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rams need to stay healthy this year

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  • rams need to stay healthy this year

    im noticing that the rams seem to have a problem with their players stayin healthy. it seems every year weve got a ton of player on the ir. is it that the player arent conditioning well enough or what. the last time the rams were really healthy was 2006. in that year only 6 players were on ir.since then its been a wreck every week someone goes down with a bad injury. someone tell me what could it be!

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    Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

    I don't know that there's one answer. I think it's a combination of things. The turf has come under scrutiny. Conditioning could be a cause of some of the preventable (muscle) injuries. Simple bad luck and circumstances have played a role. Guys with a poor track record of not being healthy. And not for nothing, the Rams fired their long time trainer a couple of months ago- a move met with skepticism by numerous fans who felt he was simply the fall guy for the team's injury issues.

    I think most importantly, our lack of depth and overall talent have made each injury we've suffered more glaring. Other teams have major injury problems and lose skill players, but they overcome them and have guys step up. We haven't been able to.


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      Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

      Depth. That has been the one thing that has killed us in recent years . these guys who make the Pro's are good and should be able to fill in the roll when prompted , but our depth has been so bad ,some guys are playing in a totolly new spot(O-Line mainly)and it shows.


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        Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

        I nominate the poster of this thread the weekly "Captain Obvious Award" for the title...there are a few deserving, but this one still gets my nomination.

        What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.


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          Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

          You just noticed we had problems with injuries? :o

          But seriously, I think NJ hit the nail on the head here. Because the Rams' overall depth has been way below average, any injury becomes incredibly magnified. Regardless, there have been a lot of injuries and there's been several articles and reports pertaining to Devaney and Spags "looking into it."
          Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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            Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

            Im hoping we have better luck in that department this year, and we have signed some depth to help, and the new turf, and new trainer, so this is one area Im more optimistic about going into the new season.


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              Re: rams need to stay healthy this year

              the FO has just about done everything possible to address this. Adding depth through a disgusting FA, fixing the turf, hiring a new athletic trainer. Not much more they can do besides keep adding depth and hope for the best. Our injuries seem to consist of a lot of knees and just plain bad luck (getting rolled on by multiple 300 pounders when your barely 200, lanky receiver. ie. Robinson..)


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              • r8rh8rmike
                Rams Looking Into Injury Bug
                by r8rh8rmike
                Rams Looking into Injury Bug
                Wednesday, January 6, 2010

                By Nick Wagoner
                Senior Writer

                To win in the NFL requires a lot of things working simultaneously in concert toward the achievement of the ultimate goal.

                Having the right players for the right scheme with the right coaches is a big part of that. But for as much as the big stuff matters, a certain amount of luck is always right at the center of the mix.

                Luck can be a bounce of the ball in your direction or a timely penalty flag from the officials. But more than anything, luck comes in the form of a blessing from the Football Gods; those unseen spirits that determine which teams get hit by injury and which teams have relative health.

                Rare is the team in the NFL that has success without having the majority of its key players healthy for the majority of the season.

                And for the better part of the past three years, the Rams have been ravaged by injuries that have severely lessened the already small margin for error between winning and losing.

                That’s why, as this offseason takes flight, one of the top priorities for the team will be to research and find out what it is that could be causing the injuries and to see if there are any way to prevent them other than prayer and positive thinking.

                “We are researching it right now,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “We have to look at them all to see how they happen. Some of them are freak, we all know that. We need to study it. You always need to, but I think each case you have to take on an individual basis because it is a physical game, it is a contact game. I don’t know how you prevent one big guy from falling on another guy’s leg. I don’t know how you prevent that, but we will look at it.”

                Ideally, the Rams would be able to find a solution for the injury bug that has seemingly made a home in St. Louis since the 2007 season.

                The last time the Rams were relatively healthy – injuries do happen all over the league – was in 2006.

                That year, the Rams only sent six players to injured reserve with only three of those players regular starters.

                It’s no coincidence that the team finished 8-8 that year, the best record the team has posted in the past four years.

                Since then, luck has seemed to turn against them.
                In 2007, the team placed 12 players on injured reserve including up to six starters and a total of 27 injured players missed 152 games because of injury.

                In 2008, another dozen went to injured reserve, four of whom were starters and again 27 players missed time for a total of 156 games missed.

                This year, the injury count was actually worse than those two apparently cursed seasons.
                By the end of the season, the Rams had put 13 players on injured reserve including up to nine starters if you include...
                -01-08-2010, 04:22 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Rams Lucky Injuries Have Been Relatively Minor
                by r8rh8rmike
                Rams lucky injuries have been relatively minor

                by VanRam on Aug 19, 2009 1:17 PM CDT in 2009 preseason

                There's some good news on the injury front for the St. Louis Rams...good news for a change, huh, strange new feeling. Pardon me while I get used to it.

                You may have noticed PCarn's fanpost discussing the news about WR Donnie Avery and his desire for an early return. The boot is off his foot, but watch for the Rams to be extra cautious with their top receiver. A broken foot can slow a player, especially a receiver, even after his return.

