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  • westbrook?

    Hi Guys
    any truth in this rumour found on the nfluk forum ?
    Word is Westbrook has passed his physical and is talking to the rams now about a contract .

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    Re: westbrook?

    I would love to see a source on that. Better yet I would love to see that happen!!!!


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      Re: westbrook?

      Just found this article.

      A St. Louis media source tells the Philadelphia Daily News that free agent Brian Westbrook did pass his physical with the Rams on Saturday.

      The source says he "might very well" end up with the Rams. St. Louis is believed to be offering an incentive-laden deal for Westbrook to back up Steven Jackson. The problem is that Westbrook's bum knee and ankle joints don't hold up well on turf, which is what the Rams play their home games on. Westbrook was always held out when the Eagles practiced indoors.

      Source: Philadelphia Daily News


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        Re: westbrook?

        Man, please be true. I would LOVE to have Brian anywhere on our roster even as a situational third down back. Jackson, Ogoboingo, and Westbrook = win for me!


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          Re: westbrook?

          I thought I read on Westbrook was talking to several teams, INCLUDING the Rams.

          Assuming Westbrook is healthy enough to play, he could possibly be a good second string RB and special situation player. Since Both S. Jackson and Westbrook can catch the ball, a two back setting on 3rd and 5+ would give another pass catching "option" as well as short yardage situations. However, I see a possiblity where he could spell S. Jackson and offer a change of pace.
          Regardless, any solid number 2 RB would spare S. Jackson some pounding keeping him fresher through out the course of the season.

          Still, I think getting Westbrook is a long shot at best. Likely he wants a home and a long term deal. And just as likely those teams that think they are on the verge of a break through year would want his services to help solidify their ground game.
          If the Rams really want to land him, a two year deal for $2 mil with an incentive like catch 500+ yards and 500+ Rushing yards for another $2 mil per year ought to make him think about it


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            Re: westbrook?

            Originally posted by schut39 View Post
            Just found this article.

            The problem is that Westbrook's bum knee and ankle joints don't hold up well on turf, which is what the Rams play their home games on. Westbrook was always held out when the Eagles practiced indoors.

            Source: Philadelphia Daily News
            Didn't know all that. Kinda disturbing.
            If a team won their division seven straight times, that would be a NFL record. Now add on that team did it with seven different QB's in seven straight years,that record is unbeatable. To do that feat, you must of had a great Defense. Jack Youngblood was the captain of that defense.


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              Re: westbrook?

              I think incentive-laden is the way to go. Probably the same deal they offered Willie Parker & he turned it down so I wouldn't hold out too much hope. Maybe the Spags/Shurmur thing will help, on the other hand.


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                Re: westbrook?

                I have no problem with this guy. He looks square to me though I doubt he will want to play on our field if it bothers his knees. I would not count on him.


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                  Re: westbrook?

                  Westbrook passes physical with Rams

                  Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on April 26, 2010 10:50 PM ET
                  Brian Westbrook is a step closer to getting back into the NFL.

                  The former Eagles running back reportedly passed the physical he took with the Rams over the weekend and "might very well" sign with the team, according to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

                  The trickiest part of Westbrook's health remains his history of concussions. But he's also struggled with swelling his knee, which could be an issue on the artificial turf in St. Louis.

                  The Rams are the only team to have Westbrook in for a visit this offseason.

                  posted at sports MSNBC


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                    Re: westbrook?

                    Originally posted by Azul e Oro View Post
                    I think incentive-laden is the way to go. Probably the same deal they offered Willie Parker & he turned it down so I wouldn't hold out too much hope. Maybe the Spags/Shurmur thing will help, on the other hand.
                    Can you provide an article that shows the Rams offered Parker a contract? Because i never heard that.


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                      Re: Westbrook?

                      RB Brian Westbrook thinking about St. Louis Rams

                      BY JIM THOMAS
                      ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                      Veteran running back Brian Westbrook still wants to play football. And he checked out OK medically during his weekend visit to Rams Park. But will he end up in St. Louis?

                      Stay tuned. After meeting with Rams coaches and team officials, Westbrook left town and is mulling his options.

                      "He wanted to go back (home) and think it over," Rams general manager Billy Devaney said Monday. "We're just taking it one step at a time right now."

                      The Rams wouldn't have brought him in for a physical if they didn't think he could still be a productive player, albeit as a complement to Steven Jackson in the St. Louis backfield and not as a feature back.

                      Although Westbrook, 30, has plenty of wear and tear on his body after eight seasons in the NFL, the Rams apparently were satisfied with his physical enough to remain interested in signing him.

                      That's not to say there aren't concerns, but the two concussions Westbrook suffered last season do not appear to be an issue. Westbrook probably returned too quickly after suffering the first concussion but eventually was able to return to action by the end of the season.

                      But Westbrook's left knee, which was first injured playing basketball at DeMatha High School in Maryland, requires careful maintenance. The knee usually swells up if he practices or plays on artificial turf. And it wasn't unusual for Westbrook to miss practice over the past couple of seasons to let the knee rest.

                      The Rams play at least half their games on artificial turf every season in the Edward Jones Dome. Westbrook knows the offensive system brought here by former Eagles assistant Pat Shurmur, who is the Rams' offensive coordinator. So other than making sure he had his timing down, at this stage of his career Westbrook wouldn't need practice every day.

