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  • Occidental Street

    (Sung to the tune of "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty).

    Windin your way down on Occidental Street,
    light in your head and dead on your feet,
    Well another crazy day,
    you'll drink the night away,
    and forget about everything.

    This city's team makes ya feel to cold,
    so many players, but they got no soul,
    and it's taken you so long,
    to find out you were wrong,
    when you thought they could win everything.

    You used to think it would be so easy
    You used to say it would be so easy
    But they quit tryin'
    And you're dyin now
    Another season and then you'll be happy
    Just one more season and then you'll be happy
    But you're cryin'
    You're cryin' now

    During the game you've got a victory taste
    "Gonna beat them Rams", you think that in haste
    And you look at the score
    You don't think you need more
    And you talk about domination

    But near the end Bulger lights you up
    He throws that bomb and you drop your cup!
    Then you settle down, in that Starbuck's big town
    And think it was abomination.

    And you know they'll always keep losin,
    You know they're never gonna stop losin,
    Cause they're rollin'
    They rolled over like a stone

    And when you wake up it's a new mornin,
    The sun is shinin, but you're mourning,
    And you're groanin
    You're groanin on.

    Pardon me if I gloat a little. That was such an unbelievable win.
    NOTE: Qwest stadium is on "Occidental ave", not street. But I took a writer's license to make it fit the song.

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    Re: Occidental Street

    Nice parody Coy. I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA for three and a half years and they live for their "Squaks." Other than looking forward to a rare sunny day that is all that they have to live for up there; other than tree huggin and drinking lattes. They are absolutley devastated when their "Squaks" lose!! I hope that they have extra security on the Space Needle or they will be jumping off of it in droves...