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I have a HUGE issue with.....

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  • I have a HUGE issue with.....

    drafting Sam Bradford and heading into this next season with Feeley starting. What if things dont go well with the O-line this year and the QB gets sacked and hurried alot and then the QB starts making poor decisions and stuff? Then the city will start saying " Well when are they gonna put in Bradford? then he comes in being expected to save the messy situation only to make himself look just as bad and then our multi million dollar franchise QB doesnt look so great and people start doubting.

    How would you feel if that was the case?

    Or, similarly, if we drafted Suh or G McCoy, and he is expected to come in and help out Long and Carriker, and our pressure on the opposing QB does not improve one bit from last year, how would you feel?

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    Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

    So...we don't draft anyone?

    I'd feel the way I do with any rookie we draft. I'd understand that they're a rookie. While I would expect them to do well enough to show that in the next few years they will be what we need them to be, I'm not going to expect them to come out and win leauge MVP.

    Also I think expecting Suh to single handedly make our entire defense better is off base entirely.
    "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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      Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

      Yup you are exactly right, we should just let the fifteen minutes pass and not take anyone, because no one can live up to expectations of the first round pick.


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        Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

        I actually wonder what the rules are for a team not using their draft pick...not because I don't think we should use ours, but it does make me curious.
        "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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          Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

          well Bradford is the riskier pick but with more upside to how he could help our team (due to him being a QB).
          ive read a couple of comments now stating how we shouldnt draft Bradford because of our line (not saying that is exactly what you are saying..)... but our line aint so bad until injuries take their toll and only Setterstrom seemed to be injured every year and he`s gone now so hopefully we wont have too many injuries in the future and our starters will return to being durable players as they have in the past...also i would expect an addition or two on the line before the season if we get Bradford he is a lot less pass-rusher friendly than Bulger has been so that will help.

          i think whoever we pick at 1st overall is gonna cause a bit of anxiety for personally ,the unknown`s in life excite me so bring it on!


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            Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

            Careful. Last time someone went nuts with the first pick the Raiders selected a kicker..
            "I've been saving the Universe for over a thousand years. I figure it owes me just this once."


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              Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

              Originally posted by BrokenWing View Post
              I actually wonder what the rules are for a team not using their draft pick...not because I don't think we should use ours, but it does make me curious.

              Well, after the alloted time, the next team is allowed to pick. There was a case a few years back when a team forgot to submit their pick, and a few other teams picked ahead of them. They were running to the podium to get their card in before the other team.


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                Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                Hard to pass up on who could be the next Reegie White. Take him ,Use the 2nd or 3rd pick and get Vick. This gives you a running QB until the line gets better or Vick becomes a star again. Feeley won't start, he is just here to help make the system easier for whoever does. Feeley could also help Null who has already taken snaps and been put on his ass. Suh=1st, Vick=2nd or 3rd, then a reciever and O-Line then a Running Back(Jackson has been pounded on for years) and more D-line and maybe corner. There you go Draft is done and we go 10 - 6. like the guy from the men's wearhouse says" I garruntee it! "


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                  Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                  if we go down the Vick route i would be surprised and disappointed..if we gave a 2nd or 3rd for him i would go nuts!!!
                  i dont believe for one second Billy D would offer/accept to give any of those picks for him tho. remember with the 1st pick in each round there are gonna be players of the previous rounds quality in each round..especially with this draft class.


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                    Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                    Originally posted by theodus69 View Post
                    Hard to pass up on who could be the next Reegie White. Take him ,Use the 2nd or 3rd pick and get Vick. This gives you a running QB until the line gets better or Vick becomes a star again. Feeley won't start, he is just here to help make the system easier for whoever does. Feeley could also help Null who has already taken snaps and been put on his ass. Suh=1st, Vick=2nd or 3rd, then a reciever and O-Line then a Running Back(Jackson has been pounded on for years) and more D-line and maybe corner. There you go Draft is done and we go 10 - 6. like the guy from the men's wearhouse says" I garruntee it! "
                    First we dont know if Suh will be the next Reggie White. White is probably one of the 5 best player's to ever play at the D-line position. Even if we do draft him let's not hold him to those kinds of standards.

