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Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

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  • Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

    What does this win mean? It means we are right in the hunt for the nfc west title and still have a real shot to have an elite season. We now have a huge tiebreaker advantage against seattle, and if we can beat them at home, we in effect have an enormous benefit as we will win the west in the event of a tie. Its also a division win, which i believe helps conference record and tiebreaker wise for both home field and other playoff positioning.

    Its not just the huge road win against a quality team, its how we came back and won. There is no quit in this team and we will only continue to improve if we can stay healthy.

    At this point, the real key is not to rest on our laurels, but to be able to carry the fourth quarter and OT performance into the next two games, tampa at home and miami on the road, two games that we have to win. 5-2 at the break is very competitive. I would absolutely hate to see us give it back with a subpar performance that leads to a loss against the two inferior teams coming up.

    The new orleans loss eliminates any margain for error at this point, given the tough games ahead. We cant afford to lose any more games to teams that we are better than, for 100% sure at home, if we want a shot at home field through the playoffs.

    Good health, better defense, and continued improvement by the offense and we are still a 12-4 team, maybe even 13-3 if we get a break.

    Can you imagine the odds of winning in seattle with a minus three turnover ratio? We really need to do a better job pressuring the passer, tackling and creating turnovers, but for tonight, lets enjoy one of the greatest comebacks in rams history.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

    I'll tell you whats next in my opinion. The schedule looks no where near as tough as it once did. Cards, Whiners, Bucs, so far have only 3 wins between them. Carolina looks no where near the team that shocked the NFC last year.
    Seattle still will take alot of heart and good football to beat. Philly is the team to beat in the NFC . Pats? well we all know about them? Jets are really playing tough. Green Bay lost Mckensie and they have had problems vs us with him in the lineup. Dolphins and Bills dont pose a threat in my eyes.

    So what next? I think the Rams riding high off this game could really start to make a dent. We have a young and old team and that is a scary combination. Veterans coaching the young players on the feild and young players bringing that college level excitement to the game whoa look out the Rams are for real.
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      Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

      Well I think todays win against the hawks sets up a huge re-match in week 10 (November 14th) Let me explain... Right now our Rams are 3-2, while our NFC West division rivals are 3-1. In week 6 we play Tampa while Seattle plays New England, which means in all likely-hood St.Louis will be 4-2 and Seattle will be 3-2. In week 7 We play another weak opponent in the Miami dolphins, Seattle also plays a weak opponent: The Arizona Cardinals... again in all likelyhood both teams will probably win... which means the Rams will be 5-2 and Seattle will be 4-2. In week 8 the Rams have a BYE Week.. and the Seahawks have a game against the Carolina Panthers. I personally dont like the Seattle Seahawks (as if you didnt know already ) so I dont think they'll win this game.. of course i could be wrong. Lets just say for the sake of time that im rite and the Seahawks do lose... this means that Seattle's record is now 4-3. In week 9 the Rams have a huge test against the defending Superbowl champs and currently undeafeted New England Patriots while the Seahawks have another easy win against the 49-ers... Now I'm a HUGE Rams fan but honestly i dont really know if they can pull off a win against the Pats. Hopefully they can, and if they do it'll be awesome! but im thinking that its most likely gonna be a loss... which means that the Rams record will drop to 5-3 and the Seahawks record will be... yep u guessed it 5-3. This of course sets up the Huge division re-match in week 10 which i first mentioned! So... my prediction for the next 4 weeks are that the rams will go 2-1 and the hawks will go 2-2 setting up the HUGE NFC West division re-match in St.Louis on November 14! Let me know what ya think!


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        Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

        Rams :helmet:

        Its quite possible with the emergence of McDonald,Curtis and Jackson the Rams offense could come close to the rams offense of a couple years ago,,,they will score points..where I have a huge concern is the defense.They did play better the 2nd half but they seem so weak and vunerable to a strong offensive opponent...I think the Rams are just going to have to outscore their opponents to win this season.


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          Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

          Yep, McDonald and Curtis bring a bit of the "who are you going to cover" aspect back to this offense. I am a little shocked that we can't get more passes to Holt though, double-teamed or not...and too bad Ike only got 78 ...I thought with the overtime he might get his 100 again. I think it's smart to send the young guys deep, because they have more speed than "Isaac Holt". (Isn't it funny that announcers still get them confused.)

          Hopefully a turning point for our "D" least some momentum.

          WOW, what a game. Sit back down Seattle, it's not quite your time.

          Did we use McDonald on that OT kickoff return? I think we did. I've been asking for that all year. Harris is a joke on KR's.


