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A Great Night

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  • A Great Night

    Man what a fantastic night! You guys got a true Franchise QB who is a model citizen and my Titans had the best DE fall into their laps at #16. Very good night all around for the franchises in Nashville and St. Louis

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    Re: A Great Night

    Hey Thanks!

    Although I don't follow the titans, I'm very excited about the Rams pick. In fact, had the Rams not taken Bradford I'd have been rather upset. I felt that QB was our biggest need and how fortunate it was to have the opportunity to draft a young phenom with so much potential to excel at the NFL level.

    Curly ~ Horns


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      Re: A Great Night

      Thanks Titan!

      I am thrilled with getting Bradford in the horns and I thought Derrick Morgan was an absolute steal for Tennessee. A great night indeed!


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        Re: A Great Night

        Sb xxxiv!


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          Some of the funniest photos we've ever seen.
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        • lordwhttgr
          I have to know, How many are going to STL this monday night
          by lordwhttgr
          I have thought about it and am going to see the Star Wars show as well as the Game Monday Night. I feel its important to support my teem in their hour of need. The Rams have been very good to me and so I will make the trip.

          Who else is going to the game?

          Go Rams,,,Beat the Squaks!!!!
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          Who's ready for Monday Night Blowout??
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          GO RAMS
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          Best picture of the night === so far
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          A Great picture of a man defeated

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