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All time great Rams roster-defensive tackle

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  • All time great Rams roster-defensive tackle

    All time great Rams threads continued. This is a tough one folks. Defensive Tackle. This position has been a problem for the Rams for many years. Guys like Sean Gilbert, Ray Agnew and Dmarco Farr, effective as they were for short periods of time, dont exactly fall into the category of all time greats.

    One tackle is obvious, Merlin Olsen, a 14 time all pro and one of the greatest rams ever. For the second choice, I take Larry Brooks, who played with the Rams from 1982-1992, made five pro bowls, as least three first team all pro teams, and was a huge force inside for the 1979 team that went to the super bowl.

    Suggestions for backups are welcomed, i think its going to be tough to beat out these two for the starting spots. I think Rosey Grier probably warrants serious consideration for a backup spot, even though his Rams career was not very long.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
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    Re: All time great Rams roster-defensive tackle

    Thanks for these great All-time-great threads GC! :ram:

    Totally agree with your DT selections; can't go wrong with those names ...

    Larry Brooks

    Indeed, Olsen is at the very top, no question whatsover. Not only our best but one of the NFL's all-time greatest as well. Talk about consistency, quality, character in a DL. 15 straight seasons, 208 games; 14 Pro Bowls in a row; retired jersey. HOF material early in his career. Anchorman for the four headed monster of the Fearsome.

    Click on image. Olsen saying, "nice try cowpoke!" Also, Rosey Grier. A very solid DT -- one of those intimating football players that was actually a gentleman away from the gridiron.
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    • general counsel
      All time great rams team-the two easiest positions to name
      by general counsel
      Back by popular demand, more on my all time rams team.

      THe two easiest positions on the team are offensive tackle and defensive end.

      Offensive Tackle- Pace and Slater
      Defensive End- Youngblood and Deacon Jones

      I dont think that there can be any legitimate dispute over those selections as starters. As backups however, there is plenty of food for thought.

      My picks

      Offensive Tackle- Charlie Cowan, Eberle Schultz (other possibilities include Irv Pankey). I think Cowan (a 14 year rams and multiple all pro, along with Schulz (and all pro in the 1940's and the anchor of the 1945 championship teams offensive line) are the best backup choices (even though schulz only played three years for the rams, therefore meeting the bare minimum time of service requirement for the all time team).

      Defensive End. Leonard Little (superior pure pass rusher) and Larry Brink (first team all pro for the 1951 championship team). Others to consider include Andy Robustelli (who made the HOF, but whose best years were with the Giants), Fred Dryer and Lamar Lundy. I am sure many will mention wistrom, but i dont believe he was dominant enough to be in this group, although he was an excellent ram.

      Comments invited.

      Ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -02-22-2010, 10:37 AM
    • Chris58
      Rams Tackles of Repute
      by Chris58
      A lot of ClanRam concern for a successful season this season is based on the health of Orlando Pace.

      Orlando may be the greatest or most recognized Rams tackle of all time. As most all of you know, OP has been a Ram since his rookie season in 1997 when he was the first player taken in the draft. Op has played in 144 of 176 regular season games with 7 pro bowl selections and 3 All-Pro awards. He is the most dominant and decorated Rams tackle of all time.

      And here are 7 more players that deserve recognition for their service as tackles in Rams uniforms. In selecting these players I used a couple of criteria; They needed to play in at least 100 games and/or receive NFL recognition for their on-field performance.

      1. Joe Carollo- Joe played 8 seasons for the Rams from 1962-1968 and 1971. Joe played in 108 games. Joe received one Pro Bowl award as a Ram. He played another 4 years in the NFL two each with Philly and Cleveland.

      2. Charley Cowan- Charley played his entire 15 year career with the Rams from 1961-1975. Charley played in 206 games. In his career he was a 3 time Pro Bowler. Charley's career spanned some of the worst and best Rams teams. He was part of the George Allen resurgence in 1966.

      3. John Williams- John played 8 seasons for the Rams from 1972-79. He came to the Rams with 4 years experience. He played in 111 games with the Rams, starting 87. John gets props for being part of the first Rams SB team.

      4. Doug France- Doug played for the Rams from 1975-1981. He started 74 of 97 games with the Rams. He was a 2 time Pro Bowler. Doug was the other half of the tackle tandem with Jackie Slater who started on that first SB team.

      5. Jackie Slater- 20 years of service as a Rams tackle just scratches the service. Jackie started 211 of 259 games; easily the most games played by any Rams player. Jackie's playing years spanned from 1976 through 1995. He was a 7 time Pro Bowl selection. Jackie was a big part of the Rams successful run for the Superbowl in 1979.