                    Second, trading a 2nd and 3rd pick for Vick would be embarrassing for this franchise.

                    Third, no matter who we draft we are probably not going 10-6 next season. Remember it took 2 losing seasons before Vermeil even had a winning season.


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                      Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                      please for the love of god let the Vick talk die as it has been trying to do for months now....

                      Anyway, any guy you take has huge risk if your selecting at the top of the draft. You have pick of ANY player in the draft. With that luxury comes the huge pressure of nailing that pick.

                      If you don't come in an hit a slam dunk with that top pick you'll have people comeing out of the wazoo talking about how bad of a pick that was and they KNEW we should have drafted such and such.

                      Bradford is the guy is he's healthy because we have no future at the most critical position in football. Defensive Tackles just aren't going to get it done at the top of the draft for us anymore unless we draft our QB.

                      Once we get Bradford we'll FINALLY be able to select those luxury picks in the draft.

                      I for one am of the mind the you want your most valuable component secured and squared away, yet I'm also of the mind that if your going to do it right.

                      That being said Bradford is the guy if all checks out, which all indicates that i will indeed.


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                        Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                        Personally, I think this draft is quite deep in many positions...except QB. Just because a team might need a new franchise QB, doesn't mean that they'll find what they require in the 1st round of the draft. I'm not really all that thrilled with any of the "top ranked" Qbs this year. However, we have so many holes on both sides of the ball, I think we need to take the best player on the board when we pick. It's not like we can say we couldn't use a great player at any position, even RB (I'm not advocating getting rid of Jackson, just giving him some help and the team some depth).

                        If it were my choice, I'd take Suh or McCoy. Shore up the D-Line. Get a run stopping guy in the middle that can also pressure the QB. A good D-Line will make our D-Backs better as well. If the D gets better, it will take pressure off of the offense (maybe we won't need to score 3 TD's in the 4th to catch-up). I think there might be a decent QB prospect that falls to the 2nd round. I can see other peoples' points about taking a QB at 1, I just don't feel the same.

                        I just don't want anymore 1st round picks used on guys that the team feels would be better suited in a different position. If their not good enough to play the position that they played in college, they're not a top 1/2 1st round prospect.

                        Sorry, I'm rambling. To sum it all up....this years draft deep, except at QB....I'd pick Suh or McCoy (just my opinion)...No more "we think this player will be great in another position" 1st round picks.
                        That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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                          Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                          If its thin at the top at QB, it seems all the more reason to not wait before we take one. Not to mention Sam Bradford would have been the top guy LAST Year. Yes he suffered an injury but look at the experience he's gained on the sideline, the added weight, and fresh year he's gotten not being hit playing football.

                          If the draft is deep, makes sense to wait to pick guys that the draft is particularly deep in, just so happens the arguably deepest position this year is Defensive Tackle.

                          Ironically, you want us to spend out first pick on a Defensive Tackle in an unusually deep year for that position. Basically, you defeated your own logic and kinda argued in favor for a QB in the first, though I see what you MEANT to say.


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                            Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                            wouldn't you have a HUGE issue if the rams pass up on Sam Bradford and he ends up being a good QB?


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                              Re: I have a HUGE issue with.....

                              We've passed on many good QBs in previous drafts. So has every team. I dont think any team is sitting around kicking themselves 'Why oh why didnt we draft Tom Brady??'

                              We can argue about this all we want. We dont know what the men in charge are thinking. If they want Bradford then fine, if they want Suh then also fine! We need so many positions, its aint gonan make a whole lota difference to our overall standings if we go DT or QB


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                              • rNemesis
                                I have some MAJOR concerns about this upcoming draft....
                                by rNemesis
                                and the status of the team on the whole for the future.

                                I just cant seem to understand what does it take and how long is it gonna take for this team to at least be decent again. NOT THE BEST , but decently competitive EVERY game. Every year we rarely make any moves, and the ones we DO make dont impress anyone on the team or in the fanbase. And, Im starting to believe that the reason for that is not "Bill Bidwell " type cheapness, but rather because we have no god d*** money because of the decisions the previous regime made. I refuse to believe that we are the worst team in the NFL, and, more importantly, we are so bad that it is threatening our existence and ability to succeed again.

