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  • Ha Ha Ayeee~!

    I was not able to watch much of the game today but what I did watch of the 1st half didn't look great per the score. I tuned into watch the 4th quarter only to quickly see Bulger's 3rd INT. With the score as bad as it was, I turned off the tv, and went back to other pertinent things... it was too painful to watch.

    I got another break later in the night and surfed the web to catch the final of how bad we lost... only to see a pic of McDonald on ESPN? "Hmmn" I thought to myself, "they normally don't put pics of losers up." Then I quickly scanned the score only to see that we won in OT! Haaa! I laughed to myself, "what the hell did Seattle do to give that one away!?!"

    Well, call me "ye of little faith", but I am amazed. I've yet to read anyone's comments or analysis of the game, but man o man, what a magnificent victory! I bet the folks in Seattle are feeling quite, and only, blue. What a shocker!

    My compliments to the Rams!

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    Re: Ha Ha Ayeee~!

    Ye of little faith. Never turn off the TV on the Rams. :king:


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      Re: Ha Ha Ayeee~!


      I too, turned off the TV after Bulger's TD to the Big Samoan TE and thought there was no way for a miracle and turned my focus to my four year old son and the debris left by TS Matthew in my yard.

      I am now in the doghouse for waking up my wife and son with a shrilling Ayeee~! :king: :king: :king: after checking the scores!

      I always have faith but no desire to watch all the pain.

      If there is one thing that smartz has done right is kept his faith in Bulger. He still makes too many mistakes but with a crappy OL and a mad coach he does well with what he has to work with the greatest receivers in the league, BABY!

      Two cardiac victories for me baby! the BELOVED RAMS and the BAYOU Bengals Tigers of LSU :ramlogo:

      My poor wife :tongue:


      i can't wait to see what that slob berman and the hbo crew says after they picked the wrong team to win big!

      We should be 4-1 and in first place because of Bulger's awesome last minute heoics against the 'aints but for supreme crappy ST and smartz coaching we are 3-2 :upset:
      Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!