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    So, everyone here is upset about Feeley, for the most part. I found a list, albeit a few years old, of backups and their salaries. For the most part, the ones with high salaries were being groomed to be the starter or were considered the starter at one point or another. But seriously. AJ Feeley. He made about 3 mill when he was considered a "catch", as this list shows.

    Hill, Shaun ***** $ 4,800,000
    O'Sullivan, J.T. ***** $ 651,000
    Martin, Jamie ***** $ 830,000

    Grossman, Rex Bears $ 4,500,000
    Hanie, Caleb Bears $ 300,000

    Fitzpatrick, Ryan Bengals $ 932,520
    Palmer, Jordan Bengals $ 300,640

    Losman, J.P. Bills $ 3,068,730
    Hamdan, Gibran Bills $ 524,560
    Baker, Matt Bills $ 202,520

    Ramsey, Patrick Broncos $ 2,500,000

    Quinn, Brady Browns $ 4,323,040
    Dorsey, Ken Browns $ 785,000

    Griese, Brian Buccaneers $ 4,250,000
    McCown, Luke Buccaneers $ 1,011,240
    Johnson, Josh Buccaneers $ 492,667

    Leinart, Matt Cardinals $ 6,175,280
    Pierre, Brian Cardinals $ 629,320

    Volek, Billy Chargers $ 3,754,800
    Whitehurst, Charlie Chargers $ 451,120

    Huard, Damon Chiefs $ 2,631,120
    Thigpen, Tyler Chiefs $ 375,640
    Martin, Ingle Chiefs $ 370,000

    Sorgi, Jim Colts $ 1,635,000

    Johnson, Brad Cowboys $ 3,003,840
    Bollinger, Brooks Cowboys $ 645,000
    Stanback, Isaiah Cowboys $ 376,720

    Beck, John Dolphins $ 796,540
    Henne, Chad Dolphins $ 1,461,000

    Feeley, A.J. Eagles $ 2,404,680
    Kolb, Kevin Eagles $ 1,105,625

    Redman, Chris Falcons $ 3,755,400
    Shockley, D.J. Falcons $ 450,280

    Wright, Anthony Giants $ 1,000,000
    Carr, David Giants $ 1,500,000

    Lemon, Cleo Jaguars $ 4,311,240

    Clemens, Kellen Jets $ 451,000
    Ainge, Erik Jets $ 460,000
    Ratliff, Brett Jets $ 301,000

    Orlovsky, Dan Lions $ 933,240
    Stanton, Drew Lions $ 890,620

    Brohm, Brian Packers $ 2,105,000
    Flynn, Matt Packers$ 359,175

    McCown, Josh Panthers $ 4,500,000
    Moore, Matt Panthers $ 376,240

    Cassel, Matt Patriots $ 525,640
    O'Connell, Kevin Patriots $ 923,000
    Gutierrez, Matt Patriots $ 370,000

    Walter, Andrew Raiders $ 1,361,560
    Tuiasosopo, Marques Raiders $ 731,200

    Green, Trent Rams $ 4,002,520
    Berlin, Brock Rams $ 375,160

    Boller, Kyle Ravens $ 2,005,640
    Bouman, Todd Ravens $ 830,000
    Smith, Troy Ravens $ 375,640

    Collins, Todd Steven Redskins $ 4,000,000
    Brennan, Colt Redskins $ 391,800

    Brunell, Mark Saints $ 4,745,000

    Wallace, Seneca Seahawks $ 1,009,200
    Frye, Charlie Seahawks $ 1,755,160

    Batch, Charlie Steelers $ 3,036,720
    Leftwich, Byron Steelers $ 645,000
    Dixon, Dennis Steelers $ 425,000

    Rosenfels, Sage Texans $ 1,356,720

    Collins, Kerry Titans $ 2,051,800
    Simms, Chris Titans $ 1,005,000

    Frerotte, Gus Vikings $ 2,903,360
    Booty, John D Vikings $ 501,000

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    Re: Backup QB Salaries

    The more I look at this, the only thing that makes sense is that the Rams plan on starting AJ Feeley this year. Every guy making 2-3 million is either a really reliable backup (batch, collins, johnson, volek, redman) or has been a starter.

    AJ Feeley is going to be starting. Ugh.


