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Some kudos for the defense

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  • Some kudos for the defense

    After a debacle of biblical magnitude in the first half, lets give the defense some major credit for giving up just three points and i believe less than 100 yards total offense in the second half, including a game saving stop on fourth and two at the end of regulation. All of that with aeneas on the bench! Of course, some major drops by the seattle receivers really helped.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Some kudos for the defense

    What did this team do differently? It looked like Archuleta sucked it up and played every down.

    Good job in the second half D.


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      Re: Some kudos for the defense

      For one thing, seattle got more conservative while we got more aggressive. For another, we stacked the box and stopped the run. For a half, we actually manged to tackle like a potentially championship team. And, we got better pressure on haselback, even though we didnt actually sack him, we at least got to him.

      Notwithstanding the foregoing, we probably dont win the game if the seattle receivers dont drop several big passes that hit them right in the hands.

      general counsel


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        Re: Some kudos for the defense

        Instead of a bend-but-don't-break defense, we currently have a break-but-don't-lose defense.


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        • general counsel
          the running game and the defense
          by general counsel
          we cant run the ball at all. no consistency of any kind. not only is that hurting the offense, but its hurting the defense, which is on the field too long. last two weeks defense is digging holes for us, making it tougher on the offense. We are not good enough offensively (especially without bruce) to outscore the good teams especially without a running game and with our usual turnovers. you cant have these type of negative turnover differentials, coupled with a lousy punter killing you on field position and think that you are going to beat playoff caliber teams. That just isnt reality.

          The defense is NOT going to be dominant, the offense has to help more, and to me, that means a better running game, especially without bruce which really limits our offensive firepower.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-10-2005, 04:27 AM
        • general counsel
          How about that run defense!
          by general counsel
          If we play that kind of run defense all year, we are going to win a lot of games. We really did dominate against the run, notwithstanding the lousy pass rush.

          Best ram tackling performance (exclusive of special teams of course) in quite a while.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -09-12-2005, 06:11 AM
        • viper
          Defense Comes Through!
          by viper
          Big kudo's to the defense this week! They held Seattle to 4 field goals and came up big on the 4th and 1 play. The two turnovers were HUGE! I've been critical of both Aeneas and Butler but they stepped up to the challenge today. The run defense still gave up a lot of yardage but the pass defense was much improved. It looked like everyone was swarming to the ball. They came up big when they had to. All in all a fine effort.

          Go Rams!!!
          -11-14-2004, 02:40 PM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Dr. Freud's pregame analysis-which rams team will show up?
          by Guest
          Since the season started, the rams have been afflicted with repeated bouts of schizophrenia. We have shown the capacity to play as well as anyone in the nfl (see the fourth quarter of the seattle game) and we have shown the capacity to play like an expansion team at times (see the stupid turnovers in the new orleans game, the collapse by the defense at the end of the saints game, the failure to make plays on defense, the capacity to give up endless big plays on defense and the worst kickoff coverage in the nfl).

          We are showing every sign of an above average but certainly not championship caliber team, specifically, that we are playing not to our ability, but to the level of our opponent. When you play like that, you put yourself in a position where a big play or two at a critical time can easily cost you a game against an inferior opponent. The great teams win when they are not at their best, the above average teams seem to find ways to have either the breaks or big plays go against them with games on the line (ie the non-int by butler in the atlanta game).

          Make no mistake about it, this team has a pulse, but it is marginal at this point. We were incredibly lucky to beat seattle. Notwithstanding the great comeback, better clock management and a couple of catches by receivers that got hit directly in the hands would have ended that game. Think about how different it would look at 3-4 right now without the tiebreaker advantage vs. seattle and the tough teams coming up.

          This is the time to step up following the bye and play with consistency if we want a chance to contend. We need to play to our potential and we need to make more big plays than we give up. The defense is never going to be the 1985 bears, but when it has chances to take advantage of mistakes, it HAS to capitalize. Dropped INT's are killing us and note that when we dont create turnovers we lose. A dropped INT is really the same as an offensive turnover in the sense that we lose the chance to have possession of the ball.

          The team at this point is too reminiscent of 2000, with the exception of the fact that the offense, while good, is no where near as dominant and we cant outscore people.

          Here is what i think we need over the second half.

          1) We have to give grant williams more help. He is playing as well as can be expected, but its not good enough.
          2) We have to capitalize on defense, catch the balls when they hit us in the hands, even aeneas.
          3) We have to stop giving up so many big plays on defense
          4) leonard little needs to play better to cause more disruption (ie at a pro bowl level)
          5) obviously, we need to stay as healthy as possible (we need travis fisher up to speed).
          6) We have to be able to cover kickoffs better, we are giving up way, way too much field position for a defense that is already shaky
          7) Consistency is crucial. We...
          -11-04-2004, 04:14 AM
        • Rambos
          What hurt us more?
          by Rambos
          What hurt us more?
          O-line giving up sacks against a three-man rush
          Hill and Fishers play or lack of it
          -10-16-2006, 06:49 AM