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    Now I know that a lot of people during the season are going to complain if Sam isn't winning a whole bunch of games, or if he's throwing lots of picks...and they'll most likely start calling him a bust right away if this happens. Just know that these great QB's had pretty bad starts but ended up doing real well.

    Joe Namath, 1965 Jets: 13 games; 3-5-1 record as starter; 48.2% completion; 18 TD, 15 INT; 68.8 passer rating
    Terry Bradshaw, 1970 Steelers: 13 games; 3-5 record as starter; 38% completion; 6 TD, 24 INT; 30.4 passer rating
    John Elway, 1983 Broncos: 11 games; 4-6 record as starter; 47.5% completion; 7 TD, 14 INT; 54.9 passer rating
    Troy Aikman, 1988 Cowboys: 11 games; 0-11 record as starter; 53% completion; 9 TD, 18 INT; 55.7 passer rating
    Peyton Manning, 1998 Colts: 16 games; 3-13 record as starter; 56.7% completion; 26 TD, 28 INT; 71.2 passer rating

    None of them had great stats the first year. I'm not saying Sam will be as good as them, I'm just saying that we should make sure to give him a few years first before we start calling him a bust (if he does bad this year).

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing Sam in the backfield with Jackson!! Go Rams! :helmet::ram:

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  • HUbison
    I'm not sayin', I'm just....sayin'
    by HUbison
    Comparison of recent starting rookie QBs after 4 games:

    Bradford - 92/158, 58.2%, 944 yards, 6 TD, 6 int., 72.3 rating
    Sanchez - 63/110, 57.3%, 744 yards, 4 TD, 5 int., 71.2 rating
    Ryan - 55/105, 52.4%, 669 yards, 2 TD, 2 int., 70.7 rating
    Stafford - 79/139, 56.8%, 894 yards, 3 TD, 6 int., 65.5 rating
    Flacco - 62/106, 58.5%, 603 yards, 1 TD, 4 int., 62.0 rating
    Palmer - 84/154, 54.6%, 875 yards, 3 TD, 7 int., 58.8 rating
    Manning - 81/146, 55.5%, 992 yards, 3 TD, 11 int., 52.1 rating
    Young - 34/74, 46.0%, 351 yards, 2 TD, 4 int., 46.7 rating
    -10-05-2010, 08:25 AM
  • sntlouisrams
    Peyton vs Sam first nfl game stats
    by sntlouisrams
    Tm Cmp Att Yds TD Int Lng Rating
    Peyton Manning IND 21 37 302 1 3 42 59.178

    Sam Bradford STL 32 55 253 1 3 39 53.068

    Its also worth nothing that without the last interception, when forcing the game Bradford would of had a 60.644 qb rating. This shows that we are onto a winner with a QB who will be doing very big things this season
    -09-12-2010, 05:42 PM
  • RamsInfiniti
    It's all Marc's fault right? Then what happened to these guys?
    by RamsInfiniti
    Let's take a look at Marc's statistics:

    M. Bulger 98-167, 58.7%, 1119 yds, 6.70 YPA, 4 TD, 3 INT, 79.4 Rate

    So, what about these guys who are apparently lighting up the league:

    P. Manning 162-265, 61.1%, 1754 yds, 6.62 YPA, 10 TD, 9 INT, 79.0 Rate

    C. Palmer 75-129, 58.1%, 731 yds, 5.67 YPA, 3 TD, 4 INT, 69.0 Rate

    B. Roethlisberger 109-181, 60.2%, 1352 Yds, 7.47 YPA, 10 TD, 7 INT, 85.7 Rate

    M. Hasselbeck 58-118, 49.2%, 656 Yrds, 5.56 YPA, 2 TD, 4 INT, 57.7 Rate

    I am wondering what Manning's excuse is, since he's only been sacked 9 times.

    Amazing how QB's have average or bad seasons when their O-Line sucks or their running game cannot produce.
    -10-28-2008, 08:04 AM
  • RamDez
    Zero touchdowns
    by RamDez
    When was the last time the aints were held to zero touchdowns in a game LOL...
    -09-17-2019, 07:37 AM
  • codeman123
    An In Depth Look at the Offense
    by codeman123
    For some reason Spags is getting all the blame for this year. He has been a disappointment, but he is not in charge of the worst offense in football. For the most part people on this board and other Rams sites want Spags fired for a proven head coach like Jeff Fisher, which is fine. However, they still want to bring back McDaniels for offensive continuity. In the new NFL, if a team averages barely over 10 points a game they will consistently lose. The Rams offense has a chance to compete with some of the worst offenses in NFL history, but after the decimation of the offensive line, and having to play a third string QB it will be impossible to read into the play of the offense from here on out.
    I don't really hear a lot of complaints with McDaniels. Shurmer got booed and heckled out of the building nearly every game for his boring playcalling and dink and dunk offense. The stats comparing the Rams this year and last year are pretty shocking. Broncos fans warned me what he was like. He always tries to be the smartest man in the building. He over complicates things. He tries to do the opposite of what is generally done (run out of shotgun, pass out of heavy sets) to the point where its just as easy to read for a defensive coordinator than someone who follows the textbook. He loves running option routes, long developing patterns, and deep ins and outs. It's hard to imagine an offensive line good enough to give 3-5 seconds of protection consistently. Offensive 'geniuses' generally don't go far from script. Just like Martz, he isn't going to change philosophies from what got him in that position. Its clear he has free rein to gameplan and create plays every week. Spags makes gametime decisions like whether or not to go for it, but doesn't seem to hinder what McDaneils wants to do. There's yet to be a gameplan this year where the other team has to say 'wow we just got outsmarted, or they just got us this week'. Usually its the opposite, like against Seattle playing out of empty shotgun formation half the game, and completely taking away the threat of a run. Plain stupid, even to the fans.

    Here are the stats for this year.

    Rank 2011 Home Away 2010
    Points per game 32 11.7 14.7 8.7 18.1
    Yards per game 31 284 302.9 (26)
    Yards per point 32 24.3 17.4 36.1 16.8
    Points per play 32 0.184 0.228 0.138 0.274
    -12-07-2011, 12:16 PM