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    Did anyone see the news in the Post-Dispatch that both Archuleta and Tucker broke their hands in the first quarter Monday night, but finished the game! Arch played great, got a sack, and Tucker really shut down Robert Porcher, a Pro Bowl DE.

    I think this new toughness is what I like best about the '01 Rams, and what makes me believe that this team could be special. Lovie is instilling the will to make plays on D, and it looks like, if everyone stays healthy, the offense could surpass its records of 99.

    Any thoughts?

    GO RAMS!

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    Tough for the rest of the NFL!...

    Yeah, and I believe Ryan Tucker, in addition to a broken hand also had a separated shoulder during the Lions game. That IS tough!

    Evidently, this year's Ram attitude AND results are a resounding "playing with vengeance!" :mad: Sure does seem like they're going to surpass their super octane performance of their Super Bowl XXXIV year. That's right, W-A-T-C-H OUT! :eek:

    GO RAMS!!!


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      Just heard on radio this morning that Ryan will play Sunday as well. That is tough.

      At training camp, Lovie taught them to swarm the ball. Whereever it was, they would engulf it and whoever had it. Saw great examples of this in Monday night's game. The players, veterans, free agents, and rookies alike, were all hungry to learn from this man and they've done a good job of putting what they learned into action. Can't wait to see more. (Dang I wish I had cable!)


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        Sunday's game NOT on TV?...

        MsWistRAM, isn't FOX sports going to have the NYG @ Rams national this Sunday? I h-o-p-e they do, I want to see this one!

        Should be among the top three games of the week! And since FOX carries the NFC side, I'm expecting to find it live, in person and on time! How could they possibly not broacast it? :confused:

        Go FOX! :rolleyes:


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          Defensive Difference

          Ms WistRam, you're right. The biggest difference I've noticed on defense is the number of tacklers we've had on any play. Last year, it seemed if we had one missed tackle, it would result in a long gain.

          This year there seem to be 3-5 guys making plays. I also think that is why we have 11 guy makes the hit, and the rest try to strip the ball. It is encouraging to see.

          Ryan did have a separated shoulder also. Unbelievable that he played, and will be back Sunday.


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            It is the national game here in Texas, Madden and Summerall. We get it b/c the Cowgirls are on Monday night.

            I would imagine its on in the StL area b/c its a sellout. Doesn't Macomb get St. Louis TV?


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              I'll explain this again. I only have a teenie antenna which isn't strong enough to pull in the local FOX station. Besides, the tv guide says its the further FOX station carrying the Rams game, the closer one is carrying the Bears game. The NBC affiliate out of Quincy, Illinois usually carries the FOX games, but not while NASCAR is on like it is this Sunday.

              Hey, it's okay. Gives me a chance to be in chatroom during game.


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                I used to get excited only when the offence had the ball. When the deffence was on the field I got pissed off a lot, and it seemed they would always give up points at the worst time.

                Now this year I am as excited to see this new defence as I am seeing that awesome offence.

                The Rams are becoming the Greatest Show On Earth on both sides of the ball.


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                  Should Tucker have played?

                  I give him credit for trying to be a gamer and take the field. But shouldn't Hanifan or Martz have pulled him earlier, when it became apparent that Strahan was dominating. After Jones came in, it seemed like Strahan was less of a factor, including the TD drive.

                  Any thoughts?


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                    Tucked away...

                    Absolutely, Longhornrams.

                    It's one thing to be valiant and committed to doing your part for the good of the team without excuses or obstacles, being all banged up with broken hand, bad shoulder,etc., 'a la Jack Youngblood.'

                    It is a different matter when you are simply not able to do the job, physically unable to meet the challenge, i.e., stop the rushing DE thus risking game plus QB! Yes, Rod Jones should have replaced Tucker somewhere in the second quarter, I think.

                    I heard Coach Martz admitting the mistake after the game.

                    Makes you wonder what barrage of mental issues the coaches must confront during a game that keeps them from taking a necessary action /solution as was the case during yesterday's onslaught from that specific end. And we're talking about some of the best, most experienced offensive coaches in the NFL in Hannifan and Martz. They know their players well.

                    Then there are millions of people witnessing how No. 50 was being clobbered, coaches upstairs in the booth, crying fans, busted play after busted play; a sack, another sack, another sack ...and we don't react. Most definitely a tough business for tough people!

                    GO RAMS!!!


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                      My only thought is that maybe the coaching staff has no confidence in Jones after he left the team in the preseason for "personal difficulties".

                      Still, the guy is a former starter in Cincinnati, and w/ some help from Nutten, you'd think they could at least stop Strahan from demolishing Warner.

                      Not exactly the best coaching decision I've ever seen. Bottom line: w/ Marshall out, the Jets and ****** will be coming after Warner full out. Up to the O-line to protect him. If they do a good job, we should beat them both.

                      GO RAMS


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                        Hopefully they learned from that mistake and won't make it in the game against the Jets. Is it Martz keeping these guys in, or the players themselves, not able to admit the're not up to the challenge? Still, it's the coaches job to know when a player's done and pull him. Hopefully Martz (and the other coaches) will use better judgment in the future.


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                          Martz said in the press conference Monday that Jones will start. He also apologized for not getting Tucker out of there earlier, said he was "caught up in the game"

                          What I don't understand is how Hanifan (O-Line coach) didn't go to Martz earlier and demand he put in Jones. Isn't it Hanifan's job to constantly monitor how his O-Line is doing and make changes if needed?


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                            I imagine that a lot of why Hanifan's former players call him the best offensive line coach in history is because Hanifan loves these guys and wants to give them every chance to overcome tough bumps in the road. You're right, though, that this was a situation that warranted earlier action, and Hanifan needed to make the professional decision based on performance, not emotion, if that was indeed the case.

                            (not that I would ever presume to criticise Hanifan!)