuff. So I think New York is getting an ambassador for the game of football for sure.

              Eisen: How strange is it to be walking around those halls and not have him there?

              Holt: It's tough. You know when it was really tough? When we had minicamp. Kurt normally gets up and he breaks us down. He normally gets up and he does this little huddle thing, do the cadence ... he normally handles that. And this time he wasn't there to step up and handle that. Marc [Bulger] actually handled it. So right then I knew it was going in another direction. Things felt a little strange, but once we got through minicamp ... and [Chris] Chandler obviously had a real good camp -- he fit in very well -- and Marc had a good camp. So I think that's behind us now. Again, we're wishing Kurt the best. Now we just have to go on with Marc Bulger, and we as a football team may have to help him get to the championship level.

              Eisen: Well, it's something that you saw coming a while ago, Torry. When you were on with us back during the playoffs, I believe, or right after the Super Bowl, we asked you, "Who do you think was going to be the quarterback there next year?" You said it's...
              -06-11-2004, 01:43 PM
            • Nick
              Revisiting Rams/Broncos: Bulger misses a wide open Holt
              by Nick
              One of the big criticisms of Marc Bulger was that he was shaky and missed his receivers at times. While I certainly agree with that assessment from an overall game standpoint, perhaps the most telling example of this that fans would cite would be Bulger missing a wide-open Torry Holt in the end zone in the middle of the fourth quarter. I remember Mike commenting in the chat that it was a tough throw but the consensus was that Marc just blew it. However when reviewing the tape of the play, I really don't think that's the case.

              Fourth quarter, 2nd and Goal from the Denver 6 yard line. I-formation with twin receivers to the left. It's a designed play-action rollout to the right side of the field with what looks like three potential targets - a short route Paul Smith in the flat right at the five yard line, Bruce running a crossing route in the middle of the endzone, and Holt running a crossing route near the back of the endzone and later than Bruce. What you see from the side view is Bulger rolling out, seeing Holt, and throwing a pass that's at least an arm's length if not more behind Holt.

              What is clear as crystal is that Holt was wide open. What isn't so clear is how difficult of a throw it was, and how Bulger essentially put that pass exactly where it needed to be. This is somewhat clear from the side camera view, but even more clear from the replay angle that follows which shows the field from the QB's perspective and shows his passing lanes and obstructions.

              As Bulger rolls out to the right, one Denver linebacker sticks with Paul Smith as he runs toward the flat. Al Wilson, arguably one of the best middle linebackers in the league, is directly in Bulger's throwing window, not playing anyone inparticular but rather just following Bulger on the rollout. Bulger can't lead Holt forward on that pass because if he does Wilson makes the easy interception. Whereas Bulger's throw was an arm's length behind Holt, it was also an arm's length behind a laterally-moving Wilson, and any attempt to lead Holt means you're also leading Wilson in front of him. Bulger's only choice is to throw behind Holt, which is also behind and out of reach of Wilson, and hope Torry can somehow make a spectacular catch.

              Bulger clearly saw Wilson right in front of him, and made a throw that tried to make a play without giving Wilson a gift interception. I would call on anyone with a video copy of this game to check out the fourth quarter and tell me if they're seeing the same thing, because it looks pretty clear to me especially after the additional camera angle. This goes back to what Marc and Scott Linehan were saying about the new offense - minimize mistakes and don't force it in there.
              -09-11-2006, 01:36 PM
            • RamWraith
              Do you really blame about Holt??
              by RamWraith
              I tell you...there is a lot of screaming for Bulger, but what about Holt.

              The guy is getting no separation off the line or in his routes. Everything he runs is only 2 to 7 yards. He has lost a step or 5. In my opinion his age has caught up with him big time. He has never had the crisp routes that Bruce had, making him a non-factor in this offense. If you aren't going to be precise, and aren't willing to go over the middle a possession receiver you are not. What good is Holt at this point??

              Blame should not be on Bulger. Until Avery the last 3 weeks...Bulger has had NO ONE.

              I love Holt as much as I loved Bruce. But it is time to move on. Make for youth.
              -10-26-2008, 04:55 PM