      6.Irv Pankey- Irv played 13 NFL seasons, 11 for the Rams from 1980-1990. Though Pankey was never recognized as a Pro Bowler, he was a solid performer starting 117 of 144 games over his 11 year career.

      7. Bob Brown- I almost didn't include Bob in my list of outstanding Ram tackles because he played only 2 seasons with the Rams from 1969-1970. But in those two years he started 28 of 28 regular season games and was a 2 time All-Pro an 2 time Pro bowler in those two seasons with the Rams. Overall, Bob played 10 seasons in the NFL from 1964-1973 and was a 5 time All-Pro and 6 time Pro Bowl selection. Next to OP, Brown may have been the most dominant tackle to play for the Rams.

      Who will be the next great Rams offensive tackle? Is he on our roster right now? Let's hope whomever he is, he emerges this season.
      -06-06-2008, 08:20 PM
    • general counsel
      rams history-rank the following rams
      by general counsel
      rank the following three rams former players in terms of "all time great rams"

      The criteria is both performance and longevity. Are any, all or some combination of these three guys all time great rams.

      leroy irvin
      jerry gray
      todd lyght.

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -12-23-2006, 06:16 PM
    • general counsel
      My Rams HOF
      by general counsel
      In my never ending quest to organize my sports memorabilia collection, my rams football cards are broken out into four basic categories. HOF, Semi stars, owners/coaches/announcers and commons. I will be posting the HOF category and also, the semi star category for input from the group.

      I acknowledge that a lot of this categorization is personal preference as we all have our favorites. Some of my categorization is impacted by longevity as a ram. As a general rule, if the guy is in the nfl hall of fame, he will be at the minimum in the semi star category for any card on which he appears in a rams uniform. Thus, tommy mcdonald and night train lane, each of whom only played for the rams for two years, are semi stars. I think its tough to consider a guy an all time great ram (and thus a rams HOF'er) if he only played two years for the team. As a general rule, not true in every case, you need three years as a ram to be a semi star and four years to qualify as a HOF'er. Note also that active players are kept separately, thus, you wont see any of them on these lists (i still have faulk as an active ram, at least for now).

      A very much look forward to your input along with feedback on anyone you think i might be missing completely. I have not made the final run through the all time media guide yet to see if i want to add guys, i thought i would start with the most knowledgeable rams source of all, this board.

      Hall of Fame- Arnett, Bass, Benton, Larry brooks, cullen bryant, cowan, cromwell, dickerson, johnny drake, dryer, ekern, ellard, elmendorf, fears, gabriel, jerry gray, gehrke, grier, parker hall, harrah, hirsch, iman, irvin, harold jackson, deacon jones, mike jones, josephson, lundy, lyght, mccutceon, leon mcglaughlin, mack, meador, nutten, olsen, pardee, jim philllips, proehl, hacksaw reynolds, richter, isiah robertson, robustelli, saul, scibelli, doug smith, slater, snow, towler, van brocklin, warner, kenny washington, waterfield, aeneas williams, youngblood, tank younger.

      Semi Stars- flipper anderson, archuleta, tony banks (probably should be a common), baughan, bertelsen, bettis, bly, bob brown, roger brown, cappelletti, kevin carter, chapple, conwell, corral, glen davis, ellison, everett, dmarco farr, ferragamo, fletcher, doug france, sean gilbert, gary green, trent green, kevin greene, haden, hadle, hakim, james harris, drew hill, kent hill, hodgins, monte jackson, lane, lansford, lyle, matson, mcdonald, mckeever, newberry, newsome, pankey, rod perry, david ray, harry schuh, vitamin smith, pat thomas, truax, tyler, bill wade, toby wright.

      Ramming speed to all, and thanks very much for all your input and help

      general counsel
      -02-09-2007, 11:31 AM
    • argpdt
      Best Retired Rams Offensive Linemen Not In HOF
      by argpdt
      With Adam Timmerman's recent release I got to thinking about the top retired Rams Offensive Linemen not currently in the Hall Fame.

      Most Recognized:
      Rich Saul - 6 Time Pro Bowler
      Dennis Harrah - 6 Time Pro Bowler
      Doug Smith - 6 Time Pro Bowler
      Kent Hill - 5 Time Pro Bowler
      Duane Putnam - 4 Time Pro Bowler
      Charlie Cowan - 3 Time Pro Bowler

      Personal Favorites:
      Tom Dahms
      Doug France - 2 Time Pro Bowler
      Ken Iman
      Duval Love - 1 Time Pro Bowler
      Andy McCollum
      Tom Nutten
      Irv Pankey
      Joe Scibelli - 1 Time Pro Bowler
      Adam Timmerman - 2 Time Pro Bowler

      -03-02-2007, 08:57 AM