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My Final Assesments on this The Draft....

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  • My Final Assesments on this The Draft....

    Mainly about Sam Bradford. There are three types of people those who look at the glass half empty, those who look at the glass half full, and those who look at the glass being what it is, being neither half full or empty but where it is at that point and that it does contain Water, some would say those are realist. I would say at first I didn't really like the Bradford pick, but I have to realize I don't get paid, to evaluate talent I only do it as a hobby and don't spend the countless number of hours a day everyday evaluating talent as pro scouts, gm and coaches do. Devaney has a track record he turned Atlanta into a pretty good team, so I'd have to say he knows how to get the people around him to help him make the right decisions. So I will say this, I am pleased with the draft because truth be told we wont really know the results until a few years from now, besides that a QB alone is not going to bring us a title, 53 players will bring us a title, that's starters and reserves alike, with the addition of a great front office and coaching staff. While some would say we should have done good last year the truth is we were an old team full of players who felt entitled, because what had been done years past. This team is totally new no players from Superbowl past or even any players who had played in any playoffs together, so as team they will grow together. Being from the couple of players who wanted to come here because they like the enviroment, I'd say I like our chances of turning the culture around. To me the glass is where it is right now, but that doesn't meant you can't fill it up.

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    Re: My Final Assesments on this The Draft....

    Quite a few guys who has played in Superbowls or at least playoffs (Fred Robbins, Na'll Diggs, STEVEN JACKSON, Hank Fraley, etc.)


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      Re: My Final Assesments on this The Draft....

      Well they are realitively newer now. i like what I see.:helmet: