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Best match-up article I have read yet.

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  • Best match-up article I have read yet.

    This article I think hits the nail on the head about this team. I must say Fantasy Football MasterMinds is starting to get some votes on some good articles from me.

    Read team by team fantasy football reports for the latest player, free agent, and coaching news. NFL team reports from a fantasy football perspective.



    The Rams will struggle trying to stop Seattle's passing game this Sunday, for my money it's the #1 matchup. Because despite their semi-impressive win over San Francisco last week, the Ram defense still allowed the ***** 26 first downs, 20 of which came via the pass. As I watched the STL/SF game-tape on Wednesday and Friday, what jumped out at me was the number of completed passes underneath the the Rams soft umbrella defense. QB Tim Rattay was 31 of 47, and you could count on one hand the number of deep balls he threw.

    Yes, of course, the game was a blowout, which may account for much of the Rams soft zone. And yes, the ***** two touchdowns came during "garbage time" - after the Rams took a 24-0 lead. But if you know anything at all about the Seattle Seahawks passing game, you know they're licking their chops when they studied the same plays I saw - particularly the 20 first downs thrown underneath the coverage, and the Niners being successful 7-out-of-12 on 3rd down.

    The week before the 49er game, the Rams hid the fact that Adam Archuleta was too banged up to start at SS. Career backup Rich Coady started in place of Archuleta, although Adam did see action as a nickel back on obvious passing downs. Coady played fairly well versus the *****, but the Ram coaching staff voted Coady "defensive player of the game" or some such nonsense, and immediately I smelled a rat.

    My opinion: I think Rich Coady is a stiff. I don't think Coady can guard most WRs 1-on-1, and he can't be trusted to make an open field tackle against most RBs. I think the Rams "snuck" Coady into the starting lineup vs. SF because they didn't want the ***** to game-plan against Rich specifically. And I think the Ram coaches voted Coady "Mr. Universe" this week in a halfass attempt to smoke-screen the Seattle game-planners.

    So ask yourself: Will Seattle HC Mike Holmgren be tricked by this? (I don't think so) Will the the Seahawks target Coady this Sunday? (what do you think?)

    The Rams almost played mistake-free football against San Francisco Sunday night, so naturally they caused a bad 49er team lots of problems. There were no significant injuries in the game, although Torry Holt limped off the field once, and Marshall Faulk got dinged in the shoulder and the knee (again).

    Afterward, Faulk's 23 carries for 121 yards was the "story". Hundreds of media types across the country couldn't wait for the game to end, so they could attack Mike Martz viciously. Most of the television dolts implied that Faulk should be doing this sort of thing every game, every season. The Rams record of 26-0 when Faulk gains 100 yards was repeated ad nauseum, and the obvious implication was that Martz's "ego" prevents him from running the football more, and that Martz's "stubbornness" causes him to throw the football so often.

    Except Faulk is extremely vunderable to injury when he runs 20-30 times a game, and if the Rams overuse him for three or four weeks in a row, Marshall won't last until December, nevermind January and beyond. This is a fact - not guesswork - when Marshall is overused, his body breaks down every time. He knows it. Martz knows it. Everyone in the Ram organization knows it. Saving Faulk's body from the wear and tear of 20 carries every week is essential to keeping Marshall healthy should the Rams qualify for the playoffs.

    And chew on this: In the first half, while the Rams built a 24-0 lead, Marc Bulger was 15 of 18 for 166 yards and a TD. His passer rating was 123.6. So ... you know ... throwing the football sets up the Ram running game, if you don't understand that yet, try looking a little harder.

    Still, Seattle is a 7 point favorite versus St. Louis this weekend, a point spread that would've seemed impossible six weeks ago. Further, the NFL gave the Seahawks a bye last weekend, so before their home game against their strongest divisional rival, Seattle had an extra week to prepare. Coincidence? You tell me.

    And the Rams don't play well on FieldTurf, the fake rubber playing surface inside Quest Field. On the other hand, last week, I cried, moaned, and *****ed about the sloppy playing surface in San Francisco - only to discover at game time the dry field was a non-factor.

    But trust me: The Ram WRs and RBs can't make their best cuts on FieldTurf, when they try to plant-and-push-off they slip and fall to their knees. And the Ram defense loses all their aggressiveness on most FieldTurf surfaces - if you remember their timid performance against Atlanta and Mike Vick in Week II, then you know what I'm talking about.

    Finally, the Rams can't make their usual allotment of dumb mistakes against Seattle this week. They can't fumble or allow sacks. Their O-line will kill the Rams if it's
    problem with false starts resurfaces. And the young DBs must hold their water too.

    Item: Seattle's defense is ranked #1 by the NFL and that's ridiculous. In the last five years, Seattle's defense has never finished a season ranked better than 19th defensively, so to assume their #1 based on three games is laughable.

    Prediction: The team that makes the fewest mistakes wins, maybe easily. Sorry, but that's my qualified answer.

    Bruce Campbell

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    Re: Best match-up article I have read yet.

    I thought it was a well written article but it did not go into depth in talking about Seattle. Most of the writer's work criticised the Ram's flaws or weaknesses.

    His conclusion was insipid. "Prediction: The team that makes the fewest mistakes wins, maybe easily. Sorry, but that's my qualified answer."

    Well, you don't need to be Tx to state that. That "prediction" generally holds true for most all competitions. Duh! The writer should have given specifics stating why he thinks the teams are so even (because of his dumping on the Ram's defense), and by the tone of the article he should have come out on Seattle's side.

    Up to his "prediction" I thought he had done very good work in both analysis and writing. That prediction was the fly in the ointment.


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      Re: Best match-up article I have read yet.

      I to thought the report to be one sided. He did come out and poo poo the idiots who say the only way the Rams win is to run the ball and he gave a very valid argument for not using Faulk as much due to injury. What he never eluded to was the very capible running back up in Jackson. This is a very big flaw in his argument.

      The fact he never said much about the hawks was very puzzling but he did point out that their number one defence is not yet established and he also pointed out the unfairness of allowing the hawks a bye week to prepare for this game.

      Other than that, it was OK.

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: Best match-up article I have read yet.

        he also pointed out the unfairness of allowing the hawks a bye week to prepare for this game.
        How can it be unfair to give the Seahawks a bye before the Rams game, every team gets one bye in the season and the seahawks just happened to fall before the rams game. In the past the Hawks have not performed wel after a bye, in fact they are 0-5 since Holmgren became coach, so if anything it is unfair for the Hawks to have a bye prior to the game...JMHO


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          Re: Best match-up article I have read yet.

          Hey I only point out what the majority of NFL pundits believe. A bye before a divisional game is classed as an advantage. Now if your saying the hawks stink the house up after a bye week even after having two weeks to prepare for the game, what does that tell you? ;)

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking