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  • Hmmmm???

    It has been said that the Giants are doing just enough to win games. After looking at the stat breakdown, I was a little suprised. The Rams are better in basically every catagory. This includes, sacks, sacks allowed, etc. The only one that I saw that did not suprise me was rushing offense. There the Giants are better at running the ball so far this season.

    Follow the link, but if you want full stats, go under Mark Malone's commentary on ESPN.Com for page 2 stats as well.

  • #2
    stats are a little misleading because you can't see the situations involved in those stats. The Giants do enough to get the win, but that's just it, they get the win. Kerry Collins is not a Super Bowl QB, but he got them there and that's what counts. However, i am extremely confident that our new Defense will take care of him in the air as well as dayne and washington on the ground.