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Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

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  • Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

    03.12.2010 1:48 pm
    Where will Rams find WR help?
    By Roger Hensley


    QUESTION: Suh or Bradford? McCoy or Claussen? There’s a lot of talk about the Rams No. 1 pick. But this is a team, obviously, with many needs and one big one is at WR. It’s pretty well established the Rams aren’t reaching for a WR at No. 1. How soon do you think they seek out a WR in the draft and who are some of the top-rated ones that could still be available from the second round and beyond? Or, are there still any viable free agent WRs out there the Rams should be trying to secure?

    The Rams are in a tough spot when it comes to upgrading at wide receiver. With the limited unrestricted free agent pool due to the uncapped year, there was very little available. Nate Burleson and Antonio Bryant got nice contracts, but they’re not No. 1 receivers or difference makers. Terrell Owens is still out there – never mind his antics, he’s on the decline and no longer an elite player. Denver’s Brandon Marshall is a restricted free agent, but comes with tons of baggage, and right now the Broncos want a first-round draft pick as compensation. As far as the draft, there are a lot of good receivers, but don’t seem to be many great ones. Finding one that can be a clear upgrade is the challenge.

    History shows that when it comes to the free-agent wide receiver market, let the buyer beware because the ones available don’t prove to be worth the money. So the answer will come from the draft, and there will be some interesting prospects there in the second and third rounds. Will Notre Dame’s Golden Tate slide into the second round? Will Cincy’s Mardy Gilyard fall into the third round now that he improved his 40 time at his pro day?

    The Rams could pick a wide receiver as early as the second round, but I think it’s more likely in the third or fourth. If it’s the third, Arrelious Benn (6-1, 219) of Illinois and/or Brandon LeFell (6-3, 211) of LSU might still be available. I don’t see any free agents that would fill that “go-to” wideout spot, although a couple (Laveranues Coles? David Clowney?) might help them depth-wise.

    KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)
    The Rams have bodies at the WR position, they just don’t have a difference maker. If the guys available when they draft aren’t potential No. 1 receivers then there would be almost no point in taking them. They’d be just like Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson, et al.

    Golden Tate and Dez Bryant figure to be off the board before the Rams pick at No. 33 but if one slips, more likely Bryant because of perceptions about his personality, then you’d have to take him. Arrelious Benn (6’1” 219) of Illinois and Demaryius Thomas (6’3” 225) of Georgia Tech would be interesting selections at the top of the 2nd round. Thomas, in particular, is a big-time home run hitter on the outside – not that the Rams really attempt to stretch the field all that much. Possession guys like Brandon LaFell from LSU or Jordan Shipley from Texas would make some sense in the 3rd round if the team felt like addressing a different need at No. 33.

    I don’t see a UFA out there who would be a significant upgrade over what the Rams already have in place.

    Sadly, the Ruvell Martin era appears over at Rams Park. So, yes, the team has an opening. The team has taken a pass at the top free agents, so help will have to come through the draft. The need at WR is another reason to move down a few spots in the first round, if possible, to add another pick.

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    Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

    theres one wideout later than the 2nd round who i think could have number 1 wideout potential but i havent seen on anyones radar but my own...

    Dezmon Briscoe, a Junior from Kansas 6 2" (tho ive seen him listed at 6 3" too ) 207lbs.. not the greatest 40 at 4.64 but has good hands,good size..brave..will go over the middle to make the catches..has got good YAC ability 269 yards against Oklahoma in 2008 the most in a game in the NCAA in that year..productive..good kid who loves the game.. has career stats..

    GP 37
    Rec 217
    yards 3,240
    YPC 14.8
    TD 31..(7 in `07, 15 in `08 9 in `09)

    oh and he`s only 20 years old. (turns 21 in august)

    he could fall to the 4th or 5th round range..but highest would probably be the 3rd.
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      Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

      I'd be happy with Arrelious Benn or Demaryius Thomas in the second or even Taylor Price in the third.


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        Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

        I miss Holt and Bruce..


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          Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

          Obviously the Rams aren't stocked at WR, but I think that there's a great rotation of guys that could be quality receivers...and they're all different types of guys that force opposing defenses to adjust accordingly.


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            Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

            How come we haven't gone after any of the WRs in free agency this year? Antonio Bryant, T.O, Nate Burleson? It seems to me like this front office relies a lot more on youth then veteran leadership lol.


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              Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

              Originally posted by Ahmedrams81 View Post
              How come we haven't gone after any of the WRs in free agency this year? Antonio Bryant, T.O, Nate Burleson? It seems to me like this front office relies a lot more on youth then veteran leadership lol.

              Yes, and this is good Ahmed, but at some point you have to go out and get veteran depth, especially at a position as skilled as WR. YOung is good, but a difference maker has to be there. We have a good crop of guys now, we are just missing that NUMBER ONE.


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                Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

                We need a RT, DE and an OLB before we need a WR.


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                  Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

                  If we're looking for a WR in the 3rd round, I'd take a very serious look at Eric Decker from Minnesota (6'3", 217) His 40 time wasn't blistering at 4.54, but I've seen a lot of this kid. He gets open when everybody in the stadium knows the ball is going to him, and he catches everything that comes near him. He runs great routes, is a smart player and a high character kid. He catches the ball equally well over the middle, in traffic, or down the field. He knows how to help his QB by breaking off routes and coming back to the ball.
                  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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                    Re: Round Two: Where Will Rams Find WR Help?

                    BIG BENN Version 2.0 (arrelius) minus the assaulting woman part though.... this kids has the hands of colston and crabtree with the body of boldin...but quicker...this kids a monster...


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                      Obvious Round 1 Selection but 2?
                      by FestusRam
                      Ok, my vote is for Suh round one. Thats an obvious pick you cant pass up

                      But round 2? I see many people wanting to acquire Alexander and i agree and disagree with it both.

                      The reason i agree is, he is very talented receiver with great size. He would fit exceptionally well into the West Coast O. I've seen him catch screens many times and just break them for 50+ yards.

                      However, I feel like if we acquire another WR this off season it should be a veteran. Not another rookie. I dont beleive the rams will draft him in the 2nd but I honestly don't know. What do you think about it?
                      -01-26-2010, 10:05 AM
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                      What do you think will actually happen for Rams First 5 spots (barring no trades)?
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                      What do you think will actually happen for Rams First 5 spots (barring no trades)?

                      This means, NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN, but what do you think will actually happen.

                      Here is my quick summary, I enjoy you to do the same.

                      Round 1, Pick #16: Jonathan Cooper, G, UNC -- I think Austin will be gone and so will Fluker, and the 3 big name Offensive Tackles. This will make the Rams decide between Patterson, Allen, Hunter, or Cooper / Warmarck. There is no athletic enough game changing safety that can go here.

                      Round 1, Pick #22: Keenan Allen, WR, Cal -- I think he will end up being the best year 1 WR that has the ability to play short, long, inside and outside. If the Rams pass on WR at 16 Patterson may be gone by #22 -- but I can see the Rams taking their guy and I think Allen is the best fit at this time for the Rams to win games quickly, over any other WR in this class.

                      Round 2, Pick #43: Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse -- This is the choice between the best running back, OLB, and Safety available. I think the Rams really like this guy and need a physical presence coming from the safety position. Unless a WR or RB falls that they love here, I think the would go with Thomas. It would be tough if both Giovanni Bernard and Thomas are here. They seem to like both, as do I. I think RB and OLB can wait do to the need for some help at Safety.

                      Round 3, Pick #78: Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Mizzu - After meeting with Rams personnel and showing his freak athleticism, he will end up being picked over RB here. I think the Rams want athletes in the middle rounds and he would be a perfect compliment of speed and strength to fly around on defense. I think this spot is very hard because of the decision to be made between RB, WR, or OLB.

                      Round 4, Pick #113: Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina -- One thing we know is that Rams take the players that they bring in for visits very seriously. We could use a return guy to fill the void of Amendola, and also a guy that can shoot some speed into the slot, reverses, and a cheap version of what you all want to spend on Austin. Ace is our guy do to the interest. I could even see them considering Ace in Round 3 if they OLB they want is gone.

