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You know whats Scary!!!! for our opponents

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  • You know whats Scary!!!! for our opponents

    Is the fact that we have two NEW WR's in Shaun( who reminds me of AZ ) and Curtis, throw in Looker and we have an VERY impressive group... We don't just have to depend on Bruce and Holt.... Curtis has really come on, and the speed!!!!!, maybe just maybe guys we could again have something like those famous Warner brothers!!!!....

    Something else which was scary was that Bulger when he came out to tie the ball game and start that FG drive, he was laughing and clapping as he went into the huddle.(anybody see that!!!!).. thats the first time that we have seen anything human LOVE IT!!!!!! Great to see him like that!!!!!

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    Re: You know whats Scary!!!! for our opponents

    Well aside from the Seattle fourth quarter implosion, our opposition should really be worried about how, over the first 3 qtr's:

    - Our LB's ran around like headless chickens (most noteably Pisa) overrunning plays and getting caught up with blockers all too easily
    - Grant williams cannot pass block
    - Our DL were pushed off the ball with ease and looked undersized and mismatched in front of the Seattle front 5.
    - Our secondary were burned at will (the coady TD play was a joke)
    - Faulk can/will not hit the whole hard - prefers to dance around. Surely its time to give Jackson more airtime.
    - Arlen Harris is probably the worse kick returner in the NFC... soooo slow and no elusiveness at all
    - We do not know how to blitz.


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      Re: You know whats Scary!!!! for our opponents

      I wasn't sure if anyone would dare post something like that. Nice job Elacky. I would have posted similar concerns myself but everyone knows I'm just a Bulger/Martz hater(sarcasm).


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        Re: You know whats Scary!!!! for our opponents

        The good thing is, when it was positively, absolutely all on the line, the team came through and got the job done. It might be ugly sometimes, but I'll take it with a win every time. If we struggle against our two next opponents, I may worry a little, but I don't see that happening. Keep the faith.