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    Guess it wasn't a big surprise the Rams took Bradford. Considering all the possible combos the Rams could have done in the draft, this is a huge investiment.

    Still am not sure this was the wiser of all the moves. Suh would have been a better pick at number one and hope to pick up McCoy or other QB in second round.

    The reasoning is simple, considering all the investments in defense this year in older players, the Rams also need a long term war horse. And consider the Rams are soft in terms of offensive depth at the skill possitions, the time it takes to develop a QB, and the division is the weakest in the NFL, a number one pick like Bradford would likely not be as affective.

    A dominate defense as seen over and over again can get a team to the play offs and to the Superbowl.

    Still there is no crytal ball to fortell the future and the NFL is full of would haves, could haves, and should haves. Now that the obvious has happened it comes down to rounds 2 and 3 to get a better grasp what team the Rams field in 2010

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    Re: No Surprises

    Oooooooo----you started a draft thread that wasn't moderator initiated.


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      Re: No Surprises

      Go SB! :helmet:

      Well, now I can forget about Suh (draft wise only) ... ponder on the new day in Rams Nation by way of Sam-eeeeeee!

      1st on the agenda, though nothing new: P R O T E C T this man / investment. Then help him help us.


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      • RamFan_Til_I_Die
        Why Draft "Experts" Annoy Me
        by RamFan_Til_I_Die
        I can't be the only one that gets annoyed by all these so called draft "experts" that change there mind like r8rh8rmike changes his underwear...about once a week. I'm going to use SI's main mock "expert" as an example. Not becuase he's the best, but because his past mocks are easy to find. H3e's just an example of what annoys me.

        Don Banks 2010 NFL Mock Drafts thusfar:

        Suh is a rock solid concensus as the surest thing. Sounds great, right?

        So roughly a month later, the day before the DT's do anything at the combine, the rock solid concensus is now split 50/50 and McCoy is our choice. Um ok. Nothing changed so why did his opinion?

        So because of one quote from Devaney, who is only making picks to save his job, we're now taking a QB in Stafford. Yeah ok, whatever you say Donny boy.

        Again implying they'll pick to stay employed rather than to make the pick that helps the team the most, while also covering his backside in case they don't pick Bradford. Pretty typical "expert" BS.

        Bradford had a good pro day so now it's a sure thing. OK now at this point I can see someone switching to Bradford as a possibility, but before no way. It just makes no sense. But even still what happened to Suh the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing.?"

        WOW. We sure did a 180 in two and a half months didn't we. First Suh is the "rock solid concensus as the surest thing" and now to take anyone but Bradford is "the kind of stunning turn of events we haven't seen in years."

        This is just one example of what annoys me about these "experts." McShay has flopped from Suh to Bradford also, while Kiper has flipped from Suh being "the most dominating defensive tackle I've seen in 32 years of doing this." to Clausen. It seems like they build up and exaggerate the plus side of whoever they want. For the longest time all we heard was Suh is a lock to go #1 to the Rams, and now it's a QB. Yes I know Blger is now gone, but these guys flopped to QBs while he was still here. Is it anything more than hype and these draft guys feeding off of each other that made Suh go from the guaranteed pick to now being the #2 DT behind McCoy in many people's eyes? I just don't get it. These guys annoy the crap out of me....
        -04-17-2010, 09:26 PM
      • Bar-bq
        Impact Players
        by Bar-bq
        Something struck me today when posting in another thread about the first overall pick this april and the impact either Bradford or Suh could have on the players around them. I made the case that both players have the potential to significantly impact the players around them in the long term, whilst Suh probably has the advantage of being able to do so almost from the first day of practise.

        I started to wonder why that is and I think it comes down to something deeper than the well-stated grooming period for rookie QBs. Our situation is quite particular because of who we have on defense. We may well return all of our starters at every position except for Defensive End. (Obviously Bradley Fletcher will be plugged in at corner in an attempt to stop some of the bleeding from the position last season. For the purposes of this discussion, he doesn't count because he's already on the roster.) Whilst I would not be entirely comfortable with this (we'll need a DE ASAP if Little doesn't return) I am much more comfortable with returning our starters on defense than on offense.

        In my opinion, a player like Suh can make these already established starters a whole lot better. It's a given that the play of the linebackers flanking Lauriniatis, which was heavily criticised last season, stands to see exponential levels of improvement with a better pass rush. And I say this completely aware that the incumbent starters may return to their positions in the first unit. We're not exactly missing a Defensive Tackle in particular, but we are lacking a pass rush in the worst way. Suh will go a long way to providing that, putting Chris Long, and everybody else up front for that matter, in a better position to make plays.

        I can't say I can see the same thing on the offense. Despite our best efforts, our OL is still a mess. Jason Smith, Jason Brown and Jacob Bell are the building blocks and it looks like Alex Barron might be back. For argument's sake, I'll say that only two of the five positions are secure. I'm not convinced Bell won't have to fight to keep his job. We are devoid of a second runningback and our receiving corps is still under question. Lord knows who our starting Tight End will be.

        My point is this: the immediate potential Sam Bradford could show as a member of the St. Louis Rams is mooted by the players around him, or the lack thereof. Not all needs can be filled in one offseason and if Bradford were the pick, I wouldn't expect him to start this season anyway. It just seems to me like the supporting cast on defense is much stronger than what we have on the other side of the ball.

