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  • naming of new kitten

    Well I think this is sorta RAM related.I just got my daughter a new kitten and we named it Frontiere(Georgia was out of the ?)anyway it is a female and I would like a RAM related name but feminine,if you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks. GO RAMS KICK GIANT BUTT!!!!!! NEW ORLEANS bound!!!!!

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    "Here kitty, kitty ,kitty..."

    That's neat Joeramfan.

    Let's see: how about "Ramona" or, "Ramina" ? [I remember the Disney movie about a cat called Thomasina]
    Best wishes.


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      as the Rams are 4 ands 0

      how about PURRFECT RAM :rolleyes: :o :wiseman:

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Your daughter can say Frontiere? That is great, I have trouble saying and spelling it.


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          she can spell

          txramsfan my daughter is 17 and she can spell it and write it,it's a long story but my daughter feels like she is ready to move on and out and I thought a kitten might change that.But I really do want a RAM name for my new kitten.Any help Ican get from fellow RAMERS will help..Thank you all for your help


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            I liked Ramona. It's got the ram name in it, but still feminine. Do you have a picture you can post? Would be easier if I could see it. (I can't believe we're talking about a kitty in here.)


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              I agree with you,I dont beleive that were talking about a kitty either?However I am a life long RAM fan in need of some help? Please take a moment from our undefeated season and help me!!!!!


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                Coming up with a feminine Ram name is tough,but my wife suggested Rambalina.Good luck to you.

                GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!


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                  Just a little diversion,I like RAMBOLINA not bad but were not there yet


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                    How about Scram? You're gonna be saying it often enough anyway. Just playing with you. Describe the kitten. Coloring and such. Might help.


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                      Well the thing is tiny and mostly grey,with hints of tan or beige and white feet and some orange,really-kinda cute but they all are at thims age


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                        This post is funny b/c it reminds me of my pet; my wife got a cat this summer over my objections, and the only way I agreed (eventually!) was to retain naming rights.

                        And so, our cat is named Isaac, after you know who.

                        When I get a dog in the spring, his name will be Warner. Warner to Isaac! Love it.


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                          Unless You're Hoping ...

                          for the whole team..., don't forget to have her fixed. Call her Ramsey, Lovie, or (as already suggested) Scram, they're all cute names.


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                            With that mix of colors, how about ScRAMble! Just a thought.


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                              Cat name

                              I'd call it BLITZ or Crazy Legs...

                              Or maybe Mrs. Buttersworth...

                              Or you could name it "Pussy" out of respect for Kevin Carter...OOOOOOOOO! Did I say that? Just kidding, he's my boy...Just kidding..hahaha...

                              I kind of like Lovie.


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