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  • Why I like this group

    The number one thing for the Rams is to be healthy. Imagine if we had Laurent Robinson, Avery, The whole O-line, OJ, Bartell, Fletcher, and Butler healthy Butler. Those guys are all key players that we were missing and we were missing key people besides those guys. Injuries are part of football, but if we don't get hit by the injury bug as hard this year we will definately be better.

    Also players are going to get better, players are going to get extremely better in their second year in the same system.

    The O line left to right Smith, Bell, Brown, Grecco/Goldberg/Fraley, Saffold/Barron if healthy no way are they giving up 44 sacks. Also you can expect another nice season from Steven Jackson. The O-line was made a focus and it will be a key to our success.

    Wide Recivers are definately going to be better and I'm looking at 2 guys specifically Brandon Gibson and Laurant Robinson. Gibson came in halfway through last year and even with those setbacks he played well. He is going to be better. Laurant Robinson another guy who showed alot of potential, he will be so crucial to Sam Bradfords success and the Rams success. IMO his only issue is the injury problem the talent to be a great WR is there and he proved that in the few games he played IMO. If this guy can stay healthy it will be a huge boost to our offense. Donnie Avery another guy with injury problems, but he has bulked and hopefully that will help his durability. Also statistically the only WR that has been better than him in his draft class is Desean Jackson. The Rookie Mardy Gillyard wild card he is a play maker he can do alot for you in different ways. He is going to make a positive impact on this team. I haven't even mentioned guys like Foster, Burton, and Amendola. Last year guys like guaranteed to make the roster this year they have to improve or they are gone. I like our WR group more than most. TE we have a bunch of bodies Fells, Bajema, Johnso, Uh-Oh, Obunu hopefully someone steps up.

    On the D-line 2 guys I expect to show major improvement are Chris Long and Darrell Scott. Chris Long plays 16 games how he played his last four and this defense will be much better. Long will bring the much need pressure we need. Scott was excellent also late in the season penetrating getting in the backfield making a big impact on the run game. Pair him up with Cliff Ryan who was top 3 in the league in tackles for loss among DTs along with 2 ends in Long and Hall who are good against the run and you have a d-line that can be verry affective against the run and certainly much better than what we have had in the past. Robbins and Gibson solid reserves at DT. They have some young developmental pass rushers Selvie, Hall Davis, Simms all young athletic guys. Will they come in and be dominant? probably not but they will have opportunities in this system and be able to use there athleticism to get to the QB. Adeyanju played better last year and he is still good against the run.

    LBs Lauranatis obviously the stud in this group. He had an excellent rookie year, with his work ethic is there even that slightest possibility he doesn't improve? I think not. At OLB you probably have Vobora and Diggs. Who plays WLb and who plays SLB is still up in the air. Vobora played OK last year Diggs is a vet who is good against the run. Are all 3 LBs going to be on the field alot for this team? I don't think so. So maybe there deficiencies get covered up by more nickel and dime packages.

    Secondary probably the strength of the defense. The two key players here are OJ Otogwe and Ron Bartell. We really need OJ back and both these guys need to healthy. OJ needs to be ball hawk and playmaker in the secondary. We have seen him at his peek. He makes game changing plays. Bartell wasn't healthy all year and we really need him. When he is healthy Bartell is a more than adequate cover man. You have 2 young CBs that fit the scheme perfectly in Fletcher and Murphy. In this division you need you need 3 good corners you have a healthy and a physical Murphy will go along way. Butler made some plays in the secondary and was good against the run solid not spectacular Dahl is good depth at safety and there should be a good battle for the 4th CB spot with many candidates.

    The biggest key to this teams success is Sam Bradford. How long does it take for him to make a significant impact? IMO the Rams have finally built a pretty good O-line. Steven Jackson great running back behind him. He needs his weapons to improve. Here is why I think Sam Bradford will be just as a good as Matt Ryan his rookie year. Physically he is just as good maybe better. Both incredibly intelligent QBs. Ryan had an edge playing in a pro style system, but when you look at it he threw the ball even more than Bradford did. He came in with a great RB in Michael Turner. Steven jackson probably even better. Rody White only proven weapon he had, White had just come on the season before. White Emerged year 3. Avery is entering year 3 so is Robinson is entering year 4 but he has missed enough time to consider it year 3 Falcons defense wasn't outstanding talent wise, but had an excellent defensive coach. It took 2 years for the Rams to build up a similar situation to the Falcons, but I think Devaney is trying to build the team the same way coming from Atlanta. He's got his RB his O-line. He has got his young outstanding MLB. Secondary farther along. LB slightly behind. Hoping Chris Long is the John Abraham type pass rusher. The rest of the d-line is farther along than the Falcons. Ryan his rookie year had no TE to speak of. Roddy White the only major difference. You look at the Falcons team Ryans rookie year it looks really similar to the team we have right now. I'm Just saying.

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    Re: Why I like this group

    One of the most shining and optimistic reviews for this team I think anyone could hope to read, and I give it two thumbs up. I was hoping we'd address our LB situation with a bit more urgency, but who knows? Maybe we'll see Davis come on as an OLB, I think I read he played most of his last season standing up. Or the kid out of Penn State could shift to the outside and log some playing time there.

    I've got a good feeling about the upcoming season just like you. Even if it isn't our breakout year, I hope it will end up being at least a solid step in the right direction.


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      Re: Why I like this group

      Is this a positive post? My god with all the negative stuff going on around here lately you'd think that we had already lost all the games in 2010. Thank you 39, this was a great post and i can not wait till the start of the season!!


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        Re: Why I like this group

        Someone out here has to have faith in the actual football people


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          Re: Why I like this group

          I hope your right about Bradford being successful like Matt Ryan. That would be awesome! I think us having a running game is going to help him out a lot. It will take the pressure off of him a little bit. I think thats the reason Matthew Stafford wasnt very good last year. He had no running game at all. I think that plays a big part in the success of a rookie QB. It sure helped Sanchez out last year too.


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            Re: Why I like this group

            Great post 39, we have plenty of reason to be positive. I think Vobora is very underrated and can only continue to improve as an OLB. I'm hoping Scott can be a force next to Ryan next year and get penetration and also that there is some production from the other DE spot opposite Long, whoever it is.

            I'm a bit worried about the WLB spot, I don't have a lot of faith in Diggs but in Spags' system in New York he never had more than solid players at OLB, so maybe I shouldn't worry so much. The keys to this year are, firstly, improvement in the passing game on offense - giving the opposition teams someone other than Jackson to worry about. And secondly get pressure on the QB consistently from the D so the secondary can have a chance to display its talent.

            Can't wait for the new season!


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              Re: Why I like this group

              We'll see how the players develop. Last year the Rams took a few fliers and several panned out to be serviceable players. Especially at the WR position. Who's to say that isn't going to happen this year?

              Going into the draft the Rams needed a QB, RB, WR, TE, OT/OG, DE, SLB, WLB, CB. They have the QB, WR, OT and CB. If the Rams can find ONE DE in all their projects from this year and last, it'll be a sweet offseason.

              The Rams have a lot of young question marks to declare this team competitive. Going into this draft they were 2 years away from being decent. That's not changed. Maybe the Rams raid a practice squad or two and get a LBer nobody counted on. We'll see.


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                Re: Why I like this group

                Diggs is slated to play strong side linebacker next year and Vobora is supposed to shift to weakisde, where he is actually better suited due to his size and speed. In the Spags defense, all you need is passable linebackers. The key to this defense is in the defensive line and having versatile players with a deep rotation. It remains to be seen who among this group will pan out but i don't think we can say we haven't gotten a LOT more athletic after this draft..


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                  Re: Why I like this group

                  Its funny how we can be very optimistic in April, for the St Louis Rams.
                  The time is definitely NOW, for the Rams to get back in the game!
                  The first thing, the Rams need to get rid of the Losers mentality, it only takes an instant to bounce back from the bottom, Time to think like Winners!
                  I feel the Rams, mainly Spags and Devaney, addressed alot of their needs in the draft.
                  Draftees who should have a big career for the Rams: Bradford (He will become the Rams Peyton Manning before its over)
                  A blocking TE, a 6'6" TE who plays basketball, a speedy WR, a couple of Corners, couple of defensive linemen, a Linebacker and a OT. The Rams future looks bright, I like this group too!


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                    Re: Why I like this group

                    One of Sams greatest strengths is the play action pass.When teams have to worry about the run Sam will fake them out of their socks.By the way he was under center when he ran these plays. Go Rams!!!