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      Re: Backup QB Salaries

      Originally posted by peramoure
      I found a list, albeit a few years old, of backups and their salaries.
      Salaries from a few years ago don't mean a whole lot, especially when we're talking about an uncapped year. That being said, the Rams probably consider Feeley to be a reliable back-up who could start in a pinch if need be, especially in this system. So paying him like other guys who fit that category wouldn't be an issue for them.

      I'd also invite you to consider what back-ups Chad Pennington ($2.5 million for one year w/ escalator if he's traded) and Chris Redman ($2.8 million for two years) just resigned for. Feeley's $3 million average over two years is not horrible at all when you consider those two contracts, especially if you think he may have to start a few games until a rookie is able to take over.


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      • HUbison
        This year's "headset to helmet" award goes to....
        by HUbison
        It happens every year. Some no name QB watches as the starter gets a late hit from Rodney Harrison that breaks his leg, and the no-name grocery store clerk is propelled into a league MVP and Super Bowl Champion!

        Okay, maybe THAT doesn't happen every year, but each season will have at least one story of a back-up QB receiving his moment in the spotlight. No, we can't predict injuries, but that notwithstanding, who do you see as the 2nd stringer with the best chance of breaking through the golden veil of NFL starting QB?

        Here's the choices (projected starter in para.) :

        AFC East

        Miami Dolphins (Trent Green) - Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Dante Culpepper
        NY Jets (Chad Pennington) - Kellen Clemens, Marques Tuiasosopo
        NE Patriots (Tom Brady) - Matt Cassell, Vinny Testaverde
        Buffalo Bills (JP Losman) - Craig Nall, Trent Edwards

        AFC North

        Baltimore Ravens (Steve McNair) - Kyle Boller, Troy Smith
        Pittsburgh Steelers (Ben Rothleisberger) - Charlie Batch, Brian St. Pierre
        Cleveland Browns (no clear starter) - Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn
        Cincinatti Bengals (Carson Palmer) - Doug Johnson, Jeff Rowe

        AFC South

        Indy Colts (Peyton Manning) - Jim Sorgi, John Navarre
        Tenn. Titans (Vince Young) - Kerry Collins, Tim Rattay
        Houston Texans (Matt Shaub)- Sage Rosenfels, Bradlee Van Pelt, Quinton Porter
        Jax Jaguars (Byron Leftwich) - David Garrard, Quinn Gray

        AFC West

        KC Chiefs (no clear starter) - Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard, Casey Printers
        Oakland Raiders (no clear starter) - Josh McCown, JaMarcus Russell, Andrew Walter, Josh Booty
        Denver Broncos (Jay Cutler) - Patrick Ramsey, Preston Parsons
        SD Chargers (Phillip Rivers) - Billy Volek, Charlie Whitehurst

        NFC East

        Philly Eagles (Donovan McNabb) - A.J. Feeley, Kevin Kolb, Kelly Holcomb
        Wash Redskins (Jason Campbell) - Mark Brunnell, Jordan Palmer
        Dallas Cowboys (Tony Romo) - Brad Johnson, Isaiah Stanback
        NY Giants (Eli Manning) - Anthony Wright, Tim Hasselbeck, Jared Lorenzen

        NFC North

        Detroit Lions (John Kitna) - Dan Orlovsky, Drew Stanton
        GB Packers (Brett Favre) - Aaron Rodgers, Ingle Martin, Todd Bouman
        Minny Vikings (Tavaris Jackson) - Brooks Bollinger, Tyler Thigpen
        Chicago Bears (Rex Grossman) - Brian Griese, Kyle Orton, Chris Leak

        NFC South

        TB Bucs (no clear starter) - Jeff Garcia, Jake Plummer, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski
        NO Saints (Drew Brees) - Jamie Martin, Jason Fife
        Carolina Panthers (Jake Delhomme) - David Carr, Brett Basanez
        Atlanta Falcons (Michael Vick) - Joey Harrington, DJ Shockley

        NFC West

        St. Louis Rams (Mark Bulger) - Gus Frerotte, Ryan Fitzpatrick
        Seattle Seahawks (Matt...
        -07-07-2007, 10:32 AM
      • evil disco man
        Best QB Packages
        by evil disco man
        Raiders have the NFL's best posse of passers

        by Adrian Hasenmayer -

        Quarterback is still king and rates as the most important position on the field, but in today's NFL teams often go through as many as three QBs in simply surviving the regular season. Even with rules slanted to protect the passer, a strong benefits package is suggested if you're an NFL quarterback.