                                It almost seems as though no want wants to come to the Rams. They dont give us any coverage. It seems like everyone wants to keep the rams down. It might sound strange but its true. That the way I see it. But yet, they would much rather help out a 2 win team or a three or four win team or a perennial choker. I mean it cant be that bad. Why would you rather the Lions than the Rams? You dont want to be on a bad team? But the Lions are bad! SO are the redskins. raiders, browns, chiefs, and buccaneers. It seems like theres a scheme going on to keep the rams WINLESS. I really detest this behaviour from NFL teams. Seriously strange but true ( in my opinion anyway) . WHy else would no one want to come play for us in three years despite us not being the only bad team in the NFL.

                                To me, there are five things that this team DESPERATELY needs heading into next months draft. Two things REALLY stand out to me right now. I think we have released Atogwe, Little, and Barron. If we release

                                Barron- who is gonna step up and guard the QB blindside? Jason Smith?
                                Atogwe- who will help James Butler? Craig Dahl?
                                Little- since we released our best pass rusher, shouldnt we be thinking DE in rounds 3-4?

                                Those are just some stuff what come to mind. But here are the five most important needs of this team, in order of importance: -

                                1) QB- Not so sure what the A.J. Feely signing meant, but we need to have a new face of the franchise moving forward. Either Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen Whether it should come from the first pick though is tough to decide on. ( See DT)
                                2) DT- I think this is another area where we need help because it has been said that we have been drafting DT's for a while now with no success. Well, Carriker was actually a 3-4 end in college, wasnt he? How does THAT lead to success trying to convert to a 4-3 end? its just not that easy ( i think )
                                3) DE- Leonard Little may not come back, so we need someone to put on the side of long as pass rushing, run stopping bookends on the line.
                                4) CB- I still feel like our corners are no threat.
                                5) LB- This unit is very,very thin in terms of depth.

                                And one more thing to all Ram haters...
                                -03-05-2010, 03:13 PM
                              • dave626
                                If we draft a QB.
                                by dave626
                                How long do you guys think it will take for him to contribute? Will he spend a year or more on the sidelines?

                                At this point I wouldnt go near the Bradford guy and his shoulder because in our offense you WILL get sacked, and reinjury of that shoulder would be, well we all know.

                                The Claussen guy it seems most are split on.

                                Suh ofcourse would start right away, but would he be a Long case? yaknow 2-3 years before he starts to be the guy we drafted. I like Long, his dad was a monster back when I was a raiders fan.

                                Point is, even if we draft a QB, whos gonna be our QB NEXT year?

                                I hope we get Suh and get a QB in FA, at least that way we see what we pay for this year.

                                But I guess we'll see
                                -01-20-2010, 12:14 PM
                              • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                                Why Draft "Experts" Annoy Me
                                by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                                I can't be the only one that gets annoyed by all these so called draft "experts" that change there mind like r8rh8rmike changes his underwear...about once a week. I'm going to use SI's main mock "expert" as an example. Not becuase he's the best, but because his past mocks are easy to find. H3e's just an example of what annoys me.

                                Don Banks 2010 NFL Mock Drafts thusfar:

                                Suh is a rock solid concensus as the surest thing. Sounds great, right?

                                So roughly a month later, the day before the DT's do anything at the combine, the rock solid concensus is now split 50/50 and McCoy is our choice. Um ok. Nothing changed so why did his opinion?

                                So because of one quote from Devaney, who is only making picks to save his job, we're now taking a QB in Stafford. Yeah ok, whatever you say Donny boy.

                                Again implying they'll pick to stay employed rather than to make the pick that helps the team the most, while also covering his backside in case they don't pick Bradford. Pretty typical "expert" BS.

                                Bradford had a good pro day so now it's a sure thing. OK now at this point I can see someone switching to Bradford as a possibility, but before no way. It just makes no sense. But even still what happened to Suh the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing.?"

                                WOW. We sure did a 180 in two and a half months didn't we. First Suh is the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing" and now to take anyone but Bradford is "the kind of stunning turn of events we haven't seen in years."

