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14-2, Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 14-2, Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After proving the naysayers and doubters wrong, once again the Rams have shown the country that we are NOT out of contention for the playoffs. Now that we have shoved that supposed 7-point spread right down Seattle's jock straps, everyone may begin to take notice that in less than 9 minutes of playing time, we scored 23 points. A few teams out there can't do that good in a whole game.
    Lookout NFL....the Rams are coming for you..... :ramlogo:

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  • 1980RAMS
    Tough loss
    by 1980RAMS
    Everyone lost in our division and we couldn't capitalize. Very dis heartening. This team has a problem closing games. We could have gained a game on the hawks. But instead we are in the same boat we where yesterday.

    3 Games upcoming on the Road...... Scary
    -11-21-2010, 06:33 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    Don't get pissed off now. You created this monster
    by Guest
    Carolina could have sat down in straight jackets and the rams would have done their best to score points for them. When Dr. Frankenstein created his monster he later found it revolting. We should consider ourselves Dr. Frankenstein. And the Monster we created? Mike Martz of course. The praise and accolades along with the covering up of his flaws over the past 5 years were the electricity needed to keep the monster alive. Now we are smack dab in the middle of a playoff race and like cadavers we want the monster to die. It was the talent over the past 5 years that gave us the illusion that our monster was good. Conversely the lack of talent is now the reason why we find the monster revolting. So we have failed to realize the monsters shortcomings in the past and now are blaming the lack of talent on the monster. Hopefully most will see the absurdity in this. As I have stated in the recent past, itís time we stand by our creation because if we drive a stake through him now when we still have a shot at the playoffs then we will be left with a bad monster and a bad team. Sure when the season ends we should consider doing what should have been done years ago and rid the village of the monster. Right now this monster is all we have so lets just get this thing into the playoffs....
    -12-12-2004, 05:37 PM
  • FestusRam
    Whats really exciting to me
    by FestusRam
    Havent really been on here much lately but just wanted to throw this out there and i figure most of you feel the same way.

    The most exciting thing to me about the Rams is after this Chargers win i feel like theyre a completely new team. After starting off 2-2 i was very optimistic but at the same time i remember a couple of years ago when Haslett stepped up and we one two games in a row. After those games we lost every other one.

    After the loss to the lions and losing Clayton, i was somewhat expecting us to plummet and end this season on a bad note. But after watching the Chargers game i think they proved something huge. I think they proved they are a legit team in this league and are on the uprise. I was excited about the wins against the Skins and Hawks but i wasnt so sure if we were all that good. IMO beating the Chargers put us on a whole dif level and no one can call all of these wins flukes. They dismantled the high powered offense as our offense got going too. This isnt just another rams team of the past 3 years that decided to show up for a couple gamers. This teams legit and are actually playoff contenders as of now. Thats exciting

    Besides that im pumped about seeing what Danario can do. I see no flaws in his game except his injuries. Im excited we finally have a tall big body that we can throw the ball up to in the endzone so hopefully they get him in more plays this week.

    GO RAMS!!!!! 3-3
    -10-20-2010, 01:58 PM
  • jjigga3000
    by jjigga3000
    Last year we had lost all hope of doing anything after the 4th game of the season. The Rams weren't competitive or competent. This year is a whole different beast. We're two games out of first place and have the chance to enter the bi-week at .500. I know for a fact not many people in this forum believed or even thought that this would be possible. The fact that we're getting mad and upset that we lost a gave says something, with a couple of plays going our way, and I do mean a couple we could be 6-1. Our record really doesn't give a direct detail of who and what kind of team this is.

    So we have many reasons to be excited about the state of the Rams, because we know we now have a competitive team. Look at the second half of the season, I don't see why we can't make a run for the playoffs. First off if we beat Seattle at home, then we have the tie breaker against them, in the case of a tie. and I see no reason why we can't because i think we match up well against them. of the rest of the 8 teams we face including the Cardiac Kats, I think it's possible we could go 7-2 or 6-3. The only teams I see us having a problem with are the Falcons, and Saints. I see us finishing 9-7, and this year I think that's good enough to make the playoffs. Reason's to be hopeful fellas.

    For those who don't think so, I really could care less what you think, because even with our record this team has been very enjoyable to watch. Yeah it's painful to loose close games like we have. But hey at least we were close and considering where we came from as a team. I'll take that anyday. All this team is doing is learning how to win. We'll have more close games like that this year, believe me, and guess what we will win them.
    -10-26-2010, 03:24 PM
  • Varg6
    The season so far, is it a success?
    by Varg6
    We are rebuilding. Who doesn't know that?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, each week regardless of win or loss I want to see progress. What we saw yesterday was progress. Do I want to win every game? Of course, but we can't expect that just yet. However, I know we are headed down the right path and the beautiful thing is, we are young. These guys are just going to get better with more experience.

    I think we are finally developing that team chemistry we've desperately needed for years. I'm so proud of these guys and I feel like if we play like we did on Sunday, we can beat just about any team in the NFL. I don't expect us to go 8-8 but honestly I wouldn't be too shocked if we got on a roll and achieved that record.

    Going back to the thread's question, is the season a success so far? On paper it isn't, but progress wise, absolutely.
    -11-16-2009, 07:01 AM