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Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

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  • Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

    Trade was no surprise to Carriker


    Adam Carriker could see it coming, long before the initial speculation surfaced that he might be traded to the Washington Redskins.

    "I suppose it's always a surprise when you get traded," the defensive lineman said. "But I know there'd been talks, even before it got out to the media. I knew the talks had gone on, so I wasn't shocked."

    Rumor became reality last Tuesday, when Carriker was traded to the Redskins. The deal involved only a switch of fifth-round and seventh-round picks by the clubs; the Rams got no extra players or compensation for Carriker, a first-round draft pick out of Nebraska in 2007.

    The current Rams coaching staff gave up on Carriker even though it saw very little of him on the field. Carriker was just coming back from shoulder surgery when he suffered an ankle injury 10 days into coach Steve Spagnuolo's first Rams training camp last summer. Carriker had just returned from the ankle injury when he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury — requiring surgery — in the 2009 preseason finale.

    "It is what it is," Carriker said. "I guess they felt like they got a good enough look at me."

    Carriker says he's excited about the new career challenge that lies ahead in Washington under veteran NFL head coach Mike Shanahan.

    "We've struggled here the last few years in St. Louis," Carriker said. "No disrespect to the Rams, but all of a sudden I'm on a team that's made a lot of offseason moves. They're being talked about as a contender, and everybody's excited about the team."

    Carriker spent a few days in Washington last week following the trade. He was back in St. Louis when he spoke with the Post-Dispatch in a phone interview but heads back to the nation's capital this week to participate in the Redskins' offseason conditioning program.

    He talked to Shanahan for only a couple of minutes while in Washington last week. "They were getting ready for the draft," Carriker said.

    But he'll been reunited in Washington with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who was Rams coordinator for two of Carriker's three seasons in St. Louis. "Coach Haz is a good coach," Carriker said.

    In Washington, Carriker will play end in the Redskins' 3-4 alignment, which is considered a more natural position for him than defensive tackle in the Rams' 4-3. But But Carriker took mild offense to being typecast as a 3-4 end only.

    "I played nose guard here (in St. Louis) my first year and did well at that," he said. "Sometimes I'd play nose guard, (3-technique) defensive tackle, and end all in one series. That happened against San Francisco. You didn't know where you were lining up until 10 seconds before the ball was snapped sometimes when the personnel came into the game, and I did pretty well at that."

    Carriker said he's 100 percent healthy from the latest shoulder surgery.

    "I'm good to go," he said.

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    Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

    I hated the Carriker pick when we made it. All the position switching he is whining about came when Haslett was the DC, and what do you know! Who is the DC that recruited him now?

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. This guy was worthess to us and now he will be worthless to Washington. If all it takes to collect an NFL paycheck is to produce nothing and get hurt constantly, then strap a paycheck to my back and let me wrestle with alligators for a week.


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      Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

      I always thought of Carriker as a good guy in a bad spot who endured some misfortune in an admirable way, very little of which he had control over. It was frustrating but I wish the guy well except when he plays The Rams.


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        Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

        Definition of a big strong guy, that was horribly injury proned. Shoulder surgery to ankle injury to shoulder surgery. Wish him luch in Wash as long as they aren't playing the Rams.


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          Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

          I always liked him, I hope he finds success, but then again that would make us look just as bad for not keeping him.


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            Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

            I feel kind of bad for Adam, he lives down the street from my parents in Missouri, and is a great guy and friend of the family. Nevertheless, he just couldn't stay on the field.

            He also had planned on staying with the Rams for as long as they would have him, he is really a solid guy like that. He was a consistently hard worker in the gym and on the field, but ran into a string of bad luck. I hope he does well in DC, except when playing the Rams, of course!


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              Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

              The guy definitely had his share of bad luck, but the Rams are trying to turn the corner and have hard decisions to make, this was one of them. Who knows what he can really do if he gets into the right situation, but the Rams obviously felt the need to move on and cut their losses at a critical juncture for the franchise.