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                      Re: Why I like this group

                      Gosh this should even get the Tx excited .. After all, we can't go on stinking forever can we?? Nice post Prez .. I'll have a couple of whatever you're having !!


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                        Re: Why I like this group

                        Great post 39. I'm always optimistic this time of the year and this year there is more reason for optimism than in there has been for quite some time.
                        However, I still have to temper the optimism with a dose of reality. I think the Rams will win some games this year but I'd be very surprised (and happy) if they won more than 5 or 6 games. But 5 or 6 wins is still a big improvement.
                        With a few more key acquisitions and some time to gel as a team, they should be ready for a breakout season next year. Turning around a bad team takes time but the process is in place.


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                          Re: Why I like this group

                          Originally posted by Warner4prez View Post
                          One of the most shining and optimistic reviews for this team I think anyone could hope to read, and I give it two thumbs up. I was hoping we'd address our LB situation with a bit more urgency, but who knows? Maybe we'll see Davis come on as an OLB, I think I read he played most of his last season standing up. Or the kid out of Penn State could shift to the outside and log some playing time there.

                          I've got a good feeling about the upcoming season just like you. Even if it isn't our breakout year, I hope it will end up being at least a solid step in the right direction.
                          They should talk to the Bears again about getting a LB; we have a glut of serviceable ones! It's sort of a shame to be a Bears fan and seeing them draft LB's (in mid/late rounds) year-in and year-out, but none of them beat out their starters (Tinoisamoa, Urlacher, Briggs, and Hillenmeyer). Heck, I was glad to see Jamar Williams go to Carolina because he's a decent player who just happens to be behind a few exceptional players.

                          So yeah, have Devaney call Angelo and see what they can work out.


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                          • sosa39rams
                            The Rams.... hopeful improvements?
                            by sosa39rams
                            Well, I'm pretty sure that we all know our Rams didn't do so great last year. I mean, we did have some bright spots on both sides of the ball, but still ended up getting outplayed in several games.

                            A few lucky bounces and our team could have easily been 4-12. Our offense was quite miserable scoring the least TD's and having only 10 points per game. Our O-Line is labeled as "mediocre" for no reason. They all pretty much got injured last season week in week out. Were obviously hoping for a better one in these guys:

                            Smith, Bell, Brown, Goldberg(assuming he starts), Saffold.

                            That will create some time for our new QB Sam Bradford, and make bigger and better holes for Steven Jackson.

                            Also, were hoping one of our WR's breakout. I mean, we have so many to choose from. Laurent Robinson was looking real good before that injury last year. Donnie Avery showed us he is capable of out running people, just hope his hands keep up and he can be our deep threat. Brandon Gibson was pretty impressive last year as a possession receiver. He has a lot of potential in him.

                            Danny Amendola was really underrated last year. He quietly emerged as one of our high potential breakout WR's. He is a great return man and looks to be a good slot receiver.

                            Brooks Foster was injured all last year so he really couldn't show us what he could do although he looks to bring something we don't have which is height and physicality.

                            Keenan Burton is a solid route runner and looks to be a pretty good young WR who is overshadowed by all the other WR's on our team.

                            Also, the 2 new undrafted rookies Dominique Curry, and Brandon McRae. They are said to have a lot of talent and raw potential. They are also potential breakout receivers.

                            We also have 1 last receiver that goes by the name Mardy Gilyard. He has great speed, can cut well and is very quick. He can also be a return man and a threat in open space.

                            I don't know whats going to happen between all these WR's, but I expect DeSpags to make the correct decisions and hopefully groom one of the players into a #1 WR.

                            We have a little bit of a Tight End dilemma. For now it looks like Daniel Fells will be the starter. He started to come out a bit in the end of last season. Billy Bajema is a blocking specialist. Although our 2 new TE's look to be pretty good.

                            Michael Hoomanawanui is good at both blocking and catching. He had an impressive mini camp and OTA's and hopefully will get some valuable game experience this year. Fendi Onobun has so much raw potential in him too. He is a dangerous passing threat also hoping to be the next "Antonio Gates".


