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Rams re-sign Setterstrom

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  • Rams re-sign Setterstrom

    Rams officially sign C/G Hank Fraley today. Also brought back G/C Mark Setterstrom on a one-year deal.
    21 minutes ago via web
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    Courtesy of the Rams' Twitter account.

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    Re: Rams re-sign Setterstrom

    Good! A little surprised that it was only for one year. Hopefully Mark will finally be able to prove himself and remain further with the Rams. I think he'll end up as a good OL.


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      Re: Rams re-sign Setterstrom

      welcome back Mark..with the signing of Fraley he can settle back into his more natural role of OG..hope he can put the injuries behind him and contribute to the level the majority of us know he can when healthy.
      will give us some flexibility in the later rounds of the draft now...they could still pick up a Brandon Carter but the need isn`t as great as it was and can spend that pick on an RT..should they decide that Greco is gonna remain an OG.


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        Re: Rams re-sign Setterstrom

        I'm sure the one year deal was because of his past injuries. Wouldn't want a guy who gets injured every time he seems to get playing time signed to a 3 year deal now would ya?

        That being said, hopefully he can stay healthy if called upon as we need all the help we can get.


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          Re: Rams re-sign Setterstrom

          Hey Bralidore, who is the guy pictured in your Avatar?


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            Re: Rams re-sign Setterstrom

            Cool. The more the merrier along this OL. Although he's been injured, Setterstrom has experience in the system and has shown promise when on the field.


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            • shower beers
              Rams not offering tender to Setterstrom
              by shower beers
              The Rams will not extend a restricted free agent tender to OG Mark Setterstrom.
              Setterstrom, 26, has been a season-ending injury waiting to happen since entering the league, so the move isn't surprising. The Rams are hoping to re-sign the '06 seventh-round pick to a deal cheaper than the $1.176M tender.

              Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch
              -02-25-2010, 02:38 PM
            • MauiRam
              St. Louis Rams Mark Setterstrom willing to do whatever's necessary to earn spot
              by MauiRam
              By Bill Coats

              Felled twice by major knee injuries, Rams offensive lineman Mark Setterstrom has established modest goals for the 2009 season.

              "I just want to contribute in whatever fashion that is. I just want to help this team to be a better team. I just want to be a part of the team," he said.

              Setterstrom's No. 1 priority is staying healthy. Nearly two years have passed since his improbable rise into a starting role was scuttled by a double-dose of bad luck.

              Setterstrom, a 6-foot-4, 314-pounder from the University of Minnesota, was a seventh-round draft pick in 2006. He was among the inactives for the first nine games of his rookie season, finally suiting up for the 10th in a reserve role.

              As injuries ripped through the line, Setterstrom found himself starting at left guard the following week. He remained there for the rest of the year, then re-earned the job heading into the '07 season.

              In Week 3, while blocking on a field-goal attempt, Setterstrom tore a ligament and suffered cartilage damage in his left knee. He had surgery and was placed on injured reserve.

              After months of tedious and painful rehab, Setterstrom arrived at training camp last summer as the first-team right guard. But in the second preseason game, vs. San Diego, he fractured his right kneecap. Again, his season was over.

              And again, he faced a scalpel and more rehab. Still, Setterstrom insisted that he never was tempted to ask, "Why me?"

              "I just move on, and that's the truth. You can't be looking back; you've got to look forward," he said during a break in organized team activities this week at Rams Park. "If I'm sitting here feeling sorry myself, then I probably wouldn't be on this roster. I'm just glad to have another opportunity."

              As Setterstrom toiled to get his knee back into shape, the structure of the Rams was changing shape. In addition to major shifts in front-office personnel, new head coach Steve Spagnuolo arrived with a mostly new staff.

              In early April, with the first of three minicamps approaching, Setterstrom went to Spagnuolo.

              "He told me he was uncertain about his knee," Spagnuolo said. "What he was concerned about was, a new staff, I'm not a hundred percent, I'm not going to impress."

              But after Setterstrom turned in a full workload, Spagnuolo was plenty impressed. "He fought through it," Spagnuolo said. "Now, it's all smoothing out a bit."

              The Rams are set at guard, with Jacob Bell and Richie Incognito. Setterstrom, 25, is trying to nail down a spot as a multipurpose backup. He's spent the offseason at center, a position he has never played.

              "I think it's a good opportunity to grow in my skill set," he...
              -05-21-2009, 09:31 AM
            • onslaught11
              Have we tendered Cog, Victor, and Setterstrom yet?
              by onslaught11
              Have we made a tender offer to our RFA: Adenyaju, Setterstrom, and Incognito?

              It would be a shame if we didn't. By tendering them, we would get a draft pick if we don't match the salary of another team offer.

              Cog would get a 3rd, Victor a 4th, and Setterstrom a 7th.

              I believe the RFA tender is something like 800K for each of them. I could be wrong with the number but it would not be much more for these role player to keep on the team.
              -02-26-2009, 09:23 AM
            • MauiRam
              Center Stage for Setterstrom ??
              by MauiRam
              center stage for Setterstrom?
              By Jim Thomas
              Wednesday, Mar. 26 2008

              It's not as if Mark Setterstrom can predict the future. But his idea to work at
              the center position a couple of months ago might prove to be a good move.

              Early in the offseason, Setterstrom was in St. Louis for a week of rehab work,
              checking in with Rams trainers on the progress of his knee surgery in October.
              When he returned home to Minnesota, Setterstrom took a football with him to
              work at the center position.

              This was long before Jacob Bell was on the Rams' horizon.

              "I just thought it'd be a good thing to have in the back of my pocket to work
              on snapping," Setterstrom said, "in case I needed to slide over the center any
              time this year."

              Setterstrom was a rookie surprise in 2006, starting the final six games at left
              guard. He opened the '07 campaign as the Rams' starting left guard but suffered
              a season-ending knee injury in Game 3.

              Besides continuing his rehab work from that surgery, Setterstrom worked on
              snapping particularly shotgun-formation snapping with some of his former
              college teammates at the University of Minnesota. Shotgun snapping wasn't just
              an occasional way for Setterstrom to pass the winter months.

              "I did that three days a week all winter," Setterstrom said. "So I'm feeling
              pretty good at that."

              Obviously, there's more to playing center than shotgun snapping.

              "It's going to take some time to learn the techniques and the things that go
              along with playing center," Setterstrom said. "But as far as learning the
              offense and making the (line) calls, I think I should feel pretty comfortable
              with that."

              All the center work might come in handy because in the opening week of the free
              agency period, the Rams signed Bell to a $36 million contract to play left
              guard. Had Setterstrom not suffered the knee injury, he might still be the
              Rams' starting left guard. But it happened, there's a new starter, and
              Setterstrom chalks it up as part of the game.

              "I don't really take it as a slap in the face,'' he said. "I think they wanted
              to bring in some extra offensive line help, and it just happened to be at my
              position. Just because they brought another guy in doesn't mean they don't want
              me around. That's the way I'm taking it."

              Setterstrom isn't sure if he'll be doing any work at guard once the team gets
              to the organized team activities and minicamps in May and June.

              "I talked to the coaches, and they said they want to give me a shot to develop
              at center," he said....
              -03-26-2008, 02:29 AM
            • majorram
              Mark Setterstrom!!
              by majorram
              Has the guy done enough to hold down the LG position and be the starter in 2007??

              I think he has, ok see what he does in the final games but for once Clan I think that we have found a gem in the 7th this guy man he can move and quickly....


              -12-13-2006, 04:50 AM