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Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

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  • Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

    *i used a different title for the clan than the article used thought it was a bit misleading in that it sounds like old news*

    Rams getting plenty of visitors these days


    Willie Parker liked his visit with the Rams. But do the Rams like Parker enough to offer him a free-agent contract?

    "Willie enjoyed the visit, enjoyed the coaches and the people he met," said Parker's agent, Douglas Hendrickson. "He liked the possibility of teaming up with Steven Jackson in the backfield."

    Hendrickson will continue to talk with the Rams next week. But Parker came and went without a contract offer from St. Louis, as apparently was the case with four other free agents who visited Rams Park on Thursday and Friday.

    The others were cornerback Kevin Dockery of the New York Giants, fullback Jason McKie of Chicago and defensive ends Reggie Hayward of Jacksonville and Jimmy Wilkerson of Tampa Bay.

    It's unusual for so many visits to be squeezed into such a tight time period. But the Rams were caught between the crunch of pro days for draft prospects and next week's NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Fla. The Rams may not necessarily be in a hurry to sign any of these free agents, but they wanted to at least meet with them and have them take physicals.

    Indications are that the Rams intend to find a strong backup to Jackson in the backfield. It's supposed to be a deep draft at the position, but if the Rams think highly enough of Parker it puts less pressure on them to select a running back during the three-day draft April 22-24.

    At cornerback, Dockery was not tendered by the Giants as a restricted free agent this offseason. In four years with the team, Dockery seemingly had carved a niche as a special teams player, nickel cornerback and spot starter.

    He had five starts combined in 2007 and '08 when Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants' defensive coordinator. At 5-10, 188 pounds, Dockery has 10 career starts and three career interceptions, and has scored two touchdowns — one on an interception return and one on a blocked field goal.

    At defensive end, the visits by Hayward and Wilkerson may be an indication that the Rams aren't optimistic about the chances of veteran free agents Leonard Little and James Hall returning.

    Wilkerson, 29, spent his first five NFL seasons with Kansas City before coming into his own in Tampa Bay in 2008 and '09. He had only one career sack to show for his time with the Chiefs but in Tampa Bay had five sacks in '08 and six last season — his first season as a full-time starter.

    Wilkerson suffered a season-ending knee injury in Game 15 last season and had surgery in January. Rams doctors were said to be impressed with how far along Wilkerson is in his rehab. He's expected to be cleared to play by August. Like Parker, Wilkerson felt comfortable with the Rams during his visit. Tampa Bay is trying to re-sign him as an unrestricted free agent.

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    Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

    I know I have posted this in other topics, but I just can not stress it enough: Bring Willie Parker to STL! His speed would be a great compliment to Steven Jackson's power. Plus, he could be a 10x better bak-up then Darby, right?


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      Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

      Originally posted by Ahmedrams81 View Post
      I know I have posted this in other topics, but I just can not stress it enough: Bring Willie Parker to STL! His speed would be a great compliment to Steven Jackson's power. Plus, he could be a 10x better bak-up then Darby, right?
      i am pro-Parker..not sure how much speed he has left tho... ( it may be that those injuries slowed him down for a while or could be they slowed him down for good)
      he is a different type of RB than Darby tho and Darby offers some things that Parker doesnt... Darby is a good pass blocker,the best we have on our roster and possibly our F.A & Draft Radar..

      i say we could do with both,as Ogbonnaya developes..


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        Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

        I want Willie too, he may not be long term like a draft pick but let's save that pick for another critical position and fill this need now!


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          Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

          it sounds like Wilkerson had a good visit too,Rams docs impressed with his rehab progress.....could be the new Vanden Bosch..a DE who did little with his first NFL team ,then took off with his 2nd..tho of course we would be his 3rd..


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            Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

            Lots of visits and no signings could mean two things, They are seriously looking to trade down for multiple picks and they are just trying to make it look like they are keeping active in free agency,or all the unsigned visitors are comedians and the needed some much needed comic relief!


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              Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

              Originally posted by theodus69 View Post
              Lots of visits and no signings could mean two things, They are seriously looking to trade down for multiple picks and they are just trying to make it look like they are keeping active in free agency,or all the unsigned visitors are comedians and the needed some much needed comic relief!
              its worth pointing out that the majority of our F.A pick ups,certainly during the Off-seasons,both this year and last... have signed contracts after leaving without signing one.
              i think we`ll sign Dockery..with Parker & Wilkerson being 50/50 and Hayward & McKie as the rank outsiders.
              i dont think they`ll sign both Wilkerson AND Hayward..but could definately end up signing one of them, then select another DE in the draft.


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                Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

                Well one thing we have lacked in recent years is depth. And that has killed us year after year. Hope sign plenty of depth. And you never know what a new start can do for a signee!


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                  Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

                  why are we signing guys who had average/poor previous seasons?


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                    Re: Plenty of Visits..No Contracts signed yet.

                    Originally posted by rNemesis View Post
                    why are we signing guys who had average/poor previous seasons?
                    players who had good/great previous seasons don`t tend to become available ..especially when theres no salary cap to keep under.

                    as soon as it was known that there would be no salary cap..this is the only kind of Off-season we were gonna have....should get a few starters in the draft tho. under the circumstances i think we doin` pretty well so far..


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                    • r8rh8rmike
                      Rams Prepare Their Lists For Free Agency
                      by r8rh8rmike
                      Rams prepare their lists for free agency

                      BY JIM THOMAS
                      Sunday, May 15, 2011

                      After a draft that went heavy on pass catchers in the early and middle rounds, the Rams have plenty of unchecked items left on their personnel shopping list. Perhaps they'll find a hidden gem among undrafted rookies. Maybe there's a meaningful trade in the works. But most likely, if the Rams are going to fill any remaining holes on their roster, it must come via free agency.

                      As the lockout drags on, it remains to be seen when free agency finally begins, and what form it takes. But the Rams have had a couple of lists ready since late February — one if unrestricted free agency is available to players with four years of NFL experience, another if it takes six years' experience to be unrestricted. A third list might be needed because, according to recent reports, the NFL is also considering alternative rules in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement.

                      But whether it's running back, offensive guard, defensive tackle, weakside linebacker or even cornerback and safety, there are options available in free agency. Obviously, the pool of players is much greater under four-year free agency as opposed to six years.

                      At running back, a crater-size hole remains on the depth chart behind Steven Jackson. There are some interesting names on this list, including Joseph Addai of Indianapolis, Ahmad Bradshaw of the New York Giants and DeAngelo Williams of Carolina. But none of those three would be unrestricted if six-year free agency is in place.

                      However, Cedric Benson of Cincinnati, Ronnie Brown of Miami, Darren Sproles of San Diego and Cadillac Williams of Tampa will be unrestricted whether the required experience level for free agency is four years or six.

                      As the Bengals went to more of a passing game last season, Benson's productivity declined and he had some uncharacteristic fumbles. Benson isn't what you'd call a nifty runner — he's a grinder, a pounder who gets better as the game goes along.

                      But like Brown of the Dolphins, who has had injury issues, Benson will seek a place where he can be the feature back — and that wouldn't be the situation in St. Louis.

                      Sproles and Cadillac Williams could be good fits in St. Louis. With the emergence of LeGarrette Blount, Williams' days as the lead back are over in Tampa Bay at age 29. He showed last season that he's well suited to a role as a third-down specialist. As his career has progressed, Williams has developed into a good pass catcher and pass blocker. He has a reputation in Tampa as a great locker room presence and might want to try to stay with the Buccaneers.

                      Sproles, who turns 28 in June, is one of the game's best screen-pass receivers. Despite his diminutive size (5 feet 6, 185), he's a fearless pass blocker. If the Rams are looking for a change-of-pace back, there's not...
                      -05-15-2011, 11:09 AM
                    • eldfan
                      Rams pretty quite so far in free agency
                      by eldfan
                      BY JIM THOMAS Posted: Friday, July 29, 2011 12:10 am

                      Read more: Rams pretty quiet so far in free agency

                      At least five of the Rams' eight draft picks agreed to terms Thursday. At least three of their four restricted free agents plan to sign their one-year tender offers today.

                      But in terms of unrestricted free agency, there was a lot of talk but no apparent action. After striking quickly to land Philadelphia safety Quentin Mikell on Tuesday, the first day that NFL teams could negotiate with free agents, no other moves have been made, causing some in Rams Nation to become antsy, frustrated, and even angry.

                      But based on the amount of discussion the Rams are having with free agent prospects, it looks like just a matter of time before the Rams add to their roster.

                      • At linebacker, the team has been talking to at least four players, and may be looking for both an outside and inside ‘backer. But one of those candidates went off the board Thursday, when Scott Shanle decided to re-sign with New Orleans.

                      Stewart Bradley of Philadelphia, Zach Diles of Houston, and Ben Leber of Minnesota all remained possibilities, however, as of Thursday evening.

                      • At defensive tackle, the Rams have talked with Justin Bannan, who was released for cap purposes by Denver shortly before the lockout began. Bannan, 32, started all 16 games for the Broncos last season and is considered an upgrade over last year's starter - Gary Gibson. It's not clear at this point if the Rams have any interest in re-signing Gibson.

                      The Rams have expressed some interest in Brandon Mebane of Seattle, but aren't considered a frontrunner for his services. Barry Cofield of the New York Giants seemed like a no-brainer at one time because of his past association with coach Steve Spagnuolo, but Cofield agreed to a contract in Washington worth a reported $36 million over six years.

                      • At running back, the Rams took a pass on Reggie Bush, who was traded Thursday to Miami. And free agent Darren Sproles of San Diego agreed to terms with New Orleans late Thursday. Instead of seriously pursuing those two elite specialty backs, the Rams appear to be targeting a backup to Steven Jackson capable of carrying the load for a couple, three games should Jackson go down with an injury. Jason Snelling of Atlanta and Jerome Harrison of Philadelphia have emerged as candidates.

                      • It has been more difficult to get a read on the offensive guard position. The team talked to Daryn Colledge of Green Bay, but he is headed to Arizona. Leonard Davis of Dallas could be another possibility.

                      • At receiver, the Rams apparently are taking a pass on the big names. They have talked to Atlanta's Brian Finneran, a role player over the years for the Falcons.

                      In terms of their own unrestricted free agents, the Rams continue to talk to wide receiver Mark Clayton but...
                      -07-29-2011, 05:51 AM
                    • Nick
                      Pasquarelli discusses Delhomme's new contract, among other things
                      by Nick
                      Delhomme's Pact Could Affect Couch, Warner
                      By Len Pasquarelli

                      It is called lagniappe, an old Cajun word that roughly translates into "a little bit extra," and a term with which Carolina Panthers quarterback and dyed-in-the-gumbo Louisiana native Jake Delhomme was familiar, long before he agreed Thursday morning to his pricey new five-year contract extension.

                      Rewarding their emerging star with a contract that reportedly could be worth as much as $38 million, a deal criticized in some NFL precincts because there remains a core group of skeptics anxious to see if Delhomme was just a one-year wonder, certainly represented a heaping helping of lagniappe ladled out by Panthers management. No matter where one sides in the debate, though, the contract inarguably was aimed at providing security for both parties to the extension.

                      Good news, Carolina management hopes, for a franchise now suddenly resurrected and seeking to sustain newfound success and to create stability. And absolutely great news for an itinerant quarterback whose league resume included just two regular-season starts before 2003.

                      But bad news -- very bad news, in fact, it says here -- for signal-callers such as Tim Couch, Kurt Warner and Kordell Stewart. How do we draw a correlation between Delhomme's contract and the fortunes of those veteran quarterbacks?

                      Because players like Couch have recently been forced into a kind of wait-until-next-year mindset, one in which they sign short-term deals in the hopes of finding a far more appealing employment market next March, when they will be free agents and perhaps have a chance to pursue a starting job. And contracts like the one Delhomme signed, in the big picture, mean there aren't going to be as many vacant starting spots in the NFL as some observers suggest there might be.

                      It is, to be sure, one of the NFL's most notable dichotomies. Everyone focuses closely on the movement of quarterbacks in the league every spring, and this year was no different, as 19 quarterbacks had switched franchises at last count. But in a league where the best-kept secret appears to be the number of teams that have cemented their starters in place over the last few years, many of them with deals of astonishing length, few quarterbacks who changed addresses actually upgraded their status.

                      Here's a fact-and-fiction proposition: It's a fact that the 32 quarterbacks projected to be starters in 2004 have an average of 4.4 more seasons remaining on their current contracts, meaning they are locked in through 2007. So it is fiction to assume that a slew of No. 1 spots will become available next spring, or even the offseason after that.

                      The late-blooming Delhomme is the latest beneficiary of a trend in which teams have sought to reverse the quarterback carousel and put a stop to the calliope tune that annually accompanies...
                      -06-18-2004, 01:40 PM
                    • Nick
                      PD: Rams draft needs by position
                      by Nick
                      Rams draft needs by position
                      BY JIM THOMAS • Posted: Sunday, April 10, 2011 8:00 am

                      The Rams' first-round path seems crystal clear. If Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones is available at No. 14 overall, the team should run up to the podium with his name on a draft card.

                      And what if Jones, as expected, is gone? Realistically there are three sets of options:

                      • Choose from a variety of defensive linemen. Tackle Corey Liuget of Illinois, or ends Adrian Clayborn of Iowa, Cameron Jordan of California, Ryan Kerrigan of Purdue, and Aldon Smith of Missouri. They could all be in play. Or even North Carolina's Robert Quinn, if he drops that far in the round.