                            Our secondary was a bit shaky last season. With O.J returning, I expect the same productivity with him that hes had over the last few years. He has forced so many turnovers...
                            -07-22-2010, 08:24 PM
                          • Warner4prez
                            The Biggest Need??
                            by Warner4prez
                            Much has been made, and shall continue to be made about where to go with the 1st overall pick this year. What I want to know is what is our most glaring need? What can make or break this team? I'm prepared to give a little insight to each position and how they can impact our team.

                            1.) QB: Obviously this is one of the biggest points of contention with all fans this year as well as from years past. It seems unlikely that the Rams won't do SOMETHING to address the QB position this year, but where are you at clan rammers? Personally I don't think a top tier QB is a major need. Perhaps we need a game manager, a Chad Henne type or Matt Moore. Watching the Rams turn into an air-raid offense seems unlikely no matter who gets the job though. One thing is for sure though, a fresh face under center could force defenders to pull a defender or two out of the box.

                            2.) DL: Suh and McCoy have dominated their fair share of draft talk this offseason, rightfully so. Is DL the most glaring need to this team though? Coach Spags has made his mark on the NFL as a guy who can make the most out of largely unknown talent. His DL by committee mantra in NY really gave life to guys like Justin Tuck and Osi. Perhaps the Rams have their guys in Clifton Ryan and Chris Long. The uncertain future of players behind them does make an awful lot of people nervous. Top flight talent could anchor this unit for a decade.

                            3.) WR: Last season gave a lot of WR's the light of day they may have never seen if not for the likes of Billy Devaney. He traded for the likes of Robinson and Gibson, and recruited Amendola, Kent and Martin from relative obscurity. A lot of hopes ride on Robinson and Avery to lead a largely unproven and unknown squad of receivers, but do either make for a threat to opposing defenses? Surely a true #1 receiver would do wonders for ANY QB to relieve a little pressure and maybe create a mismatch for our speedy corps.

                            4.) OLB: J-Lau proved to be the steal of the draft for our Rams last season, and will hopefully anchor our LB corps for years to come. The only trouble is that we don't exactly have much of a corps around him. Vobora has captivated the teams attention as a spark-plug once only known as Mr. Irrelevant, but is he a true starter for this Defense at SLB? Paris Lennon is a journyman at WLB and merely there to keep the spot warm for anyone to come in and claim it. A couple of bruisers to play sideline to sideline would definately benefit the whole defense by adding extra protection to stop the run, as well as helping to check the increasingly popular WR Screen, popularized by Arizona.

                            5.) TE: In the teams' attempt to run a West Coast offense, TE is supposed to be a keystone to success. Randy McMichael was once a top TE for the Dolphins and was expected to be a presence for the young Rams unit. That experiment is now likely coming to an end. Daniel Fells could still surprise as a viable starter, but there's...
                            Wide Receiver
                            Tight End
                            Running Back
                            Something Else?
                            -02-22-2010, 09:36 PM
                          • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                            Are the Rams really that "Devoid of Talent"?
                            by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                            Before and after this year's NFL draft, I, and Im sure just about all of you, have been getting the "devoid of talent" in regards to the Ram's roster force fed down our throats. Even after the draft it seems that it has remained a mainstay in in Ram 2010 prospects.

                            So my question is, are we really devoid of talent, or experience?

                            QB: Before the addition of Sam Bradford we definitively were short on perceived talent. A.J Feeley, Keith Null, and (at the time) Mike Reilly, left much to be desired. With the addition of Bradford, who has been called one of the best QB prospects of the 2000s (behind only Carson Palmer and Eli Manning according to Casserly), the talent question mark has been erased and instead replaced with the experience one.

                            RB: Everyone knows Sjax is one of the best backs in the league. Behind him is only a bunch of question marks like Ogbonnaya, Toston, and Darby. None have done anything to say if they have talent or not, and one (Darby) doesn't look to have anything special based on what we've seen of him.

