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  • RB Parker to Rams?

    Saw this on

    Free-agent running back Willie Parker is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams on Friday, according to a league source.
    Parker, whose four-year, $13.6 million contract expired after the season, began 2009 as the Pittsburgh Steelers' starter. However, he suffered a Week 3 turf toe injury that kept him out for two games and hampered him for the rest of the season.
    Rashard Mendenhall took over in Week 4 and never relinquished the job, making 12 starts.
    In 14 games, Parker -- who has posted three 1,000-yard seasons -- rushed for 398 yards without a touchdown and had just one receiving score.
    The Rams are seeking depth behind running back Steven Jackson, who dealt with a back injury last season.

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    Re: RB Parker to Rams?

    think you should check the Clan before threads about this was started yesterday..


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      Re: RB Parker to Rams?

      Sorry. I was just Ramblin.


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        Re: RB Parker to Rams?

        Originally posted by BEER View Post
        Sorry. I was just Ramblin.
        nowt to be sorry bout.


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          Re: RB Parker to Rams?

          Originally posted by Ramblin` Ram View Post
          nowt to be sorry bout.
          Who is the Avitar? Just curious.


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            Re: RB Parker to Rams?

            The avatar would be Graham Chapman of Monty Python's Flying Circus


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              Re: RB Parker to Rams?

              Graham Chapman..( out of Monty Python`s Flying Circus, a british comedy group)


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                Re: RB Parker to Rams?

                Originally posted by Ramblin` Ram View Post
                Graham Chapman..( out of Monty Python`s Flying Circus, a british comedy group)
                Thank you. and you^..


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                • MauiRam
                  Rams' backup RB situation remains worrisome ..
                  by MauiRam
                  Posted July 02, 2010 @ 10:08 a.m. ET
                  By Dan Arkush

                  Needless to say, the Rams have concerns galore coming off a one-win season, and one of the biggest, our sources agree, is the continued lack of a decent complementary running back behind workhorse Steven Jackson. Since selecting Jackson in the first round in 2004, the Rams have drafted only two running backs Brian Leonard in the second round in '07 and Chris Ogbonnaya in the final round last year. Leonard never panned out and was traded to the Bengals last year, while Ogbonnaya is one of only two veterans currently on the roster third-year pro Kenneth Darby, who has been ordinary at best, is the other in the mix to back up Jackson this season after the Rams failed to draft any RB reinforcements this season.

                  Said one team source: "Spags (Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo) said it was no big deal (not drafting a RB), but Jackson is coming off (April 15) back surgery, and you just never know when running backs might hit that wall. It's been two years now that they've had to run Jackson to death, and it just seems very puzzling that they haven't made more of an effort to find a decent backup."

                  The way we hear it, the best backup option at present could be rookie free agent Keith Toston out of Oklahoma State. "I think he's better right now than either Darby or Ogbonnaya," the source said of Toston, whose style is considered very similar to that of Jackson. The Rams have contemplated signing former Eagles star Brian Westbrook, going as far as to bring him in for a physical exam in April. Westbrook would seem to be a no-brainer addition if he were healthy enough, but we hear the two concussions he suffered last season, in addition to a problematic left knee that might not react well to the Rams' playing surface, continue to make him a long shot to be wearing a St. Louis uniform in 2010 or any team's uniform, for that matter.

                  Well Dan, thanks for stating the obvious, but I doubt Spags and Billy are losing any sleep over acquiring a solid backup for Jackson. Six days from now the Rams will attend Unga's pro day, and if they are underwhelmed by Harvey's performance, then they can turn to the waiver wire and have their pick of any rbs which are released during camp and preseason. If we had to go through the season with our current rbs, there'd be cause for concern. However, that's not the case, and given the way Billy D. and Spags have aggressively turned over the roster they inherited and subsequently infused the team with new talent, I'll not lose any sleep over this either ..
                  -07-02-2010, 11:14 AM
                • rams_man13
                  Willie Parker Going To Visit Rams
                  by rams_man13
                  According to Adam Schefter: "Steelers free agent RB Willie Parker is scheduled to visit the Rams on Thursday and Friday. Parker already has visited with the Redskins."