                Via the Rams Twitter feed, Adam Carriker was running at practice today. The DT is recovering from an ankle injury and is expected to return next week.

                On the offensive line, Bell and Barron are both day-to-day. FB Mike Karney and S Craig Dahl are back in at practice and should play this week.

                Remember, the Rams have sustained freakish levels of injuries over the past three seasons. If you're playing the odds - and this is a much younger team - the meat wagon at Rams Park won't be as busy this year. The injuries to Bulger and Barron and Avery, etc. are concerning, but still kind of a dodged bullet, more easily chalked up to the pings and pangs of getting back into the game's physical grind, something no amount of offseason conditioning can account for.

                Some of these guys sitting out could probably play during the regular season, even Bulger said he would have tried to play with his pinkie if this were a regular season tilt. Be thankful the team is being cautious with their injured players.
                -08-19-2009, 03:54 PM
              • AvengerRam_old
                Disappointed... Frustrated... Tired...and, yes...Hopeful
                by AvengerRam_old
                I'm disappointed.

                I thought this team had really built some momentum. I thought the defense had turned a corner. I thought the special teams had found a way to avoid the big plays. I was wrong. This year's team simply had too many holes that could not be filled "on the fly." A sad, embarrassing way to end the season.

                I'm frustrated.

                It seems like the same problems that caused the Rams' demise last year are still here, 12 months later. On top of those problems is an offensive line that has been torn apart by injuries and the inability to fill holes with journeymen. I'm also frustrated that the talent that this team does have can't shine because of these problems.

                I'm tired.

                A season like this takes a lot out of you emotionally, and I feel it right now. I could use a pretty long nap.

                And, yes... I'm hopeful.

                There is still hope for this team in the future. There are young players who have talent and are improving who will be with this team next year. And, at least at times, this team has demonstrated some heart. The hope is dim at this moment, but it will come back. It will grow with the signing of free agents and with the draft. This team will be back next year and will be a factor.

                And I'll be here with them.
                -01-15-2005, 08:18 PM
              • NJ Ramsfan1
                The Injury Situation
                by NJ Ramsfan1
                The Rams coaching staff must seriously examine both the off-season and in-season conditioning programs as well as training camp and pre-season strategies. The weekly injury report for this team would be laughable, were it not such a serious issue. There is NO WAY that this many guys should be on the shelf- we have to go sign some guy off the scrap heap just to get a healthy running back for the Jets game. Ridiculous. It's been this way for a year and a half now.

                I understand every team has injuries. Broken bones and other serious injuries due to the nature of the game of football are expected. However, these muscle strains and soft tissue injuries need to be minimized. A guy runs two plays and pulls his hamstring- it's mind-boggling.

                They can start by drafting guys with a good collegiate track record of durability.
                -11-06-2008, 07:09 AM
              • general counsel
                What worries you the most about the upcoming season?
                by general counsel
                We are coming off a sensational year, far beyond any reasonable expectations. We appear to have had a strong offseason and seem well positioned to repeat in the nfc west. Arizona and Seattle do not appear to be improving and while the whiners are obviously an improved and improving team, we appear to be ahead of them. So, what worries you the most for the upcoming season?

                Many will say pass rush, especially from the outside linebacker spots in the 3-4. Others point out the linebackers run defense issue. Both are totally valid and legit and worry me.

                However, here is what worries me the most. I read in a recent thread that last year's Rams had the least games lost to injury of any NFL team in the last 7 years. We lost ZERO games from the starters on the offensive line all year. We were the only team in the NFL that lost no games to injury on the offensive line (through 15 games).

                Injuries are generally speaking just a question of luck. I am always amused when fans think that the trainers have anything material to do with how often players get injured. These teams all have front line fitness guys and medical facilities and resources. If you turn your knee the wrong way, you are going to get hurt no matter what kind of training you have. Can the Rams remain as lucky injury wise this year as they were last year? WIll it even out over two years (ie do we get clobbered injury wise this year since we were so lucky last year?)

                My primary concern is risk of injuries to the offensive line. Whitworth and Sullivan are both older guys. Sullivan had a great year and it was a huge signing to retain him. We all know the history with Saffold. However, what kind of depth do we really have on the Oline? Blythe looked ok in really limited play last year, but we are incredibly dependent on the starting oline. If we get hit with injuries on the oline, all our shiny toys at the skill positions arent going to look so great. Was Goff miles ahead last year of his rookie season? Of course. But a big part of that was pass protection and room to run for gurley, giving goff a real ability to use play action and putting him in solid down and distance situations. If injuries on the oline put the rams back into the "drop back to pass and run for your life....and watch todd gurley run into a brick wall in the backfield again" mode, we could and likely will materially regress in terms of our record.

                I would love to see us try for some solid depth oline wise in the draft. Those players will be unproven rookies and maybe if we get lucky we can pick up a decent vet or two on the cheap at the end of free agency. But for now, what keeps me up at night is less about pass rush (which generally stresses me out during the day rather than at 3am) and more about whether we can keep the offensive line healthy for another full season.

                Ramming speed to all

                general counsel...
                -04-05-2018, 04:55 PM