              As much as I liked Carriker, he became a liability and was looking more and more like one of those guys who is always going to be fighting some kind of injury problem, a la Ki-Jana Carter.


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                Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

                I always had high hopes for Carriker and thought he played well for us., Unfortunately, he seems injury prone and I think it would have been just a matter of time before it happened again. I guess we'll see how that goes in Washington. I wish we could have gotten something in the trade for him.


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                  Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

                  I always liked Carriker. I'm gonna miss the guy and wish him the best in Washington.


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                    Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

                    I'm going to echo most of the comments here, saying that I always liked him, though thought the pick was a bit iffy when we made it. Some clubs can find the players that can switch positions, and we're not one of them. Best of luck to him in Washington, I hope he stays healthier there than he did while he was in St. Louis.
                    I believe!:ram:


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                      Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

                      Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
                      Trade was no surprise to Carriker

                      BY JIM THOMAS
                      ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                      "We've struggled here the last few years in St. Louis," Carriker said. "No disrespect to the Rams, but all of a sudden I'm on a team that's made a lot of offseason moves.
                      What is he talking about here? The Rams have made some moves too, dang it. What does he think people like Hank Fraley and AJ Feeley are chopped liver?

                      WHAT SAY YE?


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                        Re: Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker

                        I like the guy, hope he at least finds some success in Washington because I assume he just played under the wrong system and he seems to fit well there.

                        ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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                        • r8rh8rmike
                          St. Louis Rams' Adam Carriker Hopes For Another Chance
                          by r8rh8rmike
                          St. Louis Rams' Adam Carriker hopes for another chance

                          BY JIM THOMAS
                          ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                          Three seasons into his NFL career, defensive tackle Adam Carriker must prove himself all over again — and he knows it.

                          "I've definitely got to show myself and play well," Carriker said. "And I'm just looking forward to doing that."

                          Carriker never made it to opening day in 2009, suffering a season-ending shoulder injury in the Rams' preseason finale against Kansas City. Carriker underwent shoulder surgery Sept. 9.

                          Coach Steve Spagnuolo's staff may have a sense of what Carriker can do. But they've seen very little of him in person — on the practice field or on game day. Prior to the shoulder injury, he missed three weeks of training camp and three preseason games with an ankle injury.

                          At this point, while the coaching staff and front office sifts through their roster options for 2010, Carriker can't be sure how or even if he fits into the team's plans. But he'd like the opportunity to revive his career for the team that drafted him 13th overall in 2007.

                          "I would love to play here," Carriker said. "I would love to stay here. I've got a home here. The Rams are my home. St. Louis is my home."

                          Nearly four months removed from surgery, Carriker is far along in his rehab program. "After four months, you're pretty much free to lift (weights) with a few restrictions," he said. "But pretty much I'm working on getting my full strength back."

                          Carriker hopes to be full-strength once the Rams begin their offseason conditioning program March 15. "Everything's on schedule, right on par if not a little bit ahead," Carriker said.

                          By the time the Rams reach spring practices and minicamp, Carriker may have competition at defensive tackle from former Nebraska teammate Ndamukong Suh.

                          "Why not? If they feel he's the best player," Carriker said. "That's really up to the guys upstairs. They'll do whatever they think is best for the team."

                          Here's a look at how other Rams are healing from season-ending injuries:

                          WR KEENAN BURTON

                          Burton was leading the Rams in receptions (25) when he suffered a season-ending patellar injury in his right knee Nov. 15 against New Orleans. He had surgery six weeks ago, and says he's on pace to begin jogging next month.

                          Team medical officials have told Burton he's ahead of schedule so far in his rehab, but Burton is unsure whether he'll be able to participate in spring practices. Burton was starting to settle in as an NFL pass-catcher when the injury occurred.