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            Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

            Here's my assessment

            Arlen Harris should not be KRing for any team in the NFL.... he has no role on this team.

            Pass defense
            Either we get ourselves a close down CB (both butler and Groce are constantly exposed) or we improve our blitzing and pass rush or better still both... boy were we lucky that the Seahawk receivers can't catch a ball.... D Lewis (suppossed pass rush expert) and Pinkett provide no pass rush abilities that i can see.

            Run defense
            Again, the DL is a shambles.. I can't EVER remember Pinkett or Lewis stopping or holding up a RB at he line of scrimage rather that wrapping around there legs with the RB 3 yards further downfield. Our LB seldom hit the wholes preferring the RB to gain 3 or 4 yards before making contact... Pisa in particular, continuosly overruns the plays and gets caught up with blockers. He has to learn discipline and how to shed guys that are 50lb heavier.

            Archuleta clearly looks like an injured warrior.. Aeneas looks what he is (old).. Coady should look at another franchise.. in summary, we knew that we would not have the league leading defensive backfield, but with the lack of help from the DL, its starting to be embarrassing.

            on the poistive side, our OL really showed some grit.. Grant williams improved as the game went on... but he is not the same caliber as Turley in pass rush duties. Tercero looks pretty solid - maybe our first draftee to make it permanently on the line since Pace... On that note, Pace didn't look anywhere near as dominate as in the past.

            I guess your right... looks as though we will need to keep the Defense off the field if we are going to have any hope of making a run this year


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              Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

              Arlen Harris should not be KRing for any team in the NFL.... he has no role on this team.
              Well typically NFL teams like to keep 3 RBs on their roster. But I agree when you say Harris shouldn't be returning kickoffs, nor should Steven Jackson. I think we should put Garrett back there. They say he's the fastest person on the team, let's see it. Just hold onto the ball.


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                Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

                Maybe they'll give Groce a shot once Fisher comes back from injury. ;)


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                  Re: Lets put the win in perspective, what happens next

                  Hell, line McDonald up back there with someone. He showed he's capable as a return man.


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                  • general counsel
                    rams challenge to win the west
                    by general counsel
                    Even with the hass injury, we face a tough road to win the west. Not impossible, but tough. For a second lets assume that we beat seattle on the road, with or without hass. Seattle has two other probable losses: at kc this week (without hass) and at denver later. Other than those two games, they play a series of crappy teams, including oakland, sf twice, tampa, greenbay, arizona. THey have a tough game vs. san diego in the next to last week, but its at home. Given that other than kc and the rams, their games without hass are likely to be oakland, sf and greenbay, i think they will win all of those without him.

                    Remember that since we lost to sf, if we split with seattle and wind up tied, they will win the division by virtue of a better division record (please correct me if i am wrong on this). Thus, unless they really screwup somewhere, we need to go 11-5 to have a shot at them and that might only get us a tie for the division, which would be a loss of the division if i am correct on the tiebreakers.

                    Bottom line, we caught a break with the hass injury, but we are still going to have to play GREAT football for the rest of the way to have a chance to win the division, barring a real collapse by seattle or at least one real mulligan of a loss.

                    From my perspective, my three losses left on the sked were at sandiego, at seattle and at carolina, with the bears game and vikings game hanging out there as could go either way. Now, if we play seattle without hass, i think we have to like our chances, not that its an easy game, but if you cant beat them without their starting qb, you really need to throw up your hands and just say that they are flat out the better team and just think about a wild card at best.

                    It is unclear how long he will be out of course, teams are NEVER really honest about those injury reports. Hass is a very tough guy, if he can be out there for the rams game, he will be ready.

                    ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -10-23-2006, 01:07 PM
                  • AvengerRam
                    We all know the truth about this Sunday... I'm just going to say it.
                    by AvengerRam
                    The practical impact of Sunday's game at Seattle is clear. Win, and the Rams will need only one more win, or one more Seahawks loss, to clinch the NFC West. Lose, and they have to win out and hope for a Seahawks or Falcons/Saints/Panthers losses to make it to the postseason.

                    But I think, in the back of all of our minds, there is an issue that is, perhaps, even bigger.

                    In the 12 seasons since the Rams last made the postseason, the Seahawks have won the NFC West 7 times (including 3 of the last 4 years), gone to 3 Super Bowls, and won a Championship. They have been the big dog of the West for a while now.

                    The Rams have been building to challenge for that spot. And, even for those of us who were optimistic enough to predict a winning record in 2017, I think there is a feeling that the Rams have, perhaps, arrived a year sooner than expected.

