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20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

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  • 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

    1. Marc Bulger has H - E - A - R - T... HEART!!!!!

    2. He's got a pretty decent arm too!

    3. The Defense looked horrible in the first half...

    4. The way they got it together in the second half was shockulous (a combination of shocking and fabulous).

    5. Got to got to go to get Steven Jackson the ball even more!

    6. McDonald, Curtis and Looker all with big catches... what a thing of beauty.

    7. When McDonald caught that game winning TD pass, you think somewhere Flipper Anderson was watching at home saying, "that looked familiar"?

    8. Trev Faulk has single handedly turned around the Rams' kick coverage.

    9. Sooner or later, Leonard Little is going to make a big play.

    10. Can't wait to get Travis Fisher back.

    11. Subtle key to the game - Martz's decision to soften up Seahawks' D by running ball on first drive of second half.

    12. Brandon Manumaleuna... what can I say but... awesome catch!

    13. My heart's still fluttering!

    14. Welcome back long pass!

    15. Mike Martz - good job coaching!

    16. Marmie - don't know what you did at halftime, but it worked!

    17. Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long, who ridiculed Martz at halftime... would you like fries with that crow?

    18. Man this one feels good!

    19. The Rams/Seahawks rivalry is big... only going to get bigger!

    20. This was one of the most satisfying regular season wins ever!

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    Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

    And you know what Avenger. I was the only one in the chat room who stood steadfast and BELEIVED. all the other was in whiner mode

    But then again we won and thats all that matters. just dont look to close at our defence

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

      Originally posted by RamDez
      And you know what Avenger. I was the only one in the chat room who stood steadfast and BELEIVED. all the other was in whiner mode
      Excuse me, Mr. Admin? I don't remember backing off this team in the chat...


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        Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

        I had to leave due to technical difficulties, but I'll admit... after the third INT, I was feeling pretty down.

        But I never fully gave up hope... and today that hope was vindicated!

        What a game!


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          Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

          well there was Nick on the left and Zig Zag on the right of me .................. Man, I saw some red in the chat room tonight, sorry Nick

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

            I have to admit that I lost a little faith there in the third, but I never gave up hope.
            That was a bueatiful game, one that will live in Ram Lore forever! :ramlogo:

            Watching the highlights will be sweat.

            GO RAMS! :ramlogo:

            Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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              Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

              Originally posted by RamDez
              well there was Nick on the left and Zig Zag on the right of me .................. Man, I saw some red in the chat room tonight, sorry Nick
              Thanks Dez! I didn't give up, but I was rather quiet when I was eating my Chinese. ;)


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                Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

                Confucious say "He who eat won ton while watching Ram game, will find in end that team won a ton!"


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                  Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

                  As I said in the chat, I wasn't sure if I was crying from the hot and sour soup or from the play we'd seen to that point in the game. But lo and behold, I was still crying at the end of the game... crying for joy!


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                    Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

                    My thoughts:

                    - Rams were 11 of 17 on third down. The Seahawks were 2 of 11. The most underrated stat in the league.

                    - Martz's toys from the '03 draft finally paid off big time. Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald shined in the clutch.

                    - Steven Jackson is outgaining Marshall Faulk even as his backup. Say what you want, but this darkhorse definitely needs more touches.


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                      Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

                      Sweat? No sweat. I admit it, I gave up, but I always give up. See...... I'm a Red Sox fan too.


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                        Re: 20 Quick Thoughts On Big Win

                        Excellent observations, Avenger. :helmet:


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                        • AvengerRam_old
                          20 Quick Post-Bucs Game Thoughts
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          1. Whew!

                          2. First place feels pretty darn good right about now!

                          3. Way to go defense with 4 forced turnovers and a TD!

                          4. Big game for Big Game.

                          5. McDonald got absolutely robbed on a great punt return.

                          6. Man, did we miss Trev Faulk.

                          7. Steven Jackson's stats were not overwhelming, but he had a couple of key 3rd down conversions.

                          8. Faulk still knows how to find the holes - but lacks the burst to take full advantage of them.

                          9. Hope Wilkins plant foot ankle is okay.

                          10. Hargrove making progress.

                          11. Bulger continues to show the ability to shake off mistakes and make plays.

                          12. Funny how we're not hearing about the lack of a long ball any more.

                          13. Liked those two plays to Curtis in the fourth.

                          14. Nice to dispatch the Bucs.

                          15. Michael Clayton is a player.

                          16. The CB play for the Rams was horrible.

                          17. When is Travis Fisher coming back? (Soon, I hope.)

                          18. Did I mention that first place feels really good?

                          19. OUR BOYS ARE COMING TO MIAMI THIS WEEK! WOO-HOO!!!!

                          20. I'm tired, and I'm going to bed.
                          -10-18-2004, 09:44 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          20 Quick Post-Wild Card Game Thoughts
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          1. Man, I feel good right now.

                          2. Bulger is one cool customer.

                          3. Cam Cleeland?

                          4. Curtis was big today!

                          5. Run D played better than it has all year today.

                          6. Torry lived up to his nickname.

                          7. Chad Brown is very good player.

                          8. Big sack by Kennedy on final drive.

                          9. Its a good thing the Hawk receivers can't catch.

                          10. I must have missed the memo rescinding the late hit penalty rule before the game.

                          11. Red Zone offense and defense today were key.

                          12. All that worrying about the weather today for nothing.

                          13. This is the most dangerous 8-8 team ever.

                          14. Did I mention I'm feeling good?

                          15. Faulk made some key plays today. Glad we still have him.

                          16. Refs... oy... I'll just leave that alone.

                          17. That last drive reminded me of the 1999/2000 Super Bowl.

                          18. I think this team can win another one next week.

                          19. Martz was patient, varried his offense, and made an incredible call on the McDonald catch and run on the last drive. What can I say? Great job, Mike.