        So which teams are best positioned to not just survive, but flourish at quarterback in 2004? For the purposes of our rankings, the goal for every team is to find two, if not three, guys with plenty of experience. A great starting QB alone is most important, but a lack of solid backups can mean a big drop. Super Bowl experience definitely helps, since it's all about winning. Also, this list is for the 2004 season. Future potential means next to nothing.

        Ranking the QB Packages

        1. RAIDERS
        Rich Gannon
        Kerry Collins
        Marques Tuiasosopo
        Tee Martin
        Bret Engemann

        The Raiders have taken care of any QB questions and may the best man win between Gannon and Collins. Both have led teams to the Super Bowl and Gannon's a former league MVP. Even third-stringer Tuiasosopo has produced in limited action, giving Oakland a trio to bank on in case of injury. Nice balance age-wise, too, as Gannon (37) could be the man of the moment, Collins (31) for 2005-06 and Tuiasosopo (25) the QB of the future.

        2. EAGLES
        Donovan McNabb
        Koy Detmer
        Jeff Blake
        Andy Hall

        Philly's Andy Reid learned the importance of QB depth in 2002 when McNabb got hurt and missed the last six games, only to have Detmer and A.J. Feeley (now in Miami) go 5-1 as starters down the stretch. That's why he added Jeff Blake to the mix after dealing away Feeley, and so far Blake has looked right at home in Reid's West Coast offense in mini-camps.

        3. PACKERS
        Brett Favre
        Tim Couch
        Craig Nall
        Doug Pederson
        Scott McBrien

        Some may wonder why the Packers even employ backup quarterbacks on their roster? The last time Brett Favre missed a start, the original George Bush was still president. But with Favre moving up in years, Green Bay made a strong addition at backup QB with former No. 1 overall pick Tim Couch. Also, don't forget Doug Pederson, probably the most complimented clipboard holder in football history.

        4. PANTHERS
        Jake Delhomme
        Rodney Peete
        Chris Weinke
        Rob Adamson
        Rod Rutherford

        OK, all of you who see this group and can't believe it's ranked this high, open your eyes. Jake Delhomme might not be the flashiest guy, but only one passer was more clutch last season ó a man named Brady. Carolina agreed, having just inked the Ragin' Cajun to a five-year contract extension. Throw in Peete, a solid backup with plenty...
        -07-07-2004, 08:27 PM
      • VegasRam
        Five categories...
        by VegasRam
        Work with me here guys, (if ya' want), it's a slow day.

        I have no rationale for the following picks, (aside from the obvious).

        Teams I hate: Niners, Bucs, Saints, Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings

        Teams I dislike: Colts, Titans, Patriots, Raiders, Ravens, Seahawks

        No feelings: Lions, Bengals, Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Bears, Redskins, Texans, Chargers, Falcons

        Teams I like: Steelers, Packers, Panthers, Broncos, Cheifs, Chargers, Cards, Bills, Dolphins

        Teams I love: Rams

        (...and anyone playing the Cards, Niners or Seahawks)
        -07-13-2005, 10:41 AM
      • txramsfan
        FA Update from Pro Football Weekly
        by txramsfan
        Free-agent news & rumors

        Cowboys, Giants bolster defenses; Jordan set to join Raiders

        By PFW staff
        March 3, 2005

        The Cowboys not only snatched up DT Jason Ferguson, a sign that the team intends to run the 3-4 defense at least part time this season, but they also agreed to a five-year, $25 million deal for CB Anthony Henry, a rising star in some scoutsí eyes. The deal included an $11 million signing bonus. Right cornerback was a perpetual problem spot last season, and the team now has a legitimate starting pair with former No. 1 pick Terence Newman and Henry. The Cowboys now can turn their attention to Packers OG Marco Rivera, who would upgrade an offensive line in Dallas that Bill Parcells was disappointed in last season.

