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    Welcome to Rumorworld!

    In this land, the Rams look very different from the way they look in the world where you live.

    Here, the Rams QB is Donovan McNabb (well, at least for now he is). We acquired him for our second round pick and O.J. Atogwe, who will start at FS for the Eagles this year.

    McNabb's backup is Josh Johnson. He was acquired in a trade with Tampa, in which the Rams dropped from the 1st to the 3rd overall pick, obtained an extra third round selection, and also acquired Johnson.

    Upon Johnson's arrival, the team cleaned out Marc Bulger's locker, marking the end of his career with the Rams.

    Its a good thing that these trades were made, because Sam Bradford, who the Rams were considering with the first overall pick, would have refused to play in St. Louis.

    Its going to be a difficult year for the running game, because Steven Jackson is going to be suspended after being accused of domestic violence by a former girlfriend.

    Probably the biggest surprise of this offseason, though, involves the sale of the team. Shahid Khan's bid failed because of financial and tax issues, causing the Rams to turn again to Dave Checketts.

    Checketts then had to bring back Rush Limbaugh as a co-owner. While Limbaugh brought financial resources, as soon as it was announced that he would become a part owner, Donovan McNabb immediately demanded a trade. He's likely to be traded today for Brandon Marshall.

    In other news, Adam Schefter and Mike Florio were married today in a private beachside ceremony in Aruba.
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    Re: The Rumorworld Rams

    (That said)...

    ...I think Florio and Glazer are the two most accurate football reporters out there.