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More kudos for bulger, officially The Man

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  • More kudos for bulger, officially The Man

    I join those of you extolling the virtues of marc bulger, who is clearly and officially The Man! If anyone had any doubts, please put them to bed once and for all.

    Does he have room to improve? Of course he does. Still makes some odd throws and locks in at times.

    However, on the guts scale, he is as tough as warner ever was. As Holt says, bulger has no memory. Bad throws and iNT's dont stop him, he keeps his confidence and keeps firing. Stood in there and took shot after shot.

    Accuracy when given any kind of time. Did you all see the throws to curtis and mcdonald, let alone the one to looker at the end of regulation. Just perfect, no one could possibly have thrown them any better.

    Showed real elusiveness inside the pocket. Very shifty, stepped up nicely avoided the rush many times, especially as grant williams was struggling.

    Leadership? The Man is a leader in every sense of the word. If not for the debacle by the defense at the end of the saints game, this would be his second remarkable comeback with the game on the line in the last three weeks.

    Long live marc bulger, he is The Man.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: More kudos for bulger, officially The Man

    How can you argue after a comeback performance like that?!?! Bulger came to the huddle smiling from ear to ear at the beginning of the game tying drive. He was ready. That is confidence and determination and the true sign of a leader!


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      Re: More kudos for bulger, officially The Man

      Marc Bulger grew even more today. He can quarterback my Rams any day. Never quit.


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        Re: More kudos for bulger, officially The Man

        Wow I totally agree. His composure (even though I quit watching with 5 minutes left) has been awesome and outweighs most of his poor mistakes!

        We will need at least new ST and DC coaches next year as we should be easily be 4-1 and and possibly 5-0 if not for a flat performance in ATL and the worst coaching decisions any coach had made this year in the NFL with the 'aints game.

        Congrats to the whole team for digging in and bringing home the win.

        Bulger has been and will be my man as long as he wears the proper uniform :king: :ramlogo:

        RAMS WIN AN AWESOME COMEBACK, LSU DITTO! and the 'aints march to another loss. What a great weekend! and a lingering smile that should last thru the week!

        Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!


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          I love Bulger!!!!!!!!!!!!
          by Guest
          I am growing more fond of bulger every week. The kid has shown tremendous guts out there and has an awfully accurate arm. Every time he had a chance to throw today he was effective, including some fantastic passes. I dont care who you are, you cant throw well if your right tackle is getting pushed back into you every other play. Bulger is taking his shots like a man and he is leading by example. He is certainly not a part of our problems and i think he will continue to improve.

          general counsel
          -11-07-2004, 08:25 PM
        • dgr828
          Bulger needs to be Da Man
          by dgr828
          Maybe or hopefully Marc Bulger can put it all together this year. A successful QB must have a handle on all situations.
          The past few seasons has seen Bulger regress as far as putting up the numbers, staying healthy or getting W's. The early part of Marc's career saw him as a hotshot QB, taking over for Kurt Warner, running the Mike Martz offense, just missing the Super Bowl a couple times. Basically Bulgers game has become stale. Maybe Marc has failed to grasp the Linehan Playbook.

          What ever the reason, NOW! is the time for Marc Bulger to show his leadership skills as Quarterback for the Saint Louis Rams.

          To put it simply, Bulger needs to be 'Da Man'
          Da Man gets the W's...all else are losers!
          -06-28-2008, 10:23 PM
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          I love marc bulger-again
          by Guest
          Overall, another very solid game for bulger. He really stands in and takes the shots. Very accurate on the whole. Bad throw on the INT in the end zone, but no one is perfect. Some great hot reads on the blitz pick ups. A real bright spot in an otherwise bleak night.

          general counsel
          -11-29-2004, 09:58 PM
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          Marc Bulger
          by Guest
          Mark Bulger is a wimp. He has a "swagger" that annoys the hell out of me since he has proven he cannot run a great offense designed by a great coach. Bulger has proven NOTHING to me. Mike Martz is an amazing coach, the only real mistake he's made is replacing Kurt Warner with Bulger. Bulger is a LOSER and belongs somewhere else. Bulger single handedly LOST the game vs SF with that pathetic pass that got intercepted when we we drove to win the game. I don't know what his problem is, but I do know that I cannot get behind this guy when he keeps f'king up. There is one team I follow in the NFL, and as long as this guy keeps playing like the twat he is it will only make me spit in his face. He puts up one good PASS, and Millen is praising him. Martz is the playcaller and unless the Rams make the second round of the playoffs, I don't think Bulger deserves ANY credit. NONE. 3 times today he got sacked that ANY qb, ANY other qb, he wouldve avoided it. On the final drive, 3rd down, there was NO ONE near Marc, NO ONE, and he gets severe happy feet and throws quickly to Marshall for a 5 yard gain. Trouble is, we needed 10 for the first. HE HAD ALL F'KIN tellin me he couldn't find anybody? NOBODY? Chris Miller wouldve got the first. With Warner at QB and with Kurt listening to Martz, the RAMS win today 48-3. Bulger is a cancer on this team, and I'm very sorry to say this, because what I want, is the Rams WINNING. One more thing, Bulger is perhaps the SLOWEST QB in the league. Matt Millen kept praising this bum, seems to me Bulger's daddy paid him off, cuz Bulger showed NOTHING today. With these recievers I couldve thrown for more yards and td's.
          I'm really happy we won this game, but if I hear any people cutting up Martz, I'll say He's the one who built this team, NOT Marc Bulger or a loser executive who gets' busted for being a RAT, a bigmouthed RAT at that. Marc Bulger is a LOSER.
          -09-18-2005, 04:54 PM
        • GroundDog39
          Bulger Bashers!
          by GroundDog39
          Ive got to admit, my patience is beggining to wear a bit thin but come on, like it or not, he is our starting QB. How many other QB's in his position would have flourished = NONE, ZIP, NADA.
          KURT WARNER, CARSON PALMER, DAVID CARR, all were abysmal. Similar scenario's.
          So if you want to vent any anger out from now till opening day, aim it where its more deserved - The defensive players, it seems to me like Bulger become a scapegoat for a lot of the pathetic football played.
          If we do lose Bulger anytime soon, I think a lot of people could be in for a rude awakening!

          P.S I just wish he could make play's with his feet, that would have solved everything?
          -05-24-2009, 05:55 AM