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  • Depth chart

    Would i be right in saying that this is our depth chart as things stand...

    QB - Feeley, Bradford, Null, Reilly
    HB - Jackson, Ogbonnoya, Gado
    FB - Karney
    WR - Avery, Gibson, Gilyard, Robinson, Amendola, Foster, Burton
    TE - Fine, Johnson, Bajema, Fells, Oh-oh, Onobun
    LT - Smith, Barron
    LG - Bell, Allen
    C - Brown, Fraley, Setterstrom
    RG - Goldberg, Greco
    RT - Saffold, Trautwein

    RE - Long, Hall, Selvie, Davis
    LE - Little (if he comes back) Adeyanju, Ah You, Sims
    DT - Robbins, Ryan, Gibson, Scott
    LOLB - Chamberlain
    MLB - Laurinaitis, Hull
    ROLB - Diggs, Vobora, Grant
    CB - Bartell, Murphy, Dockery, Fletcher, Butler, King
    FS - Atogwe (if he signs) Dahl, Bassey
    SS - Butler, Hart

    K - Brown
    P - Jones

    I put Bradford 2nd, just because i dont think he'll start straight away. Maybe see him take over mid season.

    I think we have a gapping hole at LOLB, Diggs and Vobora arent the type we need for that spot, perhaps a FA will be brought in.

    Make additions / adjustments if you like.

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    Re: Depth chart

    Originally posted by Bing69 View Post
    Would i be right in saying that this is our depth chart as things stand...

    QB - Feeley, Bradford, Null, Reilly
    HB - Jackson, Darby, Ogbonnoya
    FB - Karney
    WR - Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Gilyard, Amendola, Burton, Foster
    TE - Fells, Johnson, Bajema, Oh-oh, Onobun
    LT - Smith, Barron
    LG - Bell, Allen
    C - Brown, Fraley, Setterstrom
    RG - Fraley, Goldberg, Greco
    RT - Saffold, Trautwein

    RE - Long, Selvie, Davis
    LE - Hall, Adeyanju, Ah You, Sims
    DT - Robbins, Ryan, Gibson, Scott
    WLB - Vobora, Chamberlain
    MLB - Laurinaitis, Hull
    SLB - Diggs, Grant
    CB - Bartell, Fletcher, King, Murphy, Dockery, Butler
    FS - Atogwe (if he signs) Dahl, Roach
    SS - Butler, Dahl

    K - Brown
    P - Jones
    LS - Massey

    I put Bradford 2nd, just because i dont think he'll start straight away. Maybe see him take over mid season.

    I think we have a gapping hole at LOLB, Diggs and Vobora arent the type we need for that spot, perhaps a FA will be brought in.

    Make additions / adjustments if you like.
    Ive changed a few things.

    Gado wasnt brought back, so it will be Kenneth Darby as part of the running back group.

    Derek Fine was released shortly after we claimed him on waivers

    Fraley i have on twice, because he has been bought in to start at Guard as well as back up at C

    I think if the season opened today, Hall would start at DE across from Long. And we have no real idea which end spot the drafted guys will play.

    I changed the names of the OLB spots, as it was easier to assign that way. When Diggs was signed, it was said Vobora has moved to weak side linebacker.

    I rearranged the CBs has Fletcher and King were playing those spots last year, and Dockery and Murphy will have to earn a move up the depth chart.

    Hart was let go, as was Bassey. I put Dahl as back up at both safety positions because, well, he is!

    This will definitely change a fair bit before the season starts!


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      Re: Depth chart

      I think Long will start on the left this year, he'll get more success going up against RTs. Also Marquis Johnson should be in there at CB as well


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        Re: Depth chart

        shows how much attention i was paying earlier this off-season.

        our defence was better than our offense last year but i think it could be vice versa this season. on paper that front seven is very average. if theres no atogwe either our secondary is in trouble
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          Re: Depth chart

          C'mon, you know Barron will be starting. Like he's gonna to let a Rook take his job, YEAH RIGHT!