                  I wouldn't mind this signing for the right price, he's proven he can be a pretty good RB under a decent o-line. He's 29, but has only had 1,200 carries in his career, so that's not to bad either.
                  -03-17-2010, 05:58 PM
                • r8rh8rmike
                  Position Battles: Who Is The Greatest Rams RB?
                  by r8rh8rmike
                  Position Battles: Who is the greatest Rams RB?
                  by VanRam on Jun 25, 2009 10:16 AM EDT

                  Now that there is virtually nothing going on in the world of football, I thought it would be a good time to dedicate a few posts to the history of the team. It seems especially pertinent as we wait out a the start of a couple new chapters in the team's history thanks to the front office/coaching changes and the "for sale" sign hanging out front. With a couple of long-time Rams nearing a special place in the team record book, I thought it would be a good time to go back and take a look at players at key positions, and start a conversation about which player is the all-time best. It's an arbitrary title, and that's the point.

                  Today, let's start with running backs. If you haven't heard that head coach Steve Spagnuolo plans to make RB Steven Jackson the centerpiece of the Rams offense this season, you've obviously been living under a rock. That means Jackson should rack up oodles of yardage, and hopefully touchdowns, that will vault him up the franchise leader board. We looked at Jackson's proximity to the franchise rushing records last month, but as a quick reminder a mediocre season will put him at third place on the all-time list. After the 2010 season, he will most likely be the Rams franchise record holded in rushing yards.

                  However, it's tough to make the argument, at this point, that Jackson's the greatest Rams RB of all time. With memories of Marshall Faulk still so vivid. Making Faulk's claim to the title even more impressive is the fact that he is fourth on the franchise list for total receptions with 470. That's still eons away from the numbers Holt and Bruce gave the Rams, but it speaks directly to Marshall's talent. Eric Dickerson, in addition to his wisdom of the LA football market, ran for 7,245 yards and 56 TDs, the most and second most in those two categories, in just 65 games with the Rams between 1983-1987. That's fewer games than anyone else among the top five names on the franchise leaderboard. Faulk played in 99 games, and Jackson has played in 69 thus far.

                  Five-time Pro Bowl RB Lawrence McCutcheon has to be in the discussion too. A member of those impressive 1970s teams known mostly for their fearsome defense, McCutcheon did the bulk of the offense's heavy lifting with his legs. Finally, though most of us would be too young to remember, Dick Bass played 112 games from 1960-1969, rushing for a team that never reached .500 until he was on the downhill side of his career.

                  That's an impressive group of names. Who will be your pick for the greatest Rams RB of all time?
                  -06-28-2009, 04:43 PM
                • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                  SJ Has Back Surgery
                  by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                  Jim Thomas:

                  Rams Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson underwent back surgery in early April to repair a herniated disc he suffered in late November of last season.

                  "It was a minor procedure," coach Steve Spagnuolo told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday evening. "He feels great. It's really not a big deal."

                  But Spagnuolo did say Jackson probably would be held out of at least the start of organized team activities the full-squad practice sessions that begin May 18 at Rams Park. "Just to be sure," Spagnuolo said.

                  And there's a chance Jackson could be held out of practices until the start of training camp at the end of July.

                  Originally, Jackson hoped that rest and rehab would help the back heal. But when the back didn't respond, he opted for surgery, which took place in California less than a month ago. The surgery removed the herniated piece of the disc.

                  The prognosis is good, and it's believed the surgery won't hamper his NFL career or his longevity. But back injuries are tricky, and there are obviously no guarantees.

                  Jackson has been at Rams Park this week doing rehab work on his back but did not respond to a text message seeking comment. One of Jackson's agents declined to comment, referring all questions on the matter to the Rams.

                  The surgery obviously is a sensitive subject at Rams Park, particularly given the team's inability to add a strong backup to Jackson via the draft or free agency.

                  The Rams brought in former Pittsburgh Steeler Willie Parker for a pre-draft visit, but he was never offered a contract and ended up signing with Washington.

                  Former Philadelphia Eagle Brian Westbrook took a physical in St. Louis on April 24, the last day of the draft. But Westbrook, who has knee, ankle, and concussion issues, left without a contract offer from the Rams and will take his time considering his options.

                  Fresno State's Ryan Mathews was the only running back known to have been brought in for a pre-draft visit by St. Louis. He was taken 12th overall in the draft by San Diego.

                  Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew said the Lions traded up into the first round for California running back Jahvid Best at No. 30 overall in part because he thought the Rams might select Best at No. 33 overall, or just ahead of Detroit in the second round.

                  At the moment, the Rams have only Kenneth Darby and Chris Ogbonnaya as returning veterans behind Jackson on the depth chart. The team did sign running backs Keith Toston of Oklahoma State and De'Maundray Woolridge of Idaho as rookie free agents after the draft, and both players took part in last weekend's rookie minicamp.

                  Jackson suffered his back injury in the Rams' Nov. 22 home game against Arizona last season. He said after that game that he wasn't sure if it occurred on any one specific play....
                  -05-04-2010, 09:10 PM
                • MauiRam
                  Possible Rams Free Agents: Running Backs ..
                  by MauiRam
                  By Tony Softli

                  Tony Softli covers the Rams and the entire NFL for 101 ESPN and

                  The clock is ticking with free agency to start whenever the lockout is lifted. A feeding frenzy is just around the corner. The conversations, calculations, and player posturing are currently taking place as it does every year. This time period is like watching a flat-screen television. You only see the screen, while the working parts, guts, computer chips and electronics are busy at work displaying the visual.

                  With all 32 NFL teams itching to book flights, organize and set up visits to their facilities and plan tours of the city, everything hinges on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the three judges making the decision to lift the stay.

                  While the Rams did an adequate job of filling some needs in the draft, the list of needs to fill remains long and the positional needs are on both sides of the ball. Rams owner Stan Kroenke was quoted as saying, "We will build through the yearly draft and avoid heavy spending in free agency."

                  With those directives from ownership, look for the Rams to fill some key hot spots in free agency. It's not that Kroenke doesn't want to spend the money to build a championship team. It's that he understands that the draft is the bloodline of the organization and free agents are overvalued too often.

                  Below I have listed key free agents that would help fill the hotspots, and I prioritized the remaining needs for the Rams: running back, guard, defensive tackle, outside linebacker and safety.

                  DeAngelo Williams, RB, Panthers. Age: 27

                  A trade is still on the block. I helped draft Williams before taking a vice-president job with the Rams. He is a class act off the field and an excellent all-purpose running back on the field. Medical is the only concern for me, as he has soft tissue injury history the past several seasons.

                  Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Giants. Age: 25

                  Ahmad Bradshaw should be re-signed by the Giants, but if not he fits as a great one/two punch. He's an all-purpose dual threat. Despite some ball protection issues in 2010, he rushed for 1,235 yards (4.5 per attempt) and eight touchdowns. He has a natural receiving skill set with 47 receptions for 314 yards. Has some injury history but they all do.

                  Michael Bush, RB, Raiders. Age: 27

                  This running back has size, speed and production. He came into the NFL with a major leg injury history. Despite nagging injuries, he has worked through it with toughness and a passion for the game. A backup to Darren McFadden, he was overshadowed in 2010, but still possesses the skill set to be a key backup and carry the load as a starter an a emergency. Injury history is a concern.

                  Darren Sproles, RB/KR/PR, Chargers Age: 28

                  This player is a triple threat and might be the best...
                  -05-13-2011, 10:55 AM