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What Is Our Strategy?

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  • What Is Our Strategy?

    Seriously, what is our plan this off season other than getting rid of under performers? Last season it seemed like we had a clear plan and a good start -- improve our offensive line, focus on a ball control offense, and then solidify the center of the defense. We drafted a tackle, signed a center, drafted a MLB and signed a safety. Nice plan, made sense even if it wasn't exciting.

    What is our plan this year? Signing a QB with no chance of improving the offense, letting go of serviceable players on the line (Douzable and Gibson), and pissing off the best player on the defense. Where is the logic in any of this? I strongly suspect they're on the verge of letting Atogwe go with Dahl as the starter (fine by me). But what is the rest of the plan? I'd like to know, because I honestly don't see any logic here other than keeping the payroll low as we transition to a new owner. And if that's what they're going to do, they should at least say so.

    I'm generally not an alarmist and I'm also fairly patient with sports teams (Rome wasn't built in a day, afterall). But this doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't we at least be stockpiling draft picks or something?


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    Re: What Is Our Strategy?

    As was stated repeatedly by the organization itself, the plan is to build via the draft and to plug holes with free agents coming off their first contract (26-27 year olds). You can't rebuild a franchise by signing 30 year olds to contracts as their abilities deteriate.

    And where has OJ commented that he is pissed off? Right now he's a free agent, able to negotiate with any team in the league. Why would that piss him off knowing the Rams have basically said that whatever you get, we'll match. They are so confident in this that they don't demand compensation if he leaves. Wow, I'd be insulted also.

    Douzable wasn't much of a player and Gibson was hurt most of the season. What type of free agent contract offers do you think they'll receive in the next few weeks?