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  • WR corps as it stands now...

    Enough Talk about Suh/Bradford ( personally I would go BPA and Suh is it plus I think Bradford will be Avg in the NFL but thats just my opinion) let's discuss stuff about players on the team

    Do you guys think we will just stay pat with the receivers we have now already and give the players one more year to pan out. Because Robinson showed flashes last year and Gibson is still really young. Not to mention if Avery could ever stay healthy he could be a solid #2 receiver.


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    Re: WR corps as it stands now...

    I would give them another year. It's not that I LOVE the current group... I just don't think adding another mid round receiver pick into the mix is going to help.

    They have more potential than a lot of players in other positions of need.
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      Re: WR corps as it stands now...

      it would depend on who falls, but i agree that between robinson, gibson, avery, burton, amendola we have some talent that could get the job done this year.


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        Re: WR corps as it stands now...

        we have plenty of #2's, but this is not the year to draft your #1. Let's get our QB, #1 TE and front 7 and OL depth this year and worry about the #1 WR next year.


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          Re: WR corps as it stands now...

          Originally posted by SLSG
          we have plenty of #2's, but this is not the year to draft your #1. Let's get our QB, #1 TE and front 7 and OL depth this year and worry about the #1 WR next year.
          I completely agree, we can totally spend a first one pick on a wideout next year. We can never fill all the holes in one year, as long as we have a plan we'll be ok.


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            Re: WR corps as it stands now...

            A #1 TE would be a bigger asset to our WRs than anything. We need a big body in the middle of the field capable of drawing some attention and creating some mismatches. I honestly thought that Randy McMichael would be a star last season.


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              Re: WR corps as it stands now...

              whilst i dont go along with the presumption that we cant get a number 1 wideout outside of the first round...the odds are obviously slimmer and although theres a few out there with some good potential projected to go in the mid rounds..i doubt if we`ll draft one after the 2nd round if atall..we already got plenty of potential at the position compared to other positions like TE,OLB & DE..i`d rate TE as a far greater need than WR on our offense.
              our Wideouts showed flashes of great play at times last year..i`d like to see what they could do with an upgrade at the QB position and hopefully a healthy season for the entire corps.
              we have no idea what Foster could bring at this like King was last year we looking at essentially a rookie we`ve got on board before the draft.


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                Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                My gut tells me that TE is of greater need right now than WR. We've got nobody to draw a body in coverage in the middle, so DB's can afford to focus on our wideouts. As young as we are at WR, I feel that an opportunity to standout is warranted. This is one draft, people. We can't address everything.


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                  Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                  yeah, that's a good point, mcmichael was open all day last year but he couldn't catch a toilet paper roll. i like robinson as a borderline #1, gibson as a solid #2, and avery out of the slot. if we can add a true red-zone threat type tight end (and these guys stay healthy of course) i like what we can do in the passing game with a new qb and improved o-line, not to mention sjax in the backfield.


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                    Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                    A WR needs to be drafted.


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                      Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                      I think drafting a WR means we cut a player we drafted recently. How many do we keep on 53 man roster. 5 0r 6? Laurant Robinson, Avery, gibson, amendolla, foster. I like Burton, but he may be out if we draft a wr, or we cut a draft pick before the season.


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                        Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                        I personally like the potential right now of our receivers and think we need a solid pass-catching TE. I have my eye on Dorin Dickerson out of PItt who causes match-up problems because of his speed for a TE although his size is a bit small.

                        Another mid-round selection which we might choose to select is Jordan Shipley out of Texas. He's a Ricky Proehl type possession receiver who doesn't drop passes and can also return KO's. Also seems like a good route-runner.

                        We have plenty of needs and this is not as much a priority as QB, linemen and an OLB.

                        Go Rams!


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                          Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                          But we do not need anymore possession type receivers on this ballclub. Danny boy is a capable 3rd down specialist and Gibson, Robinson, and Burton have all showed potential to be playmakers. What the key is for me is the type of player Avery becomes in his 3rd and crucial season. Coming off his rookie year we all had high expectations for him. Last year he did put up numbers but was hurt too much. I still think Avery has the potential to be an 70+ catch, 1,100+ 7+td type of playmaker.


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                            Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                            Well stated everyone, well of course except Benjamin100.

                            Why should we draft a mid round receiver to develop when we are already developing five guys?

                            I can understand the frustration with our receiving corps, because on the outside looking in people don't recognize these names. They don't know that Danny Amendola led all rookies in all purpose yards, or that Robinson was really showing play-making abilities before he got hurt, or that Donnie is a deep threat everytime he steps on the field (provided his QB had enough time or arm strength to not under throw him). Some people don't understand Gibson led all rookie wideouts in receiving yards in the last four or so weeks of the season, or realize that Burton could be a stud if he just stayed healthy.

                            We don't have any big names sure, but we have no need to add other small names through the later rounds of the draft.


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                              Re: WR corps as it stands now...

                              If either TE Aaron Hernandez or Rob Grankowski drop to rd 3, that's who they need to take. That would be huge.