        The Giants made a bold move Wednesday, signing Redskins MLB Antonio Pierce to a six-year, $26 million deal once they realized that Steelers LB Kendrell Bell was out of their price range. Pierce was a full-time starter for only this past season, but Redskins observers believe Pierce has a bright future. He collected 110 tackles, one sack and two interceptions in 16 games last season and was part of a Redskins defense that ranked in the top five in several categories. Bell, who became the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2001 under current Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis when the two were in Pittsburgh together, is seen as a better pass rusher than Pierce, but injury concerns also scared off the Giants. The team now has a strong LB unit with Pierce, Carlos Emmons, Barrett Green, Nick Greisen and Kevin Lewis, last yearís starting middle linebacker who did a respectable job but is better-suited for part-time and special-teams duty.

        The Eagles are on the verge of losing MLB Jeremiah Trotter, who was in Kansas City last night and poised to sign what is believed to be a long-term deal with the Chiefs. The Eagles did not want to spend too much money in retaining their Pro Bowl linebacker and especially didnít want to be on the books for too many years with a player who turned 28 during the playoffs this year. Team sources have indicated in the past that it views its linebackers as interchangeable, and as much as the club would have liked to retain Trotter, it will not view this as a big blow. Good news, meanwhile, came in the limited form of two of its own free agents returning: RB Correll Buckhalter and DE Hugh Douglas. The coaching staff respects the hard work of Buckhalter, who has missed most of the past two seasons with injuries but was signed to a two-year deal. He likely will replace Dorsey Levens as the short-yardage and chain-moving runner to complement Brian Westbrook. Douglas, who signed a one-year pact, could play a limited role or a significant one, depending on whether free agent Derrick Burgess returns and what happens with rehabbing DE N.D. Kalu. Douglas is a popular figure in the Eaglesí locker room.

        -03-03-2005, 01:11 PM
      • Nick
        NickSeiler's Week Two Power Rankings
        by Nick
        1. PATRIOTS: Brady throws two INTs and the Pats had a little bit of trouble against the Cards, but they continue their winning streak with a solid road win.

        2. EAGLES: First off, Owens did NOT make the catch last night. But the Eagles defense shut down Moss's deep game and McNabb proved he's still quite dangerous on the run.

        3. COLTS: Indy had a good showing against Tennessee, including 21-0 in the 4th quarter, being penalized only twice, and not allowing the Titans to convert on any of their three fourth down attempts.

        4. VIKINGS: Daunte completed 79% of his passes and the Vikes were in this game until the officials robbed them of it. They'll be much more dangerous when they get Bennett back.

        5. SEATTLE: As impressive as shutting Deuce McAllister down is, the Seahawks haven't exactly played great-looking teams to become 2-0. Their win against TB wasn't that great. Still, it's a feat worth noting.

        6. JETS: Pennington has a rating of 124.3 and Martin is averaging over five yards a carry after two games. The defense made Drew Brees look like Drew Brees, but buckled on fourth down.

        7. TITANS: The Titans beat a weak Dolphins team and lost to the Colts. Not exceptionally impressive thus far, but Chris Brown looks like the real deal out there. Eddie who?

        8. FALCONS: The Atlanta Vicks are 2-0 and Michael proved a lot of doubters wrong this weekend. But the Falcons have struggled on third down and barely squeeked out a win against the ***** in Week 1.

        9. BALTIMORE: I don't know what happened in Week 1, but the Ravens looked pretty good against the Steelers last weekend. Kyle Boller actually showed some good scrambling ability, but what's going on with Jamal Lewis?

        10. PACKERS: Green Bay looked sharp against Carolina but buckled to Chicago at home. Perhaps the Packers just whiffed on one here, because with their talent, I wouldn't rule them out of the NFC North hunt.

        11. LIONS: The Lions are 2-0 after beating the Bears and the Texans. Probably not worth getting this worked up about, but Roy Williams looks like a veteran out there and could be just what Harrington needs.

        12. PANTHERS: No one should be getting that excited about Foster having a big day against the Chiefs' defense, but Carolina bounced back well after losing Smith and Davis.

        13. RAMS: The Rams should have beat Arizona by much more and were in the game against Atlanta until the end. They started 1-1 last season, so no one should be planning their top ten pick on their draft board yet.

        14. JAGUARS: Undefeated, but who have they played? A weak Buffalo team and the Broncos. Their run defense is impressive, but Leftwich hasn't showed me much. Still, you have to recognize the record.

        15. REDSKINS: Clinton Portis is always dangerous, but with Brunell out, Ramsey is going to have to...
        -09-21-2004, 10:55 AM