                          "I was feeling like I had been feeling when I was in college," said Burton, who attended Kentucky. "I was getting back to it....
                          -01-08-2010, 04:14 PM
                        • MauiRam
                          Adam Carriker on the road to recovery
                          by MauiRam
                          By Nick Wagoner

                          Senior Writer
                          In putting the finishing touches on a solid rookie campaign, the normally reserved Adam Carriker couldn’t help but let his emotions get the better of him.

                          Carriker had started the whole season, working as a valuable cog in a defense in which he played every position on the line. Suddenly any joy he had been able to take from his first season work vanished, replaced by the stinging pain in his bent back shoulder.

                          “I’m not going to lie,” Carriker said. “I was pretty livid. I was like ‘Are you serious?’ I go the whole year, I don’t know how many plays I played and then the last game of the year I get hurt. I was really upset.”

                          t was the second play of the game against Arizona on Dec.30, the season finale and Carriker’s last chance to make a strong first impression. As per usual for the defensive tackle, Carriker was taking on a double team.

                          Carriker tried to get off the blocks but felt his shoulder moving in the opposite direction of the rest of his body. Finally, the shoulder popped and Carriker found himself in a great deal of pain.

                          Carriker did his best to play through the pain, finishing the first half and playing the early portion of the third quarter. By then, it had become clear to Carriker and the coaching staff that he was no longer effective and simply trying to tough it out. A quarter and a half early, Carriker’s rookie season ended abruptly.

                          When Carriker arrived back in St. Louis, he met with the medical staff to determine the severity of his injury. The verdict? A torn labrum in his shoulder that would require six months of rehabilitation.

                          In other words, from the time Carriker had surgery in the middle of January, he wouldn’t be able to return to the field until training camp in July at the earliest.
                          At least, that was what the doctors ordered. But judging the progress Carriker has made in the past four plus months and the fact that he’s doing some individual work at this weekend’s minicamp, there’s a strong chance Carriker will not only be ready to go in time for training camp but could be at full strength.

                          “I think it is amazing how fast he has recovered,” coach Scott Linehan said. “Generally, with an injury like that, it is four to six months before you can do anything. I think in this case he could probably be able to play a game if we had to play one. I said it was youth but I think a lot of it has to do with work ethic and want. That guy has been busting his butt since the end of the season to get to where he is at. It has really paid off.”

                          Indeed, Carriker has attacked his rehab with the same voracious appetite that helped make him the Rams’ No. 1 pick in 2007. Soon after his surgery, Carriker wasn’t able to lift his arm above his shoulder without the help of someone else.

                          Within a few weeks, his range of motion...
                          -05-11-2008, 04:33 PM
                        • C-Mob 71
                          Carriker to be traded
                          by C-Mob 71
                          Just heard on ESPN Adam Schefter is reporting that the Rams are going to trade Carriker to the Redskins. He is not sure what we will get, but he said Haynesworth is NOT in the deal...
                          -04-20-2010, 12:08 PM
                        • RamWraith
                          Carriker: A real run-stopper
                          by RamWraith
                          By Bill Coats
                          ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                          Kevin Cosgrove has been around. So his declaration, made without hesitation or qualification, that Adam Carriker is "the best defensive lineman I've ever coached" not only should raise eyebrows, but also raise hopes among Rams fans.

                          Cosgrove is the defensive coordinator at Nebraska, where Carriker — the Rams' first-round draft pick (No. 13 overall) last weekend — was the Big 12 Conference coaches' choice as defensive lineman of the year in 2006.

                          Cosgrove has been a college assistant since 1983, including 14 years at Wisconsin and seven at Illinois, and Carriker is the fourth first-round draft choice he has coached. In that time, Cosgrove has seen and developed plenty of talent. He said Carriker separates himself from the others in three ways:

                          "One is his character and his ability to upgrade a locker room; it's outstanding," Cosgrove said. "Two is his intelligence; it's tremendous. And three is his athletic ability and size; I've never seen a kid with his kind of combination."

