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Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

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  • Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

    My son and I are going to make a once-in-a-life time trip to see a game this season. We figure we'll fly in on Saturday, stay at a 3 or 4 star hotel, take a cab to the game, then fly out the next morning. We are targeting the Redskins game.

    I see tickets on Stub Hub in section 101 for around $120. These are lower level end zone seats. Any opinions on that? Last time we went to a game (Rams at Chargers) we were on the 2nd level around the 40 yard line, so we thought we'd try something different.

    Feel free to recommend a hotel. I figured we would either stay near the airport, or near the Dome. I've never set foot between Utah and Florida except for a week in Abilene, Texas, so any inputs will be appreciated.

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    Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

    wow its weird seeing Abilene Texas mentioned on here lmao. Im from Abilene myself so can i ask what you were doing in this area?


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      Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

      You can book a hotel downtown and walk over to the Dome. Many of us converge onto STL once a year for the annual ClanRam Bash. Traditionally, it is the first home game of the season, but that isn't set into stone.


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        Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

        I have a friend who's selling seats near my seats for like 80 bucks per seat. It's 3rd row end zone seats next to the Redskins tunnel. I have seats at the 4th row. Nice seats and great view of the field.
        There's several hotels near the dome. You can walk just a block or two over to the dome.
        :clanram: DIE HARD RAMS' FAN! :helmet:


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          Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

          Originally posted by abram86 View Post
          wow its weird seeing Abilene Texas mentioned on here lmao. Im from Abilene myself so can i ask what you were doing in this area?
          Just visiting Dyess. They have some incredible high school football teams in that area, right?


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            Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

            Molotov... have fun at your Rams game. My family flies in from CA each year to grab a few games and I highly recommend you axe the cab and just get a hotel in downtown; there are many that are just a few blocks away from the dome, and one that is directly across the street.

            the airport is a bit of a ways from the dome and there doesn't seem to be as much stuff to do. But the metro is a very very easy and economical way to get into town directly from the airport. its clean too. Being near downtown will put you in place to do more things, i think. Plus, the arch is walking distance.

            If you want to make this a "once in a lifetime Rams trip" for you and your son, seriously,... i recommend you stay in downtown, check out Laclede's Landing, walk over to check out the arch which overlooks the mississippi. Union Station is a great place to find Rams and Cardinals gear (or you can buy at the game); even the Budweiser brewery is an option for you.

            As for hotel recommendation, ... i've stayed at the Drury Inn (right across the street from dome), the Millenium (3-4 blocks away), and the Hyatt (1-2 blocks away) and all three were decent... but Millenium doesn't seem as nice as it once was. The Hyatt was probably the nicest of the three and in a perfect location to Laclede's, the dome, the arch, and the metro.

            hope that helps... g'luck!


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              Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

              As long as it isn't a team that travels well (Skins shouldn't be a problem), you can likely buy tickets outside the dome.

              Get a downtown hotel off Priceline or stay at the Drury (convention). It's literally right across the street from the dome and you can partake in the pregame festivities. You can walk to the Landing, take the metro to multiple places (Central West End or Clayton) or you can get a cab to take you out to dinner in Soulard (2 miles from dome). You don't mention how old your son is and I don't know what you are into.


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                Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

                Yes Molotov we do have some great football teams in our area, Abilene High Eagles are the best team right now in our area, for college it would be the Abilene Christian University, That is where Bernard Scott (Bengals RB), Johnny Knox (bears reciever) came out of college to the pros last year.


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                  Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

                  That's some good info. Thank you all.


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                    Re: Educate me about the St Louis and the Dome

                    The Hampton Inn is near the Dome, as well. We have stayed there a couple of times. They usually have a pretty good breakfast spread.

                    As far as shopping, I found the best stuff at a Wal-Mart off of I-44. Still, many things can be purchased cheaply on eBay rather than buying them in STL.

                    If anybody approaches you about donations for runaways, amputee hookers, whatever, just tell them that you donate back home. That will usually take care of that situation.


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                      I'm traveling from the UK and this will be only my second Rams game, the first one I attended was an away game at Phoenix where my seat was so high up, I think I was looking down at the pilots of the fighter jets that made a flyby :eek:
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                      My son and I made our first trip to St Louis for the game Sunday. I'll be posting various observations from our trip over the next few days. Here's my first one. I've heard many complain about the Dome. I've read reviews that rate it as the worst stadium in the NFL. WTF? We thought it was awesome. Comfortable seats, ample room, clean and well kept, friendly and helpful staff. What gives?

                      My son made one astute observation. Any indoor stadium is by default better than an outdoor stadium. We went to a Ram-Charger game four years ago, and this experience was 10 times better in all regards. Of course, we didn't have to deal with parking. We have absolutely no interest in watching a game outdoors in Buffalo, Green Bay, New York, Chicago, etc.
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                      But AT&T is incapable of providing service to my AT&T plan phones in the dome unless I leave the seating area and stand near a window somewhere. And forget any kind of WIFi in the dome. My wife's Verizon phone works fine in the dome.

                      My AT&T plan phone works fine In front of my big screen TV for football at home.

                      Since we will be using the dome for many more years without the massive improvement proposed by both the Rams and CVC, what simple things could they do to attract fans away from their HD TVs and to the stadium, besides the obvious answer of "win more games"?

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