                      Might as well guess after that based on position:

                      Round 5 -- Running Back
                      Round 6 -- Center/Guard depth
                      Round 7/UFA -- TE that blocks or WR that tackles or CB depth


                      I would not be mad at this draft, nor is it "my" ideal draft, just my best guess of the outcome.

                      FEEL FREE TO POST OR DEBATE WHAT 'WILL' HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      -04-19-2013, 10:36 AM
                    • AvengerRam_old
                      Which 2 positions do you hope to see the Rams fill in Round 1?
                      by AvengerRam_old
                      Which combination would be your first choice?

                      NOTE: The order of the positions in each choice is not intended to denote which player would be taken at 16, and which would be taken at 22. So, for example, "WR and S" means that the Rams would take a WR and a S with their first two picks, but not necessarily in that order.
                      OT and WR
                      OT and S
                      OT and OG
                      OT and TE
                      WR and S
                      WR and OG
                      WR and TE
                      S and OG
                      S and TE
                      OT and LB
                      WR and LB
                      TE and LB
                      -02-07-2013, 01:01 PM
                    • GoRams1
                      I Change My Mind-- No WR In The First Round!
                      by GoRams1
                      First of all, I'm all for Justin Blackmon if we take him in the 1st Round (I'm an OK State Homer).
                      But I cant see Spags going WR in round 1. I say we take this guy... Von Miller.

                      YouTube - Von Miller Butkus Award Winner 2010 Highlights
                      -01-05-2011, 07:17 PM
                    • Barry Waller
                      For All the WR Lovers
                      by Barry Waller
                      Here is some info for you who like to take a receiver in round one.

                      Since 2005, here how many times are that teams took them in round one

                      Vikings -3
                      Rams - 2
                      Jaguars - 2
                      Tennessee -2
                      KC -2
                      Niners -2
                      Falcons -2
                      Lions -2

                      Houston -1
                      Arizona -1
                      Oakland -1
                      Miami -1
                      Cleveland -1
                      San Diego -1
                      Dallas -1
                      Philadelphia -1
                      NY Giants -1
                      Indy -1
                      Baltimore -1
                      Denver -1
                      Cincinnati -1
                      New Orleans -1
                      Steelers -1

                      Not exactly a list of powerhouse offesnes eh?

                      Where is Green Bay, where is New England ? Chicago ? hree of the best passing offenses

                      And the ones taken by the good offenses here, like Meacham in N.O. , wre not a big part of their passing offense.

                      The Niners got nothing from one of theirs.

                      Atlanta did the best, but what have they won?

                      Denver had a sorry offense even with D. Thomas, till Manning came over.

                      The Saints top receivers were drafted in round five and seven, and their TE was a 3rd
                      The Patriots receivers were a second rounder , a seventh rounder and a free agent originally undrafted.
                      The Packers receivers are two second rounders and a third rounder
                      The Broncos have one #1 but also a free agent drafted late, and a 3rd rounder, and their TE was a 4th rounder

                      Just look at the list of even top 10 receivers who busted JUST since 2005;
                      Braylon Edwards
                      Troy Williamson
                      Mike Williams'
                      Matt Jones
                      Mark Clayton
                      Santonio Holmes
                      Ted Ginn
                      Robert Meacham
                      Craig Davis
                      Anthony Gonzales
                      Darius Heyward Bey
                      Jon Baldwin
                      AJ Jenkins
                      Justin Blackmon

                      I'm sure many of these guys were YOUR guy for a top pick spent on a WR.

                      As this PROVES, drafting receivers high up not only doesn't help in the win column, either immediately or long term, and in fact the worst teams have taken the most WR early.

                      It also proves that the best offenses in the NFL now are there WITHOUT spending a bunch of high picks on WRs.

                      I challenge those who disagree to show their own proof. Not just some opinion that "this year is different' .

                      Sorry, but I'm a guy that's mostly about FACTS, so sue me.
                      -12-14-2013, 03:09 PM