                          Carriker, who is 6-foot-6 and 296 pounds and a three-time all-league academic honoree, can dash 40 yards in 4.7 seconds and bench-press 440 pounds. He was an end at Nebraska, but the Rams plan to move him inside.

                          "In a crunch, he could probably play every position along the defensive line," Rams coach Scott Linehan said. "The best thing he does is play the run."

                          That should be welcome news for Rams fans weary of watching opposing backs piling up yards. In the last three

                          seasons, the Rams have finished 29th, 28th and 31st, respectively, in rush defense in the 32-team NFL.

                          Linehan already has penciled in Carriker, who will turn 23 on Sunday, as his starter at the "3-technique" spot, next to the nose tackle.

                          "I would love to step in and play right away, but I know it won't be handed to me," Carriker said. "I plan on earning that spot."

                          From QB to defense

                          Dave Carriker grew up in rural Nebraska, where he developed a deep devotion for Cornhuskers football.

                          "I had Nebraska-red blood in me," he said.

                          He was working in the chemical division of an oil refinery in Hastings, Neb., 20 years ago when the company transferred him to eastern Washington. Dave and wife Nancy, a nurse, raised Adam and his older siblings, sisters Keri and Gina, and brother Darren, in Kennewick, a town of 60,000 on the Columbia River.

                          Adam was plenty active as a youngster.

                          "He had a little bit of fire in him," Dave said. "But he was never too much of a handful. He was a pretty typical kid."

                          Except on a football field. Adam began to lift weights in eighth...
                          -05-03-2007, 05:16 AM
                        • RamWraith
                          Carriker showing he can tackle the job inside
                          by RamWraith
                          By Jim Thomas
                          ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                          Adam Carriker admits to a having had a case of butterflies going into last week's exhibition opener in Minnesota. But they didn't last long. Just ask Matt Birk and Adrian Peterson.

                          "To be honest with you, after about the first series, I was like, 'This ain't really any different than practice,' " Carriker said afterward. "It was just like practice to me."

                          On the second play of the second series, Carriker practiced his shedding technique by disposing of Birk. Then he practiced his tackling technique, dropping Peterson for a minimal gain.

                          "It's always good to make that first tackle," Carriker said.
                          Click Me!

                          Especially since it was against a former Oklahoma Sooner in Peterson. "He ran over us a few times when we were at Nebraska," Carriker said.

                          Before his work was finished for the night, Carriker had been on the field for 24 defensive plays, had three tackles and generally clogged the middle and pushed the pocket. Which is precisely what you want from a defensive tackle, particularly a nose tackle.

                          As coach Scott Linehan milled about the field after the 13-10 Rams victory, he ran into Birk, who offered a glowing assessment of Carriker.

                          "Matt said: 'He's a load. He's a handful, and really a heck of a player,' " Linehan said. "That's coming from a Pro Bowl center. That says a lot."

                          There's plenty of room for improvement for Carriker. Not to mention three more preseason games before he makes his regular-season debut. But so far, Carriker's transition from college end at Nebraska to NFL tackle in St. Louis is going smoothly.

                          As the Rams were evaluating potential draft picks on the defensive line, particularly at tackle, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett originally viewed Carriker as a 3-4 end who might occasionally move inside. But the more Haslett and the Rams watched tape of Carriker, and the more they were around him, the more convinced they became that he could be a full-time tackle.

                          "At his workout, he could stay low, which is important inside," Haslett said. "We thought there's a pretty good chance this guy could go in and play probably any position you really want. He's that good."

                          By no means does Carriker's performance against Minnesota signal that he's a finished product as an NFL defensive tackle. But it did show that the Rams weren't off in dreamland in projecting him as a tackle.

                          "This was live competition," Haslett said of the exhibition. "Now, Adam wasn't perfect (Friday), but he played pretty darn good. He's got a long way to go. But the good thing about it is he will get there because he wants to."

                          Things happen more...
                          -08-15-2007, 05:03 AM