                                This is just one example of what annoys me about these "experts." McShay has flopped from Suh to Bradford also, while Kiper has flipped from Suh being "the most dominating defensive tackle I've seen in 32 years of doing this." to Clausen. It seems like they build up and exaggerate the plus side of whoever they want. For the longest time all we heard was Suh is a lock to go #1 to the Rams, and now it's a QB. Yes I know Blger is now gone, but these guys flopped to QBs while he was still here. Is it anything more than hype and these draft guys feeding off of each other that made Suh go from the guaranteed pick to now being the #2 DT behind McCoy in many people's eyes? I just don't get it. These guys annoy the crap out of me....
                                -04-17-2010, 09:26 PM
                              • general counsel
                                Please respond to the following conern about Bradford
                                by general counsel
                                Forgive me if i am repeating a point thats been raised. I have been slammed at work and unable to participate as actively as i have done in this past. I have posted on this topic inside of other threads, but i thought it might be fun to deal with this topic on a stand alone basis.

                                This is not a knock on bradford. He has the physical tools to be an excellent nfl qb. Many have questioned his durability. I am not going to debate that point because i think that before the rams invest over 40 million, they are going to satisfy themselves that he is healthy and no more likely to reinjure his shoulder than if he hadnt been hurt the first time. As an aside, a family member of mine practiced with Dr James Andrews and has educated me on injuries of this type. He tells me that these surgeries have a very high rate of success in most cases and there is every reason to believe that bradford will be as good as new. Thats not a guarantee of course, its just a matter of the odds from an objective and educated third party.

                                What worries me is the lack of track record of bradford under pressure. In his huge year, bradford played entire games without a pass rush getting into his area code, let alone his face. In the national title game vs florida, with guys in his face, he looked pretty mortal to me.

                                As all of you know from listing to my ranting over the last two years in defense of marc bulger, my mantra of the qb position is that no matter how good you are, you cant throw from flat on your ass, which is where marc bulger has been time and time and time again. What makes a great qb is a combination of his own skills and the weapons around him, starting with an offensive line.

                                Mike Martz, like him or hate him, has had as much success with qb's as anyone alive. Martz says that leadership, accuracy, toughness and brains are the key to the qb position. There is a minimum required arm strength, but martz said time and again that arm strength is overated and i agree with that. I think the qb is like the president of the usa. He gets too much credit when things go well, and too much blame when things dont go well.

                                Reasonable people can disagree on this topic, but i continue to contend that if you put peyton manning behind the rams offensive line, we would for sure improve, but i dont think we would be anywhere near a winning team because our offensive line has been a joke for years and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the offensive line will be any better pass blocking wise this year than its been in the recent past. Sure jason smith may get better, but who knows? Peyton Manning, with pass rushers in his face looks mortal and that is with ten years of pro bowl experience. Bradford has no track record in that area. This also explains why i put so little stock in his pro day performance. What does it really mean that he looks great when no one is rushing him. Ryan...
                                -04-05-2010, 03:09 PM
                              • 01d 0rd3r
                                Alternative Universe
                                by 01d 0rd3r
                                This post was made on the alternative universe ClanRam forum apporximitly 30 minutes after the Rams take Suh with the first overall pick.


                                I cant believe we passed on Bradford, cant the FO see we have absolutely no QB on our roster? Who is gonna start a game for us Feeley? So I guess we are just planning on picking in the top 5 again next year. I'm not saying Suh is not a good player, and I am glad to have him on our team, but seriously how can we pass on the only franchise QB in the draft? Who are we gonna draft for our QB now? Colt McCoy cant hit a receiver past 15 yards and is lanky, major injury risk. Plus he ran a complete spread offense, at least Bradford played under center more then 40% of the time. Maybe we draft Jimmy Clausen, we will probably have to trade up for him, no way he gets by Minnesota. Even if he does the guy obviously has an attitude problem, clearly doesnt fit the four pillars, so I guess spags is gonna be flaking on his core concepts of team building here. Besides he is overrated as a QB, throws off balance way to much, and cant even lead a comeback against NAVY! Dude chokes if he gets caught one touchdown behind. Ugh, I'm about ready to give up on this team.

                                So I guess there would be complaining either way. ;)
                                -04-25-2010, 05:53 PM