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Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Hayward on Thursday

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  • Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Hayward on Thursday

    This was confirmed by a twitter from Howard Balzer

    Rotoworld report:
    The Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Hayward on Thursday.
    Hayward missed the majority of 2009 season after breaking his left shin in Week 1. The 31-year-old could fill in as a situation pass rusher should the Rams lose Leonard Little and James Hall.

    I think getting vet back at the DE position is important but its still a position i think we should address in the draft. I would also prefer to keep Little as a situational pass rusher, but i have no problem with the DeSpags doing their due diligence and checking out Hayward

    ps. can a mod please change the title as ive just realised ive spelled his surname wrong!

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    Re: Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Howard on Thursday

    blimey the visits are really rolling in now...

    i think we will draft a DE also ..but if Hall and/or Little dont return..he should be serviceable in the rotation.


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      Re: Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Howard on Thursday

      Id rather have Hall, Little, Darren Howard or even Jimmy Wilkerson coming off injury.


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        Re: Rams hosted free agent DE Reggie Howard on Thursday

        We're certainly doing our due diligence on free agents this year. I guess I could go either way with this guy. We certainly need some ends, so I won't discount him entirely, if he knows his role with the team.


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        • eldfan
          Frustrated by free agency so far? Patience
          by eldfan
          by VanRam on Mar 5, 2010

          Anyone thinking the St. Louis Rams would move as fast this year in free agency as they did last year is bound to be a little disappointed. I can only counsel patience.

          Last year, the stars aligned a little better for the Rams in free agency. They had some prime targets that directly addressed important needs for the team. C Jason Brown was on the radar immediately, with the team setting up a meeting within 48 hours of the start of free agency. They worked out a deal with CB Ron Bartell, who was an unrestricted free agent, within a week. There was talk about signing SS James Butler in the early days of free agency too, but the team didn't reach a deal with him until two weeks into free agency.

          This time around it's not so easy. None of the big names in FA to sign thus far, less than 24 hours in, would have been good fits for the Rams. Nate Burleson, not exactly the WR we're in need of. Did you see how much the Bears gave Julius Peppers? That wasn't realistic for the Rams.

          Here's a pretty telling point from Mike Sando today: of the 43 unrestricted free agents with a Pro Bowl appearance, only one is younger than 29-years-old.

          The hardest pill to swallow is the report that the Seahawks are bringing in Broncos WR Brandon Marshall for a visit. Marshall, a RFA, would cost a first round pick, if signed away from the Broncos. Seattle has two of those.

          All is not lost. If you're starting to despair that A.J. Feeley might be the only roster move the Rams make, be patient. It's telling that the Rams had scheduled a visit with RB Darren Sproles during the brief window when it looked like he would be a free agent.

          As for trades, I expect the Rams to at least explore some options via that route, but those take time to hammer out deals.
          -03-06-2010, 08:30 AM
        • HornIt
          Free Agents the Rams have interest in
          by HornIt
          This from Randy Karraker....

          I wonder if they're looking at Scott as a MIKE or SAM? Interesting that the two defensive players come from 3-4 schemes but Spags runs a 4-3.

          Leonard Weaver fits coming from an offensive scheme the Rams will be running now. Not a hammer type FB but a versatile player that can run and catch a little....
          -02-09-2009, 10:57 PM
        • eldfan
          Rams unlikely to use franchise tag for any of their unrestricted free agents
          by eldfan
          by VanRam

          You may have heard news recently that the Panthers do not plan to use the franchise tag on DE Julius Peppers. We'll be hearing a little more about the franchise and transition tags since teams will have both tools (or the option of using two transition tags) at their disposal during the uncapped year, instead of the usual rule of only being allowed the use of one or the other. As of this week, teams could begin using those tags on their players, and the news has, so far, mostly been about teams that won't use the tags and players that won't receive them, i.e. Peppers. The deadline for using those tags is Feb. 25.

          It seems unlikely that the Rams will be using the franchise tag this season, but it is a good time to take a look at the Rams scheduled to become unrestricted free agents this year.

