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  • Pickett

    Why do we let players like him? He is a great run stopper and guess what we need. We drafted him why not keep him? If the same thing happens with OJ I am seriously going to questions the Rams decisions.

    PS I know the FO was different at that time, but either way you think about it, it doesnt make sense.

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    Re: Pickett

    I think many people have questioned the move to let Pickett walk. I think one issue with retaining him was that the team was really struggling with the cap due to bad decisions on the personnel and money management side of things, so i dont think the Rams thought they could retain Pickett. Thats something that Devaney made sure was sorted out in the past season, to stop that happening again.

    Another reason for letting him go was that he only really played well for the Rams in that final year of his contract. That was the year he really looked like the player the Rams thought they would get when they drafted him in the first round. The Rams decided he only played well because he was in a contract year, however it turns out that the light had finally come on, looking at his recent years in Green Bay


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      Re: Pickett

      This was a crime to let Pickett walk, he lead all DT's in tackles in the League that last year, he played for the Rams and he signed for the Packers at a reasonable price too....not good

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        Re: Pickett

        Rumour has it that the Packers are going to slap the franchise tag on him anyway. I was kinda hoping that the rams would take a look at him but this looks unlikely now.


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          Re: Pickett

          The Rams deserve criticism on a lot of things, but letting Ryan Pickett go isn't one of them. The guy was below average during his tenure here. Now because he had a decent season elsewhere all of a sudden we should have kept him? It's a silly second guess, pure and simple.

          When you're on a team, you must prove yourself. The window to do that in the NFL is small. Pickett didn't distinguish himself in St. Louis and the Rams cut bait.


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            Re: Pickett

            The fact of the league is that players just respond differently in different situations. The perfect example if Randy Moss. Certainly there are other, outside factors when considering this, but sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes for a player to live up to their potential. Maybe this was the case with Pickett, maybe not. But it definitely happens a lot in the NFL.


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              Re: Pickett

              In his last year with the Rams, he had 65 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 passes defended. Those are entirely respectable numbers for a starting DT. The Rams simply did not want to pay his market value. In hindsight, that was probably a mistake.


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                Re: Pickett

                Different supporting cast, of course hes going to look different.


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                  Re: Pickett

                  I think the Rams were unfair in their evaluation of Pickett. No way we should've let him walk. He's a run clogger wich is exactly what we're missing.


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                    Re: Pickett

                    Was definitely a mistake.

                    IIRC he didn't like the way management was running the team either. Seemed like he wanted out. Have no idea how much that factored into his leaving but it's hard to keep players who don't want to be there. Although money is quick to shut someone up.


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                      Re: Pickett

                      I never knew quite what to make of Pickett when he was a Ram. Every year our run defense was among the worst in the league. Fortunately, I'm not called upon to make personnel decisions for an NFL team because back then I was inclined to think that if we had better defensive tackles, our linebackers would have been making more plays. Apparently the rest of the defense really was that bad.


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                        Re: Pickett

                        I know it probably isn't going to be a popular statement but I'll say it anyway. I've always sort of believed Little was one of the reasons the Rams run defense was so weak for all these years. The guy almost always takes a wide swinging move to the outside for his speed rush move. That effectively takes him out of the play for run defense support. Always seemed to me that was a horrible disadvantage for our DTs and it meant our LBers were instantly exposed.


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                          Re: Pickett

                          *no sugar coating*Ya Picket just sucked pretty much until that last year and lived below expectations and i could us not wanting to chance with him anymore from the lack of production.... hindsight has 20/20 vision don't act like he was great when we let him go..


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                            Re: Pickett

                            Tomohawk did a pretty good job of bringing the Pickett decision into focus. No personnel move in the NFL can not be fairly evaluated without carefully assessing the teams salary cap constraints at the time the decision was made.

                            It is easy to ask "How could we let Pickett go?" But you shouldn't bother asking the question unless you are familiar with the Rams roster and the salary cap implications at the time.

                            The same people that are saying we should have kept Pickett, a solid young player, are probably equally upset that we let Chillar, Bruce, Warner, Shanle, and others go. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it to. Sometimes, you just gotta let people walk. You can't keep everybody.

                            Ask yourself this: Letting Pickett go allowed us to sign or retain who? I don't know the answer, and neither do you.


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                              Re: Pickett

                              They didn't call him Big Grease for nothing.

                              Everyone (except sixty-two) slid right on through. They ran right at him.

                              It's the coaching, stupid. [Dramatic phraise not intended to personally offend.]
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                              • RamWraith
                                Pickett Proves Stout in the Middle
                                by RamWraith
                                Saturday, November 5, 2005

                                By Nick Wagoner
                                Senior Writer

                                By the time Ryan Pickett was in middle school, he was already bigger than the rest of the kids. Because of his considerable size – he weighed 300 pounds in high school – and his eerie resemblance to his father Rubin, everyone called him “Big Grease.”

                                Rubin was the original Big Grease, given to him by his brother-in-law apparently because he was a smooth operator. As Ryan grew older and larger, though, he eventually claimed the name of Big Grease.

                                “I’m pretty smooth, but I just look like my old man,” Pickett said. “If you ever see him, you’d be like wow. I’ll look just like him in about 27 years.”

                                Now, Ryan maintains that nickname and Rubin is just Grease, minus the Big. The evolution of Pickett’s nicknames might seem minute in the big picture, but in reality Pickett has had a couple of monikers that let you get a read on how he went from the youngest member of the Pickett clan to the stout, run stuffing defensive tackle of the St. Louis Rams.

                                Toughening Up

                                Growing up as the youngest in a family with two brothers and a sister can be tough on any child and Pickett was no exception. Almost every day, his brothers, Rubin Jr. and Booker would pound on him, telling him it would only make him tougher.

                                But it wasn’t the older men in his family that gave Pickett the most problems. His sister Suphia was the biggest culprit.

                                “She was the main one,” Pickett said. “She was the ringleader. My older brother made my middle brother and me fight all the time and wrestle. They would just beat me up. They tried to make me tough and that’s what they did.”

                                Little did Pickett’s siblings know that they were preparing him for a career in the NFL. When Pickett was young he quickly fell in love with football, unfortunately his size prevented him from participating as much as he would have liked. He played pee wee ball until he was about 8, but he grew too big to make weight to play with kids his age.

                                “It was real frustrating,” Pickett said. “I think after I stopped playing football I got even bigger. I was just like a little, round kid with nothing to do.”

                                His mother Mae refused to let Pickett play up in age, worried that he would get seriously hurt. In the meantime, Pickett became one of the biggest, most intimidating pitchers and catchers to grace Little League.

                                But that time away from football was essentially torture for Pickett. He watched his brother playing and excelling on the gridiron and he wanted that for himself. Booker was so good he earned a spot on the Miami Hurricanes, one of the premiere college programs in the nation.

                                Instead of football, the poundings from his siblings had to suffice as Pickett’s method of toughening up.

                                “My older brothers beat me up when my mom wasn’t...
                                -11-07-2005, 09:26 AM
                              • tomahawk247
                                Pickett could come back after all
                                by tomahawk247
                                Of the teams interested in him, Cleveland has spent money on Kevin Shaffer and LeCharles Bentley, and they are supposed to be front runners to sign Ma'ake Kemoeatu. The Cardinals have just signed Kendrick Clancy, and they already have a few interior DL so i doubt Pickett will go there to be a backup.

                                That leaves the Packers and Bills as far as i know, so it is possible Pickett returns. Obviously that does depend on how much they are willing to pay of course
                                -03-11-2006, 11:05 AM
                              • Varg6
                                What if Ryan Pickett...
                                by Varg6
                                Hey everyone, I was just wondering what you guys think...

                                What if Ryan Pickett went to the probowl last year, do you think we would've retained him because of that? I'm not sure if it really makes all the difference, but on the other hand, maybe if he went there, it would've made the Rams want him more.
                                -05-29-2006, 08:32 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Pickett causing waves in Title Town
                                by RamWraith

                                Packers | Pickett still missing
                                Mon, 12 Jun 2006 22:15:08 -0700

                                Todd Rosiak, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reports Green Bay Packers DT Ryan Pickett continues to skip the team's voluntary workouts.
                                -06-13-2006, 05:19 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Pickett in a car accident
                                by RamWraith
                                Packers | Pickett in a car accident; misses practice
                                Sat, 29 Jul 2006 16:40:02 -0700

                                The Associated Press reports Green Bay Packers DT Ryan Pickett missed practice Saturday afternoon, July 29, after sustaining what Packers head coach Mike McCarthy described as "minor injuries" in a car accident near Lambeau Field. Pickett was not injured seriously enough to go to the hospital, McCarthy said, instead reporting to the team's doctors for treatment.
                                -07-29-2006, 05:46 PM