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Is there a prediction thread? Rams vs NY

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  • Is there a prediction thread? Rams vs NY

    Is there a prediction thread for this week? Because here is mine!


    Ordinarily I would shave points from a team that had just come off an easy week, but the Rams and the Giants both played loaded games (Detroit and Washingtion) so I call that a trump.

    Picking this week gets easier when I look at the Giants' injuries. Ron Dayne (RB) is questionable and Tiki Barber hasn't practiced since he pulled his hamstring against New Orleans. That may effectively take away their most potent weapon.

    The Rams have won all 3 games that Fassel has coached (dating back to 1997), I don't see that trend changing. The truth is that the Ram's were built for turf and the Giants are a classic "grind up the grass" offense...this game is in a dome.

    Chalk up one more year of being a Ram chew toy...put a "W" in the column, boss!

    Final Score: Rams 28, New York 14*

    *we picked them apart last year (38-24) and I think that is going to send the Giants in mad. while I think our defense can handle the pressure, look to see Warner having a hard time adjusting to the Giant blitz in the first half...only to return in the second to eat them up!

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    predictions rams vs NY

    look in the Game talk section .....there is a large tread of all our other predictions for this game ....started by RAMDEZ:mask:
    "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave intending on arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, martini in hand, body thoroughly used up, worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"


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      thanks...just posted in there...



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        Rams lead series 26-17. Many long time Ram fans may recall Flipper catch in OT as he sprinted into the tunnel. One (non SB of course of the most exciting ends to a Ram playoff game for me as a long time Ram fan......I also recall John Robinson coached team pulling out a 16-6 victory to a heavily favored Giants team.

        Rams 34
        Giants 14

        What do you think?...
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        Man, I'm glad football's back on.
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        Let's go blokes!

        i'm thrilled to be able to watch this one courtesy of hotel tv.

        go Rams!
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        Im going to be in NY for the Rams-Jets game (I know, why am I in NY when the game is in STL, bad timing..)
        Does anybody know where can i watch the game with fellow rams?

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      • dgr828
        One GIANT leap for RAMkind
        by dgr828
        Obviously, The Rams were still in pre-season mode, with the disappointing flat performance, in the regular season opener against the Eagles last week in Philadelphia.

        It seemed the Rams made all the wrong moves, beginning with the coin toss.
        The Rams elected to defer to the Eagles, by choosing to kick instead of receiving to start the game. It was all down hill for the Rams from there.

        The old ghosts from the past few years continued to haunt the Rams all day long. Lackluster defensive coverage, questionable play calling and injuries lead to the teams' demise last Sunday.

        The 38-3 beating the Rams were handed was very hard to witness, and surely left a very bad taste in the mouths all devoted Rams supporters.

        After all that, Here come the World Champion New York Giants, having extra days to prepare since they started the season Thursday before the regular Sunday opening games. One can image the Giants licking their chops after scouting last Sundays Rams-Eagles matchup.

        The Rams will host the team from New York and will need a GIANT bowl of Homecooking to have even a glimmer of success against the G-MEN, at the ED.

        What the Rams basically need to do is get fired-up! Play with purpose and lay it out all on the line. Last week, it was sad to see the Rams seeemingly go through the motions. This week the Rams will need to bring their "A" game.

        'They might be Giants.....'

        Sure they are the Superbowl Champs, but do the Rams stand a chance against them?

        Why not?

        If the Rams take note of the Giants, the past year or so they were sort of going through what the Rams are now experiencing, a lack of purpose, fan discontent, coaches and players not on the same page, basically a team in disarray. At the beginning of last season the Giants were a very beatable team; However, down the stretch the Giants could not be beaten.
        Something clicked for the Giants during the middle of last season where they all came together as a unit.

        Thats what these Rams need, A 'Wake-up call!' Hopefully last weeks lost sends the messege that it's now 'TIME TO GO TO WORK!!!'
        It's time to get out of the duldrums and move forward.


        "One small step for RAMS, One GIANTS leap for RAMKIND." ~Neil Armstrong
        -09-13-2008, 02:20 PM