                          20. Aren't you glad the time out issue is going to be a footnote and not a headline?
                          -01-08-2005, 05:32 PM
                        • theodus69
                          Theodus' thoughts
                          by theodus69
                          Steven Jackson ran very well. Bulger took some shots and Matt Turk......Well it's nice to have a real punter! Adeyanjo? Nice game! I think Mccollum and Timmerman might want to check themselves, they left a bit to be desired.:disapointed: Our QB situation looks to be nails. We got quality across the board there. The pass rush looked like it is getting better. This will help our backs tremenduosly! Actually , the Rams looked better than I expected! It's the first P-game and it don't mean much but than again it does. I liked what I saw in the short period the first team O was out there. The Texans are next and we will see how the boys face them! just quick thoughts , hope I didn't repeat HUB.
                          -08-11-2006, 06:30 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          20 Random Pre-Opening Day Thoughts
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          1. The Rams have a favorable early schedule, with an opportunity to get some road wins against some very beatable opponents. If the Rams can win 5 of their first 6, they will be in a position to go 11-5 merely by winning out at home from there.

                          2. I'm looking forward to seeing the full "Steven Jackson" effect. We've seen how he can impact the game in small doses in preseason. I want to see how he looks running against a tired defense in the last 10 minutes of a game.

                          3. The Rams need to continue blitzing early and often. If the Rams can force turnovers like they did in 2003, they'll be tough to beat.

                          4. Chris Claiborne will be in the Pro Bowl this year. You heard it here first.

                          5. At some point this season, Mike Martz will be accused by the national media of running up a score.

                          6. Did you notice that of all the big name players that held out, the only ones who seem to have failed to get new contracts are Drew Rosenhaus' clients (T.O., Javon Walker).

                          7. Non-football Note: My father, who is a 65 year old semi-retired physician (he's now a Med School Prof.) is in the Gulf region assisting a medical team. This is the second year in a row he's aided Hurricane victims. I'll never be the hero he is.

                          8. There will be times that Marshall Faulk will be a major part of the Rams' success.

                          9. There will be times he sits on the sideline for most of a game, and he won't look happy about it.

                          10. The Special Teams should take the Hypocratic Oath - "First, do no harm."

                          11. On the radio, I heard a commentator claiming that Jerry Rice was the best football player ever. I disagree. The best players I've ever seen: Walter Payton and Lawrence Taylor.

                          12. A while ago, I gave a plug for University of Miami's newest TE, Greg Olsen. Though the Canes lost tonight, he started his campaign with a 8 reception, 137 yard night.

                          13. I think Mike Martz is smart to pull back advanced rookies like Claude Terrell and Jerome Carter and not put them in the opening day starting lineup. Don't be shocked, though, if either or both is starting by the end of the year.

                          14. I still have great hope for Alex Barron.

                          15. I kind of wish Alex Smith were starting this year.

                          16. Only two cuts really surprised me: Michael Stone and Joey Goodspeed.

                          17. How can you not like Mike Furrey? The guy fought his way onto the team, and now has remade himself into a safety to make the team.

                          18. The Red Zone offense will be vastly improved this year.

                          19. For all those new members - Welcome to the Clan!

                          20. For all the diehards who have stuck around all offseason - FINALLY!!! SOME REAL FOOTBALL!!!
                          -09-05-2005, 10:07 PM
                        • AvengerRam_old
                          20 Random Post-Denver Game Thoughts
                          by AvengerRam_old
                          1. There's nothing like watching a win at home (for my full account, and some photos, check out my recent article).

                          2. We now may actually have the best offense - a good defense.

                          3. Will Witherspoon is everything we hoped he'd be.

                          4. Marc Bulger looked a bit off, but don't underestimate the impact of Denver's tough coverage schemes.

                          5. Steven Jackson doesn't always pick the right hole, but he gained some yards yesterday that only a 230+ lb. back can gain.

                          6. I'm surprised Kevin Curtis didn't do more.

                          7. McCollum is a bad loss, but not one that can't be overcome.

                          8. Thumbs up to Jimmy Kennedy, who played tough with a broken hand.

                          9. Special Teams were outstanding. From kick coverage, to punting (Turk, 3 punts for 50 yard average), to Wilkins' scoring.

                          10. Is it me, or does Ty Hill remind you of Dre Bly?

                          11. Alex Barron is so physically dominant, but he needs to keep his head in the game on every play.

                          12. Anyone screaming to bench Bulger, Barron or anyone else, should just hush.

                          13. Fakhir Brown may be one of the most underrated FA pickups in the league.

                          14. Leonard Little is going to have a big year.

                          15. I didn't relax until the 2 minute warning.

                          16. Hey, at least we have as many TDs as Seattle!

                          17. Travis Fisher's re-emergence is a huge and very pleasant surprise.

                          18. Dear Media... Praise Haslett, but not to the exclusion of Linehan.

                          19. Gotta keep this going next week in San Fran.

                          20. Man, I'm glad football is back.
                          -09-11-2006, 08:11 AM