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Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

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  • Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

    According to Adam Schefter: "Steelers free agent RB Willie Parker is scheduled to visit the Rams on Thursday and Friday. Parker already has visited with the Redskins."

    I wouldn't mind this signing for the right price, he's proven he can be a pretty good RB under a decent o-line. He's 29, but has only had 1,200 carries in his career, so that's not to bad either.

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    Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

    It doesn't seem like Fast Willy has been the same since Will Witherpoon broke his leg on a Thursday night game a couple years ago.

    But I would be all for it, I was hoping for a big name running back ala LT, Westbrook, or Thomas Jones, but Parker should make for a good one two punch.


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      Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

      I like it. Fast Willie could still be productive in a backup role, and should be a decent stopgap at backup RB for now. Drafting Jackson's backup would be nice, but I'd rather spend our second and third round picks on guys who could step in and start for us.


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        Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

        In 06 and 07 he had monster seasons workload wise. It is routinely commented upon that if a RB gets more than 300 carries, he's probably more vulnerable. Willie was definitely beaten down. With two years of spot duty and being looked at as a fill-in type player, Willie would be a tremendous pick up.


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          Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

          Not so fast Willie is welcome to sign elsewhere. I think we can find a youg rb in the draft to fill the backup spot on this team. He's proven but you can tell the guy has slowed down. Is Parker really an upgrade over Pittman at this point in his career? I'm not sure he is and I think the rams can fill the backup spot through the draft.
          Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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            Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

            i dont mind signing Parker as long as he isnt guaranteed a back up job, and provided we still add a back up RB in the draft

            the backups we had to Jackson last year werent up to scratch at all, having Parker and a rookie compete would improve the situation compared to last year


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              Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

              I see a lot of Steeler games (unfortunately) where I live, and he just doesn't seem to have much left. Mendenhall is clearly outperforming him at this point, and he isn't making the cuts or showing the speed that made him a household name. I hope we pass on him.


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                Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

                I don't see the harm in this at all. Ogbanana played well the last game or two of the year; we resigned Darby apparently, but if Jackson goes down they'd benefit from having a more experienced vet to take some snaps. Besides, 5 different backs seems to work out well for the Ravens.
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                  Re: Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams

                  I hope this deal goes down. it would be like a thunder and lightning combo. Jaxx provides the power, and Willie provides the speed. Apparently we just resigned Darby though, so hopefully that doesn't have an affect on this deal. We need a legit RB who can back Jackson up in case his back acts up again. C'mon STL, make the right move!


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                    Not long ago, Willie Parker was regarded as one of the best young tailbacks in the NFL. But then, late in the 2007 season, he broke a leg against the Rams, and he really hasn't been the same since.

                    In 2008, injuries limited Parker to 11 games, and he rushed for under 800 yards for the first time since his rookie year of 2004. Last year, he lost his starting job after three games -- and he never started again.

                    One of the younger free-agent tailbacks on the market, Parker has generated little interest in free agency. He visited the Redskins, who later signed Larry Johnson.

                    Now, he'll be visiting the team against which his career became derailed more than two years ago: the Rams. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the visit will occur on Thursday and Friday.

                    In St. Louis, Parker would serve as a backup to Steve Jackson. And this suggests that Parker has given up on any shot at being the top dog in 2010, or beyond.
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                    Saw this on

                    Free-agent running back Willie Parker is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams on Friday, according to a league source.
                    Parker, whose four-year, $13.6 million contract expired after the season, began 2009 as the Pittsburgh Steelers' starter. However, he suffered a Week 3 turf toe injury that kept him out for two games and hampered him for the rest of the season.
                    Rashard Mendenhall took over in Week 4 and never relinquished the job, making 12 starts.
                    In 14 games, Parker -- who has posted three 1,000-yard seasons -- rushed for 398 yards without a touchdown and had just one receiving score.
                    The Rams are seeking depth behind running back Steven Jackson, who dealt with a back injury last season.
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                    The Washington Redskins released veteran running back Willie Parker on Saturday, according to the Washington Post, citing a league source.

                    Parker rushed 16 times for 50 yards in four preseason games with the team, often lost in a crowded Redskins backfield that included veterans Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis.

                    Parker, 29, played six seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowl rings. He has three 1,200-yard seasons, but he ran for just 389 yards last year as a backup.

                    "It's only one ball," Parker told the Post earlier this summer. "So therefore, you know [there] probably cant be enough room for all of us. That's the game. That's the way it is. Therefore, you got to go out and compete. ... There ain't even enough balls in practice."

                    Should we pounce? This could be a good addition. Also WR Matt Jones is free although I wouldn't look into that.
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