                    They are clearly ahead of the Niners (who, admittedly, are putting some pieces together that might serve them well in the future).
                    They have conquered the Cardinals (who are an old team that will need to reload/rebuild.)

                    But, even though they have a one game lead 13 games into the season, the Rams have not dispatched the reigning West Champs, Seattle.

                    This Sunday could change that. If the Rams can go into Seattle and take down the Seahawks in this "playoff atmosphere" type of scenario, they will have truly arrived. They will have established themselves as the team to beat in the NFC West, not just this year, but going forward.

                    The script is written... now the Rams just have to get on the stage and perform.
                    -12-14-2017, 08:09 AM
                  • laram0
                    RAMS @ Seahawks...this game is HUGE!
                    by laram0
                    A win at Seattle would turn this season around. Can we win this game? Sure.
                    Will we win this game? The experts say no but the game still has to be played. Any given Sunday right?

                    All of our games against division foes are going to be HUGE. We need to keep our eyes on the NFC WEST. I still belive we can win our division. Yeah I know you think I'm nuts. Maybe I am but look at the respective schedules of all four teams in the NFC WEST. The other three teams are going to be playing Philly and the GMEN too. We've had by far the toughest two game schedule to start out the season.

                    I know things look bleak but I'm not giving up. A win at Seattle is just what the doctor ordered for our RAMS.

                    GO RAMS!!!!!

                    -09-16-2008, 10:18 AM
                  • Guam rammer
                    The time to win is now!
                    by Guam rammer
                    With a win @ Denver and a surprising loss to SF we need to win our next 3 games against the Cards (1-1), lions
                    (0-2) and packers (0-2). Awe heck! it'd be nice to win all our games.
                    Our next 5 opponents after the above said will be Seattle, SD, KC, Seattle and Carolina. All are definately contenders for something in this league.
                    If we go into the Seattle game in week 6 @ 4-1, We'll be in good condition to battle for a share of the top spot of our division.
                    Arizona has tough contests against Atlanta, KC, and Chicago after this week, and SF also has tough games against philly, and KC comming up.
                    We will need the momentum going into the Seattle game, and 4-1 will be a great confidence booster. If we come
                    away with a win at Seattle and are at 5-1, we won't be out of the thick because then everyone will focus their attention on us and our next 4 opponents are capable of punching us in the mouth!! and amongst those 4 we get Seattle again, this time on their turf.
                    Seattles next 2 games are @ home against the Giants, and away against the Bears. They could come away w/ 2 wins, a win and a loss , or 2 losses(wishful). Then they get a bye week to rest up and plan against us. If the Rams are gonna to make a move, i think this time now is critical because The middle of our season looks brutal.
                    Planning ahead in the NFL isnt always a good thing and i'll admit i had us Destroying the 9ers last week, but who knows, anything can happen. Lets just hope it isnt 1-4.
                    I know, i know, 1 game at a time and the cards won't be an easy task but THESE 3 GAMES ARE CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR TEAM!!
                    -09-20-2006, 04:14 PM
                  • rammiser
                    Division race
                    by rammiser
                    So I was going through looking at teams in the west and what I thought they would finish with. I really think even though we have shown no signs of winning a road game that we will break through. This is my prediction on how the division will finish up.

                    Rams 8-8
                    Seattle either 7-9 or 8-8 but we will win tie breakers hopefully.
                    Niners 6-10
                    Cards 5-11

                    I really think this team has a shot to pull it off. It would be awesome to see this team win the division and get a home playoff game which as we all know is where we play our best ball. Of course this will take doing something this team has been unable to do all season. Win a few games on the road. We only have two home games left vs the Whiners and the Chiefs. In my opinion two very winable games. Our remaining road games are @ Denver (maybe),@Cards (win),@ Saints (loss) @ Seattle (possibly for the division). If it doesnt happen then so be it but isnt it nice to talk about this late in the season. This team is close and I'm excited. They have surpassed what I thought they could do this year. Add a few more players this off season and we are a contender. Something I didnt think would happen for a couple more years.

                    I was a Suh supporter but I see why I'm not running the franchise. Although Suh looks to be a good defensive lineman he would not have had the effect on this team that Bradford has. Bradford has brought an energy to this team that has been lacking (for the record he's very quiet doing so ;) haha). I havnt felt this much excitement for my Rams in a long time and you can see the effort on the field. The Falcons are a very good team and we fought them tooth and nail down to the wire untill a rookie mistake on the two yard line with a chance to come within two points of possibly the best NFC team. No matter what happens the rest of this season I will be fired up for next year for what this team could possibly do.
                    -11-22-2010, 09:27 PM