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  • "You're about to be pissed"

    On HBO tonight they showed highlights of the Rams / Lions game. When Wistrom ran the fumble into the endzone, Marshal Faulk told Martz "You're about to be pissed, they ran onto the field". I thought it was funny.

    Also, Ronnie Lott used to call a massive hit in the middle a "Woo Hit" because it makes the crowd go "Woo". I'm looking for AA to deliver a Woo Hit to the Giants on Sunday.

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    Marshall wasn't wrong, was he? Of course, I doubt Martz was as pissed as Grant was.


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      The hit Young laid on Detmer was a Woo hit.


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        I was pissed!!

        My first post. I could not belive they called that back. Our D makes me more proud every week. Grant and the boys will score a couple times this season to make up for that one.


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          Welcome, Twinguns! This place is fun, enjoy! Check out the chatroom sometime during a game.


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            I would call that last hit by Arch a "Woo Hit" :eek:

            Am I physic or what?


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              Where'd you get that Avatar RAMble on? I want that one! Did they add more since I last looked a few days ago?


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                You can use your own personal Avatars as long as they aren't too big. I change mine every week or so.

                You right click on the picture and use "save as" to save it to your computer.

                Next go into your profile and and upload the picture from your computer under the change Avatar section.

                Hey Dez jump in.... I'm strugling here!


                Hope this makes sense. There is a larger picture of Mr. WistRAM posted under the title "look at this guy's face". Check it out.....


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                • MsWistRAM
                  Monday's Game-ZZZZZZZZZZZZ
                  by MsWistRAM
                  Hmm, who predicted a snoozer? LOL, just kidding. It had its interesting moments.

                  Let's start with the shut out. A thing of beauty, even if it was just the Lions. I think they said we hadn't had one since 1994? Five touchdowns, no wasting time with field goal attempts, didn't need them. Gotta love that! Wilkens got enough of a workout on KOs and extra points.

                  They miked up Faulk! If was great fun listening to how he talks during a game. Very upbeat! My favorite quote from him as spoken to Dre' Bly after his interception return for a TD (one of the games best highlights), "Special people make special plays on special days!" You bet!

                  Of course, one interesting play that we were robbed of was Grant Wistrom's fumble recovery for a TD. Interesting that his teammates had to drag him to his feet and propell him on his way, he usually assumes it's his to take in. How sad that a lack of understanding about what was happening on the field and the offense jumping the gun onto the field like that robbed him of it. Somebody just doesn't want Wistrom adding a TD to his stats. But, hey, he recovered the fumble, Rams ball!

                  A point of interest we should cherish even though it was a negative one: Faulk fumbled! I say "cherish" more for our opponents' sake. They should cherish it because it's not likely to happen again. Still, one more element of the game that kept it from being a total snoozefest.

                  I noticed later in game, the Lions' fans in stands (the ones that bothered to stick around) were wearing bags on their heads with frowny faces on them. I'd like to denote them as "Bags of Shame", as that's exactly what they were.

                  My other favorite quote of the game was made by Martz after the game was over. When asked why they threw so much, he answered, "It's fun!"
                  -10-09-2001, 07:02 AM
                • RamWraith
                  What is your favorite Faulk/Wistrom moment?
                  by RamWraith
                  I don't know about anyone else here, but I for one will miss these 2 guys a bunch. They were true ambassadors to the game, and represented the Rams with nothing but class and dignity.

                  As a trip down memory lane, what is your favorite Wistrom/Faulk moment??

                  For me:

                  Wistrom - More of a personal moment. My daughter was born on draft day 1998, if she would have been a boy she would have been named Grant. In 2001 we met Grant at training camp in Macomb and he was told the story, he picked up my daughter and gave her a big hug, and said "be glad you born a girl". My daughter got a smile on her face I will never forget.

                  Faulk - It has to be in 1999 when we played the Falcons. Faulk was playing o.k. for the Rams up until this game, nothing spectacular. But this game was like a coming out party to the man we all came to love. He had like 180 yards rushing including a 50 yard td. We absolutely destroyed the Falcons and the whole football world started to take notice to just how special Marshall and this team really was. For me it was the bench-mark game after 10 years of losing. One I will never forget.
                  -04-06-2007, 03:23 PM
                • RamWraith
                  Wistrom comments on Martz on local channel
                  by RamWraith
                  This is for the people that doubt Martz is liked by his players and whether we can get free agents to St. Lou. This excerp came from a Seattle channel after Sundays's game.

                  Wistrom says:
                  "One of the hardest thing to do leaving the Rams was
                  leaving coach martz. he felt that martz was an awesome
                  coach and that the criticism he received was undue. He
                  said that the players love the guy’s ****iness and
                  belief that his players can pull anything off."
                  -10-13-2004, 05:40 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Okay... so maybe I'll be a Faulksonite!
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  First of all, nice to see the Rams dominate and use the running game.

                  Now, Marshall Faulk... I'll be the first to admit that he has more left in the tank than I gave him credit for. He looked great tonight.

                  Jackson looked pretty darn good too. You can see that big play potential with his speed and power (and... note to D backs everywhere... don't try to arm tackle this guy).

                  Together, they controlled the clock and the game, and the Rams had a much needed easy coast to the finish line.

                  Well done, Rams!
                  -10-03-2004, 08:27 PM
                • AJD45
                  The ill-fated reverse
                  by AJD45
                  The amazing thing is even with the Giants treating this game as if it was their Super Bowl (throwing a fade on 4th and goal? I don't think the NY Giants have done that EVER. And Toomer just happens to make the catch of his life against us?) ... AND with the defense playing as bad as possible ... AND with the same old stupid penalties and turnovers ... the Rams *still* had the game in their grasp!

                  Then the ill-fated reverse play.

                  I'm sure some folks think it was a bad call, period, end of discussion. After all, the Rams had the Giants D on the ropes at that point pretty good and probably just could have rammed Jackson down their throats. But I believe in creative play calling, so don't second-guess the call. I question the execution. In other words, I have to ask:

                  How the hell do professional football players lateral the ball on a reverse? How can you be so frickin' stupid after playing the game for so many years?

                  If you have ever coached football, you know the ball on that play is never, EVER pitched -- you drill it into the players' heads that it is an outside handoff. So either (a) Martz drew it up to be a lateral exchange, or (b) the players ad-libbed the pitch attempt instead of a handoff. Either way it shows poor coaching: the former would be unfathomable coaching stupidity; the latter would once again go back to the theme that Martz has not instilled one ounce of discipline in this team.

                  The laundry list of stupidity, from stepping out of bounds on the 1-yard line on the opening kickoff, to jumping offsides almost once per drive (offense AND defense), habitual grabbing of facemasks, carelessly tossing the pigskin around when you're trying to come back on the road -- well, enough is enough, it's embarrassing..!

                  We all believe in the Rams because the talent is obvious, but can we believe the stupidity will ever stop? It's just not that hard. I'm not asking the players to be geniuses, just stop being morons and the Rams would win out every remaining game!

                  I'd like to hear Martz give his players that speech just once.
                  -10-02-2005, 05:44 PM