          QB Kyle Boller - Think about it this way, if you had to pick one, who would you rather the Rams bring back, Boller or Bulger? I doubt Boller comes back.

          LS Chris Massey - The Rams lost Massey in October to a torn ACL, and he was replaced by Ryan Neill. With Neill snapping the ball (beginning in week 8), Josh Brown missed two of his fifteen FG attempts. Massey might be back, but not with a franchise tag.

          TE Randy McMichael - No.

          DE James Hall - Chris Long is the only defensive end under contract for 2010. Hall had 4.5 sacks last year, and Spags loved him because he played both DT and DE. He'll be 33 next season. Obviously, he's not getting tagged, but will he be back?

          DE Leonard Little - Little led the team with 6.5 sacks last year. Bringing him back with the franchise or transition tags does not seem realistic consider those routes would make him one of the highest paid players in the 36. The question is whether or not the Rams will bring back Little or Hall for part-time work.
          -02-12-2010, 05:08 PM
        • richtree
          What Free Agents are left for the Rams to consider ?
          by richtree
          What Free Agents are left for the Rams to consider

          WR, OL, OLB, TE, Safety ????/

          I just don't have the time to look or put pieces together? anyone with suggestions or thoughts? maybe RB depth even?
          -03-10-2016, 08:06 AM
        • Rambos
          NFL free agency: The top remaining players
          by Rambos
          By Gregg Rosenthal

          The second phase of free agency is here -- the bargain phase. Over half of our initial top-85 overall free agents heading into free agency have signed, but there are plenty of good players still out there.

          The remaining options are unsigned for a variety of reasons. Many of them want too much money and priced themselves out of a quick offer. Some have injury questions. This is the part of free agency where great GMs earn their money. Here are our top-40 players left, with a look at where they might land:

          Potential difference makers

          1. Sebastian Vollmer, T: It's amazing that he might get less money than Jermon Bushrod. Sign this man!

          2. Andre Smith, T: The longer this goes, the better chance he will re-sign with the Bengals.

          3. Greg Jennings, WR: Look for him to sign with the Vikings or the Packers shortly. He didn't have the market he expected.

          4. Jake Long, T: Assuming his physical is now over, it looks like he's choosing between the Dolphins and the Rams. Jeff Fisher and Jared Cook both went to the Rams in this scenario.

          5. Brent Grimes, CB: Coming off a torn Achilles' tendon makes Grimes a difficult player to evaluate, but the talent is there.

          6. Aqib Talib, CB: The Patriots have patiently waited out the cornerback market. Talib seems destined to return to New England or join the Redskins.

          7. Antoine Winfield, CB: Tough as nails and versatile, Winfield is a perfect short-term addition for a contender.

          8. Ed Reed, S: The southern hospitality shown by the Texans should result in a contract, unless rapper Pitbull gets in the way.

          9. Fred Davis, TE: Like Dustin Keller, he's coming off an injury-plagued year. Unlike Keller, there are big off-field concerns. The Browns or Redskins should get him.

          10. Brandon Moore, G: He can start 16 games at a cheap price.
          Starters with questions

          11. Ahmad Bradshaw, RB: Teams may wait until Bradshaw is fully healthy this offseason to sign him.

          12. Dwight Freeney, DE: The Patriots could sign him in an Adam Vinatieri-in-reverse type of move.
          NFL Exposure
          Best of the rest: Top available free agents
          Take a look at the best remaining free agents and see where they might land.

          13. Osi Umenyiora, DE: Osi is beginning to realize all those long-term offers from the Giants weren't so bad.

          14. Richard Seymour, DL: He wants big money and could wait out teams looking for an injury replacement in camp.

          15. Michael Huff, S/CB: A surprise late addition to the free agent market, Huff still has some good years left.

          16. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB: San Francisco and New Orleans are the two most likely landing spots for Asomugha.

          17. Eric Winston, T: He probably has to wait for Vollmer and Smith...
          -03-15-2013, 01:12 PM