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Bradley Fletcher / DB question

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  • Bradley Fletcher / DB question

    Does anyone know when he is expected to return? Do they expect him at training camp or workouts, or beginning of the season?

    Also what do you guys think about our DBs should we draft a CB and if so what round would you suggest.

    Quincy Butler, could he start?

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Bradley Fletcher / DB question

    at present i see the depth chart at CB as...


    i think with an improved pass rush that group as a whole would be better than advertised....we could always add another in the draft should one be the BPA in any of the mid to late rounds but i think with only having 3 DE`s 1 OLB,2 TE`s etc..on the roster, unless it is to pick up a potential steal at the position then we might be better served adressing those positions instead...

    the only curve ball i can see possibly being on the horizon is it a hunch but i think whenever Atogwe leaves we already have our future FS on the roster..and his name is Bradley Fletcher. ever since the nasty injury i have thought about how he could be when he comes back...the last reports i saw a couple of weeks back was that Fletch was recovering well..but still..the twisting and turning that is required of a CB on a regular basis may be a problem for fletch depending on how fully his knee is fixed..and FS may be a position he could excell at without all that twisting and turning...if Atogwe was to leave this Off-season i could see us drafting a CB to replace Fletch who would move to FS.

    just thinking out of the box really and it may have something to do with the reluctance by the Rams to get O.J signed to a big money long term deal...or it may not.


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      Re: Bradley Fletcher / DB question


      I like how you think; that indeed a better and consistant pass rush, it gives the current roaster of DBs opportunities for better play. The current rules so favor the offense that all the best DBs would be hard pressed.


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      • bruce4life
        Bradley Fletcher
        by bruce4life
        Why did we let him walk in FA? He is the exact type of corner we missed all season.
        -01-04-2014, 05:43 PM
      • The Rammer
        This secondary is awful.
        by The Rammer
        This offseason, the Rams need a completely revamped secondary. The only player that deserves to stay and start is Oshiomogho Atogwe. James Butler has looked very mediocre all year when he's not committing safeties or tackling Atogwe on interceptions. And obviously, Ron Bartell, I don't care if he's injured, is not getting it down. Bradley Fletcher was okay, Jonathon Wade is bad, Quincy Butler and Danny Gorrer are possibly the worst players I've ever seen. We better get some good CB's and a strong safety.

        So I ask ClanRam, what good cornerbacks are there to be had in the draft second day (rounds 3-7) and what CB's could we get in free agency? We better not raid any more practice squads looking for jewels.
        -12-27-2009, 02:28 PM
      • Ram Mar Ram
        CB Upgrade?
        by Ram Mar Ram
        I know its not a dire need but Chris Carr, soon-to-be free agent from the Ravens looks likes hitting the market for a starting role, with the backlog of CB's on the Ravens roster and drafting one in the 1st round, might not leave him with much motivation to stay.

        Hes not a superstar so shouldnt cost as much, but im a believer that with CB's, depth is important and of the few games i've seen him play, he's no slouch and would warrant a starting CB spot.

        But yeah, there are many bigger holes to fill.
        -07-21-2011, 01:35 PM
      • Alec22
        Bradley Fletcher
        by Alec22
        Seems to me whenever he takes the field teams immediatly throw to him (usually deep) much like wade and hill in the past when they would take the field for 3 plays, give up 3 catches then right back to the bench.

        Am I off here? Is he actually playing well and Im nitpicking or is he only on the field because king and quincy butler, and wade are hurt (are they?)
        -10-13-2009, 12:50 PM
      • RamBamThankYouMam
        Cornerback situation
        by RamBamThankYouMam
        So I know this subject has been discussed in detail on this board, but I am still confused why another corner has not been added. Yes, I know Tim Atchison was added, but he is hardly anything more than depth. I remember when Jerome Murphy went down with an injury the Rams were looking to add another corner, and now their #1 corner is down, their best nickel corner is on the IR, and the second best corner is questionable for week 2.

        So my question is this, if the Rams were looking for help at corner when they were still relatively healthy, how do they not already have somebody to step in for Bartell? I know some will say they want to assess what they before making a move. How can they hardly feel comfortable with Harris, Atchison, Murphy, and a less than 100% Fletcher? This just baffles me. I don't care how good the Rams are up front if all the opposing QB has to do is sling it into the secondary for a completion.
        -09-15-2011, 04:58 PM