                            WR: Here's one of the biggest question marks on the team. What do we really have here? Laurent Robinson has flashed "go-to-guy" ability in a Ram's uniform but has been consistently bitten by the injury bug in one form of another. If he can remain healthy he has the talent to be a number one guy it would seem. He has talent, just not experience

                            Donnie Avery is a bit of an enigma. He definitely has talent. With his special speed, he can stretch the field and make big plays. However he seems more fit to be utilized in this role rather than the reliable possession guy. His hands are suspect and so far he has not been reliable enough to be counted on to make the catch. He has talent, just not experience

                            Brandon Gibson could be a compliment to Avery. He has great looking hands, something Avery has not shown. He also shows an ability to make YAC with his quick hips and moves. He does not possess considerable speed however. If he can stay healthy, he could be a very effective role player or starter. He has talent, just not experience

                            Mardy Gilyard was a steal in the fourth by all indications. He is the classic case of a guy not being flashy on paper (unless you look at his production:eek: ) but just flat out MAKES PLAYS. He is just at 6 feet, if that, and his 40 time isn't eye opening with a 4.5 average, but his agility and quicker than normal change of direction ability makes him a slippery guy after the catch. This also gives him an advantage in route running and returning as it allows him to stop on a dime and make a cut without losing too much momentum. His hands are also fairly reliable, rarely will you see him drop a pass watching the tape. Above all however, the guys is simply a playmaker. He gets behind the defender despite his perceived lack of speed and he is a pain in the open field with his quick hips...
                            -06-07-2010, 11:39 AM
                          • theFRANCHIZE
                            So What do We Know Right Now?
                            by theFRANCHIZE
                            So as of Tuesday Aug. 17th and 3 days after the preseason opener to the Vikes what do we know right now?

                            1. Sam Bradford has poise and toughness. His accuracy is as good as advertised and he thinks like a vet. He has the ability to not only recognise pressure but he knows how avoid it and throw the ball away in the face of danger. He does not make rookie mistakes, and he does not panic. All in all the kid looks like a legit NFL franchise QB.

                            2. The Offensive Line is absolutely attrocious. Jason Smith has had his job taken by a 2nd round rookie and he had massive trouble against 2nd teamers, let alone 1st team defenders. He isn't tough, he isn't as mobile as we thought he was and he isn't as athletic as we need him to be. He is down right bad, and is inching closer and closer to Bustville,USA. Maybe his toe is causing him problems, and maybe he's just rusty, but to play that bad and to give up that kind of rush is just inexcusable. The interior part of the line is in shambles and was actually the biggest problem on Saturday night. Too many times did a defender get through the middle of the line only to have a free hit in on the QB. Karney and Obenneya (spelling?) missed blitz pickups only to get their QB killed. Goldberg is depth, nothing more and really shouldn't be starting. He is more tackle than guard and he gets pushed around by men smaller than he is. The interior line play must improve quickly.

                            3. The wide out's after Laurent Robinson aren't very good. If there was ever a time for Donnie Avery to step up this is the year. They desperately need him to be that guy who they can get the ball too in open space and let him use his speed and agility to gain yards. But literally after those 2 there is nothing to get your hopes up about.

                            4. Jason Brown must stay at Center. He is a center, he is paid to be a Center, he made it as a Pro-Bowl Alternate last year as a Center. That is his position. Hank Fraley is depth, not a starter. He is only to be used in case of an injury. Spags needs to realize that playing Brown out of position will cause the interior line to lose consistency and it's one and only leader.

                            5. Steven Jackson can not get hurt at all or the Rams and more importantly Sam Bradford will absolutely be left to the wolves. Jackson is still the premiere player on this team, and this team needs him to be healthy for at least 14 or 15 games. He is the only player that can actually take some of the weight off of Bradfords shoulders. Without Jackson teams will just blitz like crazy and destroy whatever QB is back there.

                            6. Chris Long must make strides this year and become a franchise defensive lineman. If he doesn't he will be labled a bust. It's vital he makes a significant impact for this defense this year. The good news is that he looked very good on Saturday. He blew up one running play like a top 3 pick should and caused chaos the majority of the time out...
                            -08-17-2010, 11:58 AM
                          • sosa39rams
                            Anything can happen!
                            by sosa39rams
                            Last year, the rams went 1-15 as we all know. We lost a couple of close games that we shouldn't have lost.

                            If we won the games that we should have won, we would of been something like 4-12 or 5-11.

                            Also, I feel really good about this upcoming year. I feel like our Defense will have a very beast year, and our offense will improve a lot.

                            Anywhere from 3-9 wins this season I am expecting.

                            Chris Long looks like he is on the verge of breaking out. Same as Donnie Avery. Also with all the new additions, and talents added, I feel like this is the year we start turning things around in a hurry.
                            -05-26-2010, 12:22 PM