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All time greatest Rams-punt returners and kickoff returners

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  • All time greatest Rams-punt returners and kickoff returners

    The all time greatest rams list continues as we discuss punt and kick returners. First, we will discuss the topic in an absolute sense (ie without regard for roster spots on the final 53 man team)

    Kickoff returners: Tough call here between Tony Horne and Ron Brown. Runner ups would include Travis Williams and of course the great Vitamin Smith (1951 title team). I think I am going to go with Tony Horne in this spot, based primarily on the fact that it was his kickoff return at the start of the second half in the vikings playoff game in 2000 that turned the game around and started our second half explosion that buried the vikings. Without that kick return, the game might have gone the other way. This one was such a close call that i would actually defer to the group on an at large vote basis and i acknowledge that Horne's drug issues are a strike against him.

    Punt returners. Three guys jump out at me. Az Hakhim, Leroy Irvin and Henry Ellard. I will eliminate Hakhim (because i will never get over the fumble that cost us the saints playoff game and prevented the greatest comeback in rams history). Special reserve notice to VItamin Smith and Woodley Lewis who starred in the 1950's. I think i will select Ellard, who did it for longer, in a close call over Leroy Irvin.

    Second analysis. Roster spots. I think this is a relatively easy call. I pick Ellard as the return guy. He will have a wide receiver spot on the team and i dont think we can afford a kickoff return specialist on the 53 man roster. I think Irvin will make the final team anyway so we will have a backup return guy.

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: All time greatest Rams-punt returners and kickoff returners

    I vote no on Az Hakhim for the same reason. It was one of those moments where you remember where you were when it happened, and won't ever forget it. THUMBS DOWN.


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      Re: All time greatest Rams-punt returners and kickoff returners

      I'm pretty much in agreement on most of the above. However, I would go with Ron Brown over Tony Horne in a close call. Brown was a former track star- unbelievably fast- and was a real big deal for the short time he played with the Rams. But it is such a close call here, that you could go either way.

      Booth Irvin and Ellard led the league in punt return yardage if I'm not mistaken. Both also were very good position players with Ellard getting the overall edge there.


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        Re: All time greatest Rams-punt returners and kickoff returners

        ah prior to changing my sig pic to one for Big Red..i had a pick of LeRoy Irvin there,so pleased to see him get a mention here..was a favorite of mine from the 80`s teams and glad you mentioned he will probably make your final 53..tho will he suit up on game days?;)
        also pleased to see Horne & Ron Brown because they were players i remember also with much pride.. and of course Ellard..

        Vitamin Smith? that cant be his real first name surely?