                              OLB Washington / RB Best
                              TE Hernandez / TE Grankowski


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                                is it me or does anyone think we could use like a good veteran wr to help develope or young wr corps. i mean i like avery and robinson but the rest im not to pleased with. i mean gilyard i think could be a good #2 wr but i think avery needs to step it up this year and prove hes the #1 wr. i think they should have signed a good veteran wr like antionio bryant,torry holt, and maybe t.o. i know all the problems hes had in the past but i think he would make a good weapon for bradford or they could have traded for brandon marshall and vincent jackson i mean their both great wr who put up top number. but thats just what i think.
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                                How do you see our WR corps looking by the start of the season?
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                                What are your opinions on our WR depth chart by the time the season rolls around?

                                Personally, I think it will go like:

                                Wr 1: Laurent Robinson
                                Wr 2: Donnie Avery
                                Wr 3: Mardy Gilyard
                                Wr 4: Brandon Gibson
                                Wr 5: Brooks Foster
                                Wr 6: Keenan Burton

                                Maybe the real question is, who lines up as our #1?
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                              • thermobee
                                Our receivers for next year
                                by thermobee
                                Does anyone agree that we really dont need to draft a receiver early in next year's nfl draft. Not only that I think we actually are not going to be able to dress all of our quality receivers in the beginning of next year. I think the FO has done a great job picking receivers from under the radar that can have an impact on this team.

                                PS I would muc rather we draft a change of pace back to spell out SJ.
                                -11-29-2009, 01:24 PM
                              • richtree
                                Keenan Burton will like be cut next season
                                by richtree
                                Burton is suppossedly a speedster yet he does nothing in the return game.

                                He isn't shifty enough to make people miss. Burton quickly lost is Danny Amendola who has a huge heart.

                                I know WR screen are boring and don't get much, but Amendola's catch and desire gets a few yards.

                                Next season it is more than likely we bring in another WR.

                                That gives us the following:

                                These 4 are staying --

                                With a Free agent Pick up or in the draft that gives us 5 WR's and a few guys on the outside looking in.

                                They are:

                                Burton, Martin, and Carter.

                                With Brooks Foster coming back from injury that leaves 4 guys for one spot. We also have an extra 5th round pick already so we may pick another WR up in the later rounds.

                                In anyone we are gonna keep Brooks Foster and that gives us 6 WR's/before draft day...

                                Does anyone disagree with this ???????? I doubt it ..

                                -10-26-2009, 09:27 AM
                              • Lange
                                WR core rebuilding?
                                by Lange
                                Hey all,
                                Looking at our current team I wonder why could we be having such struggles offensively. Then I read a post about our team being so young and without many talented players and I thought lets look at the WR group we have and see what is a big issue here.

                                Firstly our WR Core is weak. Our most veteran WR has 4 years of experience. Now to me thats a problem because in most WR core's you have guys with more experience like that maybe not in the starting lineup but a veteran who helps in a support role of some kind. However we have been "rebuilding" and we got rid of 2 greats in Bruce and Holt. Now Bruce was a 2 sided deal he wouldn't take a pay cut and he was out but at the sametime the organization wasn't going to strive hard to keep him. He's in SF and with such a young and developing WR core I wish we had him but whats done is done.

                                With the Bruce deal you would at least think we would keep Torry Holt. His presence was desperately needed on this team but sadly he was let go due his own request and the team not wanting to pay him what he thought he wanted. With our great WR's gone in the least few years we start some square 1 except having avery since 2007 who took the job after Bruce left. Also Bennett was a good veteran depth WR and was released due to injury issues and whatever reason wasn't completely clear so he's gone. Then we have Dane Looker who was a decent depth WR for several years whos gone and im not even sure the reason other than they felt that the huge struggles in recent years on offense weren't gonna cut it and everyone gets the blame. So we basically go from square one as far as WR's go now, cleaning out the vet house. Then the question that lingers was it the best way to go getting rid of our veterans?

                                Now we have Avery, Robinson and Burton as our top WR's. Avery we know is a good player but theres a lot of pressure on him to be the top WR and its just taking time for him to learn and develop and he's doing what he can and the teams struggles are slowing him down. Robinson showed a lot of potential in his first year here but he's done for next year. Burton in average and he's developing as well but no where near a standout receiver and for sure a work in progress. We get Ruvell Martin to try to help our WR core whos done nothing so far and I don't see a whole lot of of. Amendola probably wont do a ton either and may not be the solution for the return game but we've got time to let him settle in. Our Core currently is Avery Keenan, Amendola, Martin and Nate Jones. Not exactly the elite WR core int he nfl but ok decent.

                                For this year with Robinson gone we are pretty much just stuck with who we have to lean on to get it done. For years following? Are they really the answer?

                                For this year unless we sign a big name free agent our WR core is who we have and the pains continue. While Avery and Robinson are good, wheres are Brandon...
                                -10-06-2009, 06:59 PM