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So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

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  • So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

    I wasn't around here when it happened, and I didn't get a chance to hear what yall thought about it. This guy was a monster on the Giants, but he is getting up there in age. He will hopefully have a couple great seasons and not be another La'Roi Glover type player for us.

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    Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

    We are hoping he has some left in the tank and being with Spags again wont hurt.


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      Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

      Quite right, hopefully we don't have to start an anti-FOSS (friends of Steve Spagnuolo) group 'round here


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        Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

        he was never a real monster for the giants. he was a good solid player but no monster. i like fred robbins but it aint like we signed a player like jared allen or pat williams. the guy still has some left but im not sure he gonnna put up steller numbers or at best hell be there for when adam carriker gets hurt cause we no hes gonna get hurt.


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          Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

          I noticed a pattern here....

          Granted the Rams are picking up older players and really no top talant younger players. On the surface this seems like a policy doom to ultimate failure.

          However, the one thing the Rams are acquiring is DEPTH. I foresee a lot of situational substutes and a rotation schemes. The only question is, will it work?

          Spag football on the defensive side relies on consistant pressure and ball dicipline. There is a very real chance these changes will bear fruit both in the long and short term. Short term successe in terms of 1-2 seasons while building for the long term. Suspect who the Rams draft after number 1 and in the later rounds will tell


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            Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

            He's going to play for us for a few years, but I think his major contribution will be for tutoring and developing Dorell Scott and Clifton Ryan. They are all similar players with similar builds.


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              Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

              Originally posted by DieHardRamsFan1381 View Post
              he was never a real monster for the giants. he was a good solid player but no monster. i like fred robbins but it aint like we signed a player like jared allen or pat williams. the guy still has some left but im not sure he gonnna put up steller numbers or at best hell be there for when adam carriker gets hurt cause we no hes gonna get hurt.
              Maybe I went a little overboard calling him a monster, but watching a couple Giant games, I believe in the playoffs, Robbins was definitely a force.


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                Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

                i mean it was a good pick up but i just think there was some other better d linemen we could have grabed. but i think he'll end up doin some good for the rams maybe he can show carriker how to stay healthy. what the rams really need to do is send alex barron to a class about how to stay with the snap count. but fred is gonna turn out well.


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                  Re: So apparently we signed Fred Robbins!

                  Yes, it seems as though one key strategy / pattern this season is depth, as Dragoon said. Robbins looks like a solid veteran DT that may well help improve our D overall with that rotating system of players and/or plays. Another relative positive is that FRobbins knows Coach Spags, of course.

                  I'm glad we have Robbins' experience and character with the Rams at this point. I think the timing is good.


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                  • MauiRam
                    Robbins helping Rams defense ..
                    by MauiRam
                    BY JIM THOMAS | Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2010

                    On his website, Fred Robbins Official Website, is a feature called "Ask Fred," in which fans can e-mail questions to the veteran Rams defensive tackle.

                    Interesting, because Robbins holds another version of Ask Fred just about every day at Rams Park. The 33-year-old Robbins is surrounded by pups in the locker room. Six of his nine defensive linemates had two years or less of NFL experience entering this season. Three are rookies. And they have plenty of questions.

                    "It's like on pass rush, or run block situations, he'll give me his ins and outs — whatever he knows," rookie defensive end Eugene Sims said. "And I just take it and try to use it."

                    Or they may ask how to watch game film. What to look for on tape. How to stay healthy. How to eat right. And when Robbins talks ...

                    "It's short but sweet," Sims said. "He knows what he's talking about. He ain't been in it for 11 years for nothing. He knows what he's doing."

                    There's personality behind the presence.

                    "He's just a happy, energetic kind of guy," safety Craig Dahl said. "Always in a good mood. Always willing to pick up a teammate if he sees someone struggling. Fred's just a big jolly guy."

                    But Santa Claus is a big, jolly guy. And Santa can't play defensive tackle in the NFL. Robbins can. In fact, he's doing it better than anyone — perhaps even coach Steve Spagnuolo — expected back in March when the Rams signed him to a free-agent deal.

                    On a star-studded New York Giants defensive line that included luminaries such as Michael Strahan, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiori, Robbins was the unheralded anchor in the middle during the team's Super Bowl championship run three seasons ago.

                    But then Robbins started to break down. He battled his way through 2008 with two broken hands and a shoulder injury, then had offseason knee surgery. Last season, he was replaced in the Giants' starting lineup over the final third of the season.

                    So far in St. Louis, Robbins has been revitalized. At the defensive tackle position, stats rarely tell the story. By the numbers, Robbins has nine tackles, one sack, three quarterback hits and two pass breakups this season. (OK, and that costly shove of Bruce Gradkowski in Game 2 at Oakland that resulted in an unnecessary roughness penalty.)

                    But take it from Dahl, who also was Robbins' teammate for two seasons with the Giants:

                    "You would never know Fred's as old as he is. He uses a lot of his experience to his advantage, too. He was able to read that screen last week. Sniff that out."

                    With the Seahawks desperately trying to get back in the game in the fourth quarter, Robbins dropped speedy Leon Washington in his tracks for no gain on a screen pass...
                    -10-07-2010, 10:40 AM
                  • MauiRam
                    Robbins Relishes Role ..
                    by MauiRam
                    Monday, May 24, 2010
                    By Nick Wagoner
                    Senior Writer

                    While the youth movement at Russell Training Center has been in full force the better part of the past two seasons, Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo has maintained that adding veteran help would only come if it makes sense for the team on the field and in the locker room.

                    In a free agent market mostly devoid of strong veteran options, there was one player that couldn’t have made more sense for the Rams. Enter defensive tackle Fred Robbins.

                    “(He’s) experienced,” Spagnuolo said. “The guys that can show the younger guys how to be a pro and I’m not just talking about practicing, all the things that you do in between – that’s just as important as anything.”

                    Nearly from the moment he signed a three-year deal with the Rams on March 8, Robbins has understood and embraced the role he will undertake in his time in St. Louis.

                    At the top of that list is bringing the many lessons Robbins learned from Spagnuolo when Spagnuolo was his defensive coordinator in New York for two seasons.

                    There, Robbins played an integral part of a dominant defensive line that helped the Giants to a Super Bowl title. All told, he started 63 games in six seasons in New York after coming into the league as a second-round pick by Minnesota.

                    Robbins brings that experience along with his knowledge of Spagnuolo’s system to the Rams. And if anybody knows what is expected of him not only in the defense but off the field, it’s Robbins.

                    “I embrace that,” Robbins said. “I have no problem with that. That’s something he expects from me to just come in and bring overall knowledge and lead by example. That’s something I have done in past years so I have no problem with it and I am comfortable with it.”

                    Robbins’ overlying comfort level can’t help but be traced directly to his close personal relationship with Spagnuolo.

                    It was under Spagnuolo’s tutelage that Robbins played some of his best football as he put up a career high in sacks two seasons in a row and was stout against the run.

                    Even after Spagnuolo departed to become the head coach of the Rams before last season, Robbins says he kept tabs on how his former coach was doing.

                    “Anytime you get someone who goes from one of the coordinators to being a head coach you wish them the best, especially someone well respected (like Spagnuolo),” Robbins said. “You don’t want to see someone go through the hard times. It’s more than football sometimes.”

                    When Robbins hit the free agent market, it was clear he was at the top of the Rams’ wish list. And despite the team’s struggles in 2009, the feeling was mutual.

                    “Spags is a great guy, well respected and we had some good years the two years I played for him,” Robbins said. “That was pretty much the main thing. Things happen in this business; I thought...
                    -05-25-2010, 08:53 AM
                  • The Messanger
                    The only Negative about Fred Robbins
                    by The Messanger
                    we didn't have him earlier in his career.
                    -10-07-2010, 12:55 PM
                  • shower beers
                    Rams closing in on deal with Fred Robbins
                    by shower beers
                    The Rams are reportedly finalizing a deal with free agent DT Fred Robbins.
                    Reuniting with coach Steve Spagnuolo? The Rams aim to get bigger upfront, and Robbins (6'4/325) would provide a presence at the 3-technique tackle. If healthy, Robbins would be a boon to the team's run defense.
                    Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch


                    ...and we're back to square one in regards to who our staff wants with the first pick. First a qb, now a d-lineman. I like this signing, personally.
                    -03-06-2010, 04:18 PM
                  • MauiRam
                    Rams Close to Deal With Giants DT Robbins..
                    by MauiRam
                    By Jim Thomas
                    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

                    The Rams were in the process Saturday night of finalizing a deal that would bring veteran NY Giants defensive tackle Fred Robbins to St. Louis.

                    Robbins, who turns 33 later this month, is 6-4 and 325 pounds.

                    He’s known as a stout as a run defender who can play nose tackle or 3-technique defensive tackle.

                    “We’re determined to get bigger up front,” one Rams official said.

                    If the negotiations culminate as expected, Robbins was expected to travel to St. Louis on Sunday to finalize the deal.

                    Team sources also said they have no interest in Arizona safety Matt Ware, as had been speculated earlier.

                    Robbins would be the Rams’ second free-agent signing since the FA period began at midnight Friday. The first player signed, quarterback A.J. Feeley, to a two-year deal reportedly worth around $6 million. A Rams source said the team liked Feeley because he fits the Rams’ offensive system, and he showed superior arm strength during preseason play last summer.
                    -03-06-2010, 06:48 PM