        I'm completely undecided as to who should be our pick. I was a huge advocate of Suh when the season ended but the arguments in favour of a QB are equally as strong. If we draft Bradford, it's going to be a good day to be a Detroit Lions fan. They got their guy last season. They have one of the best WR's to...
        -03-13-2010, 12:35 AM
      • AvengerRam_old
        If the Rams stay at pick #1, there are really only 4 candidates.
        by AvengerRam_old
        If the Rams don't trade down from the first pick in the draft, their choice really comes down to four players.

        The Frontrunner: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
        I call Suh the frontrunner because he is the player that most people consider the best prospect in the draft. While I obviously don't have any inside information from the Rams, I certainly can see a coach like Steve Spagnuolo, who built a champion defense on the strength of the D line, favoring Suh.

        The Dark-Horse Candidate: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
        While he is currently overshadowed by Suh, he is still considered a top 3-5 pick. If Suh slides during the evaluation period, while McCoy shines, he could rise to the top.

        The Cult Favorite: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
        Those who like Clausen really like him. In my opinion, his size is potentially an issue, and I'll be curious how he is reported as comporting himself in interviews. That said... QBs can rise quickly in the eyes of scouts, coaches and personnel guys. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

        The Forgotten Candidate: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
        Bradford may have been the first pick in the 2009 draft had he come out. Now he stands as the poster child for those who advocate early departures from college. Still, if he passes all the tests he'll be put through in the next few months, teams could fall in love again with his 2008 game tapes.

        There are other top prospects who I really don't think the Rams would take No. 1 overall. I have Derrick Morgan rated #2 on my draft board, but I really don't see the Rams passing on Suh (or McCoy) to take him. Eric Berry and Joe Haden are A list DBs who will both go in the top 10 selections, but again, not to the Rams at No. 1. The Rams may like C.J. Spiller (as do I), but they can't afford to take a RB at No. 1 unless they trade Jackson, which isn't likely to happen. Finally, Dez Bryant, though a top WR prospect, does not appear to be a guy who would go that high.

        So, in my book... its one of these four players or a trade down (which I don't expect to happen).

        Anyone think there are more than four candidates?
        -01-18-2010, 03:45 PM
      • 39thebeast
        Jon Claytons take on the Rams pick
        by 39thebeast
        INDIANAPOLIS -- In a perfect world, NFL teams draft the best players and best athletes available.

        Each February, coaches, scouts and general managers assemble here to evaluate approximately 330 players. It's the perfect world. They interview the draft-eligible players and evaluate the physical skills of the ones who work out.

        Once everyone leaves Indianapolis, though, the perfect world disappears. Financial considerations enter the decision-making process, and those financial decisions will have a major impact on the 2010 draft.

        At the top of every draft, teams don't necessarily select the best athletes available. Oftentimes, teams take the players who make economic sense based on the positions they play.

        This year's draft will be the perfect test case for that premise. Most draft experts consider Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska, Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma and Eric Berry of Tennessee as the top three players. Here's the problem: Suh and McCoy are defensive tackles. Berry is a free safety.

        If the Rams balk at paying a defensive tackle big money, Sam Bradford stands to benefit.
        Most likely, at least a couple of teams at the top of the draft won't be able to justify paying a defensive tackle or a safety top-three money. It could lead to a quarterback (Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen) or a left tackle (Russell Okung) vaulting up the draft board. Sure, coaches and general managers draft players in relation to talent and rankings, but finances and the reality of the game enter the discussion.

        Let's start with the St. Louis Rams. They have the No. 1 pick and many people believe St. Louis likes Suh more than McCoy. Here's the problem: Drafting Suh No. 1 when the franchise is without a true starting quarterback doesn't make much sense, particularly if the Rams don't bring back Marc Bulger.

        Looking at the football side of things, Suh might not make sense for the Rams anyway. Selecting the Nebraska defensive tackle would mean the Rams would have him on a defensive line with Chris Long and Adam Carriker, three first-round defensive tackles in the past four years.

        The problem facing the Rams is that they aren't one defensive tackle away from being competitive. They went 1-15 last season. Adding Suh without a top quarterback might keep the Rams in double-digit loss territory.

        Dominating defensive tackles can make an impact on good teams, but they don't always change the fates of bad teams. Former Steelers coach Chuck Noll built his Steel Curtain defense around Mean Joe Greene, but that team was loaded with Hall of Famers. Defensive tackles who go to bad teams can do only so much.

        The Seahawks got a Hall of Fame career from defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, the third pick in the 1990 draft, but Seattle had only one playoff appearance during his great career. Glenn Dorsey, the fifth pick in the 2008 draft, didn't stop...
        -02-25-2010, 03:06 PM
      • Bing69
        Healthy Bradford or dominate Suh?
        by Bing69
        I have little or no knowledge of the college game so i put this question to the clan. If Bradford had stayed healthy last year, and had another solid season would there still be a debate over who we should pick? Ive read if Bradford came out last year for the draft he would have been valued higher than Stafford, this alone tells me he has talent. But would a completely healthy Bradford be better than the overall best player in the draft (and apparently best DT in the last decade) Suh?? Whether we need a QB or not, i still feel the new management will stick to their guns and build from the trenches before pulling the trigger on a QB
        -03-04-2010, 10:59 AM