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            Re: Depth chart

            I wouldn't mind seeing the o-line look like this for this year :

            LT- Barron ( better pass blocker than Smith )
            LG- Bell / Greco / Fraley
            C- Brown
            RG - Saffold
            RT- Smith


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              Re: Depth chart

              Wouldn't Fells be our #1?


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                Re: Depth chart

                Six tight ends? Is that you, Scott?


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                  Re: Depth chart

                  I'm hoping that Sam Bradford progresses quickly so that he can start at the beginning of the season I think we can go above .500. Not too much. 9-7. If we get Westbrook signed. Maybe bring in a veteran receiver. I really like Gilyard too. We shall see, but I can't wait.


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                    Rams ready to open camp ..
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                    BY JIM THOMAS Posted: Saturday, July 24, 2010 12:00 am | (2) Comments

                    The offseason seemed to last 15 minutes. Ready or not, the 2010 NFL season is upon us. A couple of teams reported to camp this weekend, and the Rams join the rest of the league in assembling this week. Rookies and selected veterans report Wednesday at Rams Park. The first full-squad practice is Saturday, July 31. The Rams' preseason opener against Minnesota is less than three weeks away.

                    In the wake of a 1-15 season in 2009, and with just six victories in their last 48 games, the Rams are widely regarded as one of the worst teams in the NFL. If not THE worst. It's up to coach Steve Spagnuolo and staff to change that, with a little help from No. 1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford at quarterback. For the first time since the days of the Greatest Show on Turf, there are no members of the Rams' Super Bowl XXXIV championship team or Super Bowl XXXVI runner-up squad on the current roster.

                    The road to respectability will be traveled largely by a cast of young, and unproven, faces. What happens with Bradford in the coming weeks will attract much of the attention at Rams Park, but there are personnel questions and depth chart battles throughout the roster which will sort themselves out over training camp and the preseason.

                    = = = = =

                    Position-by-position overview of Rams


                    Let the office pools begin: When will Sam Bradford make his first NFL start? Bradford has the physical tools and appears to have the mental makeup to be a successful NFL quarterback. During the spring practices at Rams Park, he showed no ill effects from surgery to his throwing shoulder. But in order to take over as the starting QB, he must display a working knowledge of the Rams' West Coast scheme. He must also show, albeit in preseason play, that he can adjust successfully to the speed of the NFL game.

                    Otherwise, it will be veteran A.J. Feeley, who has worked with Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur in Philadelphia and knows the system. But Feeley hasn't thrown an NFL regular-season pass since 2007, so he needs a lot of preseason work, too, especially since he's the team's potential opening-day starter.

                    QBs on roster (4): Sam Bradford, A.J. Feeley, Thaddeus Lewis, Keith Null.

                    Running back

                    Four running backs is a low total for training camp; some teams keep that many on their regular-season roster. So it wouldn't be surprising to see the Rams add a body prior to camp or during camp. The need for a strong backup seems obvious, but the Rams are optimistic that Chris Ogbonnaya can be an effective third-down back, be it as a receiver or a blocker on blitz pickup. Undrafted rookie Keith Toston had a productive career at Oklahoma State. He's not a burner, but bears watching this preseason.

                    Of course, the team's offensive...
                    -07-24-2010, 12:55 PM
                  • eldfan
                    Rams Report
                    by eldfan
                    USA TODAY

                    STRATEGY AND PERSONNEL

                    UNIT-BY-UNIT ANALYSIS

                    QUARTERBACKS: Starter Sam Bradford. Backup A.J. Feeley.

                    Bradford had a season worthy of being the league's offensive rookie of the year. He completed 60 percent of his passes for 3,512 yards and had just 15 interceptions. His passer rating of 76.5 is average overall, but good for a rookie. He wasn't asked to do much, partly because of an absence of play-makers at receiver. His average per attempt was just 5.95 and average per completion was under 10 (9.9). Feeley, who never got on the field for a snap, helped Bradford's development because of his background in the West Coast offense. Thaddeus Lewis was on the practice squad and has been signed to a 2011 contract.

                    RUNNING BACKS: Starter Steven Jackson. Backups Kenneth Darby, Keith Toston, FB Mike Karney, FB Brit Miller.

                    Jackson's second half wasn't as strong as his first, and a large part was due to struggles on the interior of the offensive line. Jackson had his best stretch when John Greco shared time with Adam Goldberg at right guard. But when Jason Smith missed a game with a concussion, Renardo Foster started and then was active for the rest of the season while Greco was inactive. Jackson rushed for 1,241 yards, but averaged only 3.8 yards per attempt. Darby (34) and Toston (27) had a combined 61 rushing attempts. After Miller was signed, he took the spot of Karney on the game-day roster because of his prowess on special teams. When Miller was lost for the season because of a knee injury, Karney was active for the final two games of the season.

                    TIGHT ENDS: Starter Billy Bajema. Backups Daniel Fells, Michael Hoomanawanui, Derek Schouman, Darcy Johnson, Fendi Onobun.

                    The biggest disappointment was the right games missed by Hoomanawanui because of two high ankle sprains. He and Bradford developed a promising rapport in training camp, but Hoomanawanui went down early in the season opener. After coming back, he had three touchdowns on just 13 receptions before being injured again. Bajema is a solid blocker, and sometime pass-catcher who had 14 receptions and two touchdowns. Fells is maddening with his inconsistency, although he did have 41 receptions and two touchdowns. Schouman was signed in late November. Johnson (concussion) finished the season on injured reserve. Onobun showed some potential with his freakish athletic skills, but he needs to have a busy offseason. He missed the final seven games on injured reserve with a back injury.

                    WIDE RECEIVERS Starters Brandon Gibson, Laurent Robinson. Backups Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander, Mardy Gilyard, Donnie Avery, Mark Clayton, Dominique Curry.

                    The last four names say a lot about the team's receiver situation during the 2010 season. Avery, Clayton and Curry all had knee injuries that ended their seasons; Avery's occurred...
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                  • tomahawk247
                    What Rams do you think have played their way on to next years roster?
                    by tomahawk247
                    Be it that they have had good seasons, or have shown flashes, who do you think, from our current crop of players, should be back next year?

                    QB: Keith Null
                    RB: Steven Jackson
                    FB: Mike Karney
                    WR: Donnie Avery
                    WR: Laurent Robinson
                    WR: Brandon Gibson
                    WR: Danny Amendola
                    TE: Billy Bajema
                    OT: Jason Smith
                    OT: Adam Goldberg
                    OG: Jason Bell
                    OG: Mark Setterstrom
                    C: Jason Brown

                    DE: Chris Long
                    DE: CJ Ah You
                    DT: Clifton Ryan
                    DT: Darell Scott
                    DT: Leger Douzable
                    LB: James Laurinaitis
                    LB: David Vobora
                    CB: Bradley Fletcher
                    FS: OJ Atogwe
                    FS: Craig Dahl

                    K: Josh Brown
                    P: Donnie Jones

                    This isnt a list of starters for next year, its a list of players that ive liked the look of and who i think can do some good for us next year. Someone like Billy Bajema has been a good blocker and has shown an ability to catch, and will be a good backup TE for us. Adam Goldberg's ability to fill in on most positions on the line is good for a backup T and G, same with Mark Setterstrom at G and C. Guys like Ah You and Douzable have shown good ability in limited time. Craig Dahl always seems to be around the ball when he is on the field and can hit pretty well.

                    Im not sure if any of these guya are free agents, and there are clearly players signed to big contracts that will be back, but i think these guys deserve a shot.

                    I think the main reason for this is that the majority of these guys are playing with heart and passion, despite us being a losing team late in the season.
                    -12-23-2009, 12:50 AM