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  • I'll be the first to say

    the Rams kept bringing it and got the win after Holmie and the 'Hawks shut it down. Good job.

    Hopefully the Seahawks can learn how to finish a game, it was one of their weaknesses last year too.

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    Re: I'll be the first to say

    This is developing into a great rivalry. See you guys later in the year! :ramlogo:


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      Re: I'll be the first to say

      well the first thing you do is you dont stop in the second half and start reading your stats LOL.

      Good teams finish game.

      But well done for coming back and showing your face. It shows more bottle than your team ;)

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: I'll be the first to say

        I think we had something to do with them shutting it down. Marc was "Joe" like!


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          Re: I'll be the first to say

          I commend bluengreen for coming back and admitting defeat. I doubt we see that from other Seahawk fans.



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            Re: I'll be the first to say

            A bottle of Pick stuff later and I'm a happy man. :ramlogo:

            Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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            • Hass2Housh
              Good game
              by Hass2Housh
              Seahawks fan here. All I can say about yesterday was wow. Good game though, much improvement in Coaching...
              By the way, I am also from =))

              I figure our next meeting will be harsh. Heres to a good season Ram fans!!!
              -09-14-2009, 11:58 PM
            • Hasselbeck8MVP
              So this is what a punch to the gut feels like...
              by Hasselbeck8MVP
              Sickening feeling, but I'm here to give you guys your props for winning - congrats.

              For 55 minutes we dominated, then for the last 5 we forgot the Rams still had a good offense.

              Find it kind of ironic we pissed away the game in Seattle much like you guys did last year - I guess that's just how these things go.

              Congrats again.
              -10-10-2004, 06:03 PM
            • Pithyradish
              What is it about these 2 teams?
              by Pithyradish
              Well I just got back from Seattle and still haven't caught my breath.

              Man when these 2 teams play you'd better record it because its going to be a barnburner. That was such a good game I'm sorry that one of the teams had to lose. We were all watching the sidelines and when they showed Holt I said its to bad that anyone has to lose after making such a catch to give your team the lead.

              Saturday afternoon I had a chance to head to Seattle (300 miles one way) and watch the game with Aros the owner of and several other of our posters. So since I have 2 daughters in Seattle and 4 Grandkids I left saturday afternoon and spent the 10 to 1 pacific coast time watching the game with 6 other guys.

              Down all the first half, up all the second, wildly feeling we had the game in the bag. Then Mo fumbles and Torry Holt makes a catch for the ages. So we all agreed at that time that if we lost on that catch it was ok because you're only going to get to see a catch like that a very few times in your sports lives.

              Then the mad under 2 minute drill and that penalty with 4 seconds left. I knew immediately that it wasn't one that called for a run off but still wasn't sure what would happen until I heard it was now 54 yards. We've been watching that young man Josh Brown for 2 years now and 50 yards is nothing for him. Shorter ones he'll miss now and then but those? money in the bank. I watched the replay of the one he missed and saw it was a snap into the holders face so when he got it down the laces were at the back and that causes them to hook. So I said, "watch from the goal post picture and if you see the laces coming at you it's going to be good".

              The Rams are going the right way again for sure. I thought both teams played well just in different halfs. I truly hate Bulger for his coolness and accuracy. He's a treasure and does a wonderful job for you guys.

              Until I watched this game I thought you had the same old Rams from last year but not now. I don't envy your next 3 games but I'll wager at the least you will be right in the middle of everyone of them.

              These games are hard on us old guys hearts. Good luck the rest of the season with one exception. Your trip to Seattle.
              -10-16-2006, 03:44 PM
            • dfarrar777
              Yeah, I came back...
              by dfarrar777
     congrantulate your team, and to slag our coaching staff to the bitter end.

              We had the Rams dead to rights. Then Mike Holmgren backed his offense off (which was IDIOTIC to do when facing a team with an offense that had the ability to score quickly) and Ray Rhodes, our so-called "defensive coordinator", apparently had a lobotomy at halftime. It was the single most slipshod exhibition of coaching I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

              So...kudos to the Rams. We inexplicably laid down and begged them to put their foot on our throat. This they did. That's what winning teams do. :confused:
              -10-10-2004, 06:54 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Will Hawks Be Done In By Sisyphus or Prometheus Syndrome, or Both?
              by AvengerRam_old
              The trend is undeniable.

              For each of the past several years, the team that lost the Super Bowl failed to make the playoffs in the year that followed. Most failed to reach .500.

              Coincidence? I think not. I offer two "syndromes" that can explain this phenomenon.

              The Sisyphus Syndrome
              You start the season in July/August training camps. Labor through the hot Summer 2-a-days. Battle through preseason then a 17 game schedule. Fight through the playoffs. The boulder is near the summit and then.... just like that... its back at the bottom. Heart and emotion contribute to success or failure, no doubt. So, perhaps its hard to make the journey again so soon.

              The Prometheus Syndrome
              When you compete with Gods, you end up tied to a rock, waiting for the scavengers to pick away at your liver. Players who might have gone unnoticed in the free agent market or, at least, would not have been primary targets of rivals, suddenly are being signed away. That's what happens when you play with fire.

              So, which will do in the latest runner-ups, the Seahawks?

              Maybe, a bit of both. As hard as it is to see the boulder roll back down the hill after you spent all year pushing it up, it must be that much harder when the perception is that the hand that pushed the boulder down the hill wore a black and white striped sleeve.

              The vultures are also circling. They've already picked off some small pieces, and the big ones (Hutchinson, Barnard) are likely to follow.

              I'm sure the Hawk fans think their team will break the trend, but... well, perhaps that's just their collective Narcissus Syndrome talking.
              -03-14-2006, 04:03 PM