                      Westbrook also has an arthritic ankle, which needed surgery last June. Because of all the missed practice time following the ankle surgery, Westbrook got off to a sluggish start in the 2009 regular season. He was just rounding into form when he suffered the first concussion Oct. 26 against Washington. Westbrook took a knee to the helmet from Redskins linebacker London Fletcher.

                      After missing two games, Westbrook returned Nov. 16 against San Diego and suffered a second concussion. He didn't play again until Week 16 and later said that he came back too soon from the first concussion.

                      As recently as 2007, Westbrook rushed for a career-high 1,333 yards and established career highs for catches (90) and receptions yards (771). His 2,104 yards from scrimmage that year was an Eagles record, helping him earn his second Pro Bowl berth.

                      Still effective in 2008, Westbrook rushed for 936 yards, had 402 reception yards and scored 14 touchdowns in 14 games. But the ankle surgery and concussions took their toll last season. His 274 yards rushing on 61 carries marked his lowest output since his rookie season in 2002.

                      In late February, the Eagles announced they would release Westbrook, who was due to make more than $7 million in 2010 had he stayed in Philly.

                      "I think we all know that Brian is one of the all-time great Philadelphia Eagles," coach Andy Reid said at the time.

                      Earlier in the offseason, Minnesota and Green Bay expressed some interest in Westbrook, but the Rams appear to be the only team currently pursuing him.
                      BW has quite a bit of bondo in his body, perhaps some hidden rust here and there, maybe a few worn down suspension parts; but he also seems to still have a muscle car engine that can roar and burn the rubber on the asphalt. Quarter mile only. I hope he decides to end his career with the Rams and that we would use him sparingly (the only way) on certain running play situations.

                      Come on down ... that is ... come on UP young man of 30! :helmet:
                      Last edited by RealRam; -04-27-2010, 04:58 PM. Reason: Helmet


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                      • LA Rammer
                        Westbrook expected to make decision by Monday
                        by LA Rammer
                        Posted by Ken Newhouse on August 12, 2010 2 Comments

                        Free agent RB Brian Westbrook is expected to make a decision on where he is going to play in 2010 by this coming Monday. The teams that are in contention for signing Westbrook are the St. Louis Rams, Denver Broncos, and the Washington Redskins. It is not said whether there is a fourth team in contention to sign Westbrook, but we’ll have to wait and see.

                        The former pro bowler had many stellar seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Due to injuries, he was limited to playing time last season. Then in February of this Westbrook was released by the Eagles. He had reportedly been offered a contract by the Redskins a couple of months ago but turned it down, trying to wait and see if anything better on the market popped up.

                        Westbrook’s best option would probably be in St. Louis, because he would have more playing time behind Steven Jackson. Even though the Rams don’t have a great chance of contending in 2010, Westbrook would likely recieve the biggest contract offer from the Rams.

                        Washington doesn’t seem like a good fit for Westbrook due to a crowded backfield already. While Denver has just signed another duo of running backs, he doesn’t seem like a fit there either.

                        The only issue with the Rams signing Westbrook, is that he has had knee troubles in the past. Since the Rams have turf on their fields then it is more of a possibility of him suffering an injury. Either way, the Rams need a proven backup for Steven Jackson, and Brian Westbrook might just be the best fit.
                        -08-12-2010, 04:14 PM
                      • berg8309
                        Brian Westbrook to visit St. Louis
                        by berg8309
                        Just heard on NFL network that Brian Westbrook was going to make a trip to St. Louis and take a physical. I wonder if a contract could be coming, I can't say I would argue with him as a backup for Jackson.
                        -04-24-2010, 09:11 AM
                      • RealRam
                        Brian Westbrook still a possibility for Rams?
                        by RealRam

                        Brian Westbrook may still be on St. Louis Rams with list
                        BY JIM THOMAS • Posted: Sunday, August 15, 2010 12:10 am...
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                      • AvengerRam_old
                        Brian Westbrook to be released
                        by AvengerRam_old

                        Given Shurmur's connection to Philly, we should keep an eye on this one. If Westbrook (who was rumored to be considering retirement at one point) is healthy and willing to take on a No. 2 role (for a No. 2 price), he could be a good option....
                        -02-23-2010, 12:00 PM
                      • r8rh8rmike
                        Sando: Westbrook Says He Wants To Join Winner
                        by r8rh8rmike
                        Jun 1312:36PM
                        By Mike Sando

                        The St. Louis Rams' familiarity with former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook explains why the free-agent running back visited Rams Park this offseason.

                        Westbrook's comments to the Delaware County Daily Times explain why Westbrook, 30, might be a long shot to sign with St. Louis (he has also visited the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos).

                        "Really, there’s no clear-cut favorite," Westbrook told the Daily Times during a kids camp put on by Redskins quarterback and former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb. "But I want to go to a good football team, a team that can win. And I do know Washington does have a very good program. And some of these other teams I’m interested in, as well."

                        Westbrook might think the Rams have a good program, but does he think they can win in 2010? Or would he be more likely to see a team still in the early stages of a rebuild, one with a rookie quarterback? Westbrook has had injury problems in recent seasons. His career is winding down. It's understandable if he wants to win right away.
                        -06-13-2010, 03:33 PM