                      • Alabama running back Mark Ingram. Minus Jones, he could be the best value on the board at that spot.

                      • Trading out of the spot. A trade down, to gain an extra pick or two, seems much more likely than a trade up.

                      Obviously, what happens at No. 14 will influence what the Rams do the rest of the way. But whether it's wide receiver, defensive line, running back, offensive guard, or cornerback, the Rams have plenty of needs to address in the draft April 28-30. A position-by-position look at the Rams' depth chart and potential draft needs:

                      The Rams picked a great year to go 1-15, didn't they? That 2009 disaster allowed them to take Sam Bradford No. 1 overall in the 2010 draft, and Bradford helped them improve to 7-9 en route to NFL offensive rookie of the year honors. In a quarterback-driven league, the Rams have their QB. Backup A.J. Feeley returns and Thaddeus Lewis, who spent most of last year on the practice squad, is under contract. There's a slight possibility the Rams could use a late-round pick on a developmental QB, but overall, Rams scouts aren't spending much time on this position.

                      RUNNING BACK
                      Will this finally be the year the Rams bring in a bona fide backup to Steven Jackson? The Post-Dispatch has confirmed that Alex Green of Hawaii, Stevan Ridley of LSU, and Daniel Thomas of Kansas State have been invited to make pre-draft visits to Rams Park this Tuesday and Wednesday.

                      But the Rams have brought in plenty of running backs for pre-draft visits in the past and not taken one on draft day. This should be the year that changes. Other than Jackson, the only RBs under contract are Keith Toston and Chauncey Washington. Depending on how the first 13 picks of the first round go, the Rams could select more than just a complementary back. In fact, if the Rams take Ingram, they could be drafting an eventual successor to Jackson.

                      TIGHT END/FULLBACK
                      This looks like a position of low need. At tight end,...
                      -04-10-2011, 03:32 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Rams will be flexible in draft -- Jackson fires agent
                      by RamWraith
                      By Jim Thomas
                      ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                      Monday, Apr. 10 2006

                      While much of St. Louis is immersed in Cardinals baseball, there's a small
                      pocket in Earth City that knows little of the stadium, Albert Pujols' exploits,
                      or even that the Brewers are in town.

                      The folks at Rams Park are deep in the bunker, preparing for Scott Linehan's
                      first draft as Rams head coach. It seems hard to believe in what has been a
                      nonstop offseason for the Rams, but the NFL draft is only 2 1/2 weeks away.

                      The Rams have been among the league's most active participants in free agency,
                      committing nearly $100 million in potential contracts if you include the
                      re-signing of wide receiver Isaac Bruce, who was on the street briefly last

                      Those moves have added three or four defensive starters, a backup quarterback,
                      a punter, a possible kick returner, and depth at linebacker and running back.

                      With their salary cap down to about $10 million, the Rams are almost finished
                      with free agency for the year. They have little or no interest in re-signing
                      any of their own remaining free agents. They will be on the lookout for free-
                      agent bargains, and will monitor June 2 cap casualties.

                      But for the most part, the Rams' remaining roster-shaping will be done via the
                      draft April 29-30. If nothing else, the Rams' free-agent moves have given the
                      team more flexibility on draft day. No longer does the team have to be in a
                      panic about taking defense, defense, and more defense.

                      Linehan has stated repeatedly that he will stick to the team's value board,
                      particularly early in the draft. So if quarterbacks Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt)
                      and/or Vince Young (Texas) are still on the board at No. 11 - and are rated
                      noticeably higher than any remaining defensive player - the Rams will pick a
                      quarterback. At least that's the theory. We'll find out shortly if theory
                      becomes practice.

                      As if to back that up that rationale, Cutler is among a group of draft
                      prospects visiting Rams Park this week. Young, who is visiting elsewhere this
                      week, is not expected to be on the guest list.

                      Maryland tight end Vernon Davis also could be a tempting choice at No. 11. And
                      now that the Rams have signed defensive tackle La'Roi Glover, linebacker Will
                      Witherspoon, safety Corey Chavous and cornerback Fakhir Brown in free agency,
                      taking a tight end in the first round makes more sense.

                      At the moment, the Rams have only one tight end with any meaningful NFL
                      experience - Brandon Manumaleuna. They need another immediate contributor at
                      the position. Besides, Manumaleuna isn't exactly getting off on the right foot
                      with his new head coach and new position coach by bypassing...
                      -04-11-2006, 04:58 AM