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What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

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  • What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

    On this, my 1,000th post here, I will list a few things I've learned (in no particular order):

    1. Mike Martz knows a lot more about football than all of us combined.

    2. Barry Waller, Bernie Miklasz, Jim Thomas, and John Hadley do not.

    3. Being a Ram fan isn't always easy, but its always fun.

    4. Some fans make it all worth while.

    5. Some just make me shake my head.

    6. Some need to let go.

    7. We are lucky to have Marc Bulger on this team.

    8. We are even luckier to have the opportunity to see Isaac Bruce, Marshall Faulk and Aeneas Williams play.

    9. No season will likely ever be quite as satisfying as 1999-2000.

    10. I nonetheless still hope that 1999-2000 will one day be topped.

    11. This board - and I've posted on several - is the greatest collection of Ram fans on the web, bar none (and I really mean that, I'm not just sucking up).

    12. Every now and again I wonder... why do I bother? Why do I devote time and emotional energy to a pursuit that, in the end, does not matter one iota? Why do I care what a bunch of over-paid kids (and yes, other than Sean Landetta, every Ram is younger than I am) do? Why do I get such a charge out of a win? Why do I allow myself to get bummed after a loss? And after more than a quarter-century of following the team and 1,000 posts on this board, my only answer is this: Sometimes, a little escapism is necessary in life. And given that this is the case, why not escape to something that, though not truly important, has tradition, reminds us of the glory days on the playing fields of our youth, and can bind a group of strangers from all over the globe as friends? In the end, I'd say that's not such a bad thing to spend a little of our time on.

    Here's to the next 1,000 posts!

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    Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

    Let me say congratulations on your 1000th post! and...

    there must be some sort if reward for reaching this milestone in record fashion! CONGRATS!!


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      Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

      Congrats Av!! I know you are one big Ram fan and we sometimes don't see eye to eye but, for what it's worth it wouldn't be the same without you! ..................I have to get your blood pressure up every once in awhile!!! do you have the women's Phone #'s? I need to get a little more knowledge! Just kidding once again!........Our high school needs a few coaching changes!


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        Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

        One question for everyone here. Was it more painful for Av to type all of these post or ,was it more painful for those of us who had to read them?? "gotcha" Good job and like RamWraith posted earlier here's to your next 1000!


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          Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

          Congrats Mr. AV.....Your input as many others here is what makes this a great place to come and play and learn and even sometimes just sit back and look at the screen and think, DAYUM, it's a good thing I can't reach thru this contraption and strangle some posters!!! LOL But it's all good, I enjoy the different personalities and debates, wouldn't want it any other way!!!

          Congratulations again AV, keep up the good work!!!


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            Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

            Congrats on the 1,000th post Avenger. You really help make this board an incredibly special place. I agree with the characterization of "escapism."

            Said another way, we all need outlets in our lives. At least our love of the rams is a somewhat healthy obsession.

            ramming speed to you and your family,

            general counsel


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              Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

              Excellent commentary. Keep up the good work, Avenger. Saaaluuuute! :helmet:


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                Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                I got some questions for ya Av. I suspect and hope that maybe you've learned some deeper lessons. What have you learned about inter-personal relations? What have you learned about humility? What have you learned about dealing with and keeping up good relations with people? What have you learned about arguing points to the point of being offensive? Of knowing when to say when?

                I don't ask this pointedly or taking a cheap shot at you. I ask this because as I interact with fans here on this board, I learn things too. Good things I think. And I'm not necessarily talking about football. And I have to agree with you, there are a great group of peeps here.


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                  Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                  Thank you all for the kind words.

                  To answer your questions Coy...

                  Inter-personal relations are possible, though limited, on a message board.

                  Humility is often subtle, and often unnecessary.

                  Dealing with and keeping up good relations with people is a qualitative, rather than quantitative, endeavor.

                  Arguing to the point of being offensive is to be determined in the mind of the beholder.

                  And, finally...

                  Knowing when to say when... ask me after my 2,000th post!
                  Last edited by AvengerRam_old; -10-12-2004, 07:25 PM.


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                    Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                    Congrats Avenger. May all your posts be as "enlightening" as the first 1,000. :tongue:


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                      Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                      Avenger you are a master at posting. Congrats on the 1000.

                      I too wonder why I show up here on such a consistant basis, but it is a good escape and a comfort zone for me and there are many good people here. I am no where near 1000 posts and I am not putting in good numbers so it's gonna be a long time before I see 1000.


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                        Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                        Congrats on your impressive tenure here, David. The Clan has never been the same since we stole you from the Huddles board.

                        Your colorful personality and proactive attitude on this board is just one example of why this board is so addictive. I really appreciate and enjoy everything you do for this great ClanRam community.


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                          Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                          I prefer to say that we never stole him, we enticed him into the Clan with chocolate.

                          Congratulations David now get working on that second 1000

                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.

                            Congratulations Avenger on 1000 posts I'm struggling to make 100

                            I always enjoy reading your posts


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                              Re: What I've learned after 1,000 posts.



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                              • viper
                                viper hits 1000!
                                by viper
                                Well, it took a while, but I finally made it to 1000 posts! I know many of you have way more posts than that. But, to me, it is a milestone to be proud of.

                                When I think back about all of the history, the conversations, the debates, the ups and downs, the wins and loses, the free agencys and drafts and the hope that we all have shared together, I treasure them all with fond memories. You have all become my extended family and today I wouldn't know what to do without you. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a great group of people and passionate Rams fans. I just wanted to pause for a moment of reflection about where we all have been together before turning my sights forward to the next 1000 posts and pondering what the future holds.

                                This truly is the best Rams site out there and I consider you all my friends. Thanks for being there!

                                GO RAMS!!!

                                -02-25-2007, 10:17 AM
                              • RamsFan16
                                5,000 posts, an overview!
                                by RamsFan16
                                This post right here is taking me from 4,999 posts, to 5,000! Quite a accomplishment on this wonderful site! Thanks for being such good friends and such a good family!

                                As I was just looking through the Under 18 forum, looking at all my older posts and things like that. My goodness, I can understand why some still don't care to much for me. Reading through my old posts, I had no logic on arguing, and no credibility whatsoever. One thread ( Best Coaches in Big 10 ), all I did was come back with But this, but that..., blah, blah, blah.. I was annoyed reading it.

                                I'd like to thank this ClanRam family for dealing with me from the time I joined, until now, and into the future. Thanks for putting up with my immaturity, ignorance and arrogance.

                                *Cheers* to 5,000 more and a great future for Rams Football and for this family and all families!

                                -11-17-2009, 05:10 PM
                              • UtterBlitz
                                Another person has reached 5000 posts
                                by UtterBlitz
                                Congrats to HUbison......who has proven that he can run his mouth and even fool a few people. I am not going to forget his piece in the April Fool's joke any time soon.

                                Congrats on making it over the 5000 mark man. :up: :bow:
                                -04-04-2006, 08:04 PM
                              • Bar-bq
                                A plea for leniency
                                by Bar-bq
                                I have to say, these last few days, I've been appalled by some of what I've read. This is inane. Completely. I mean, feel free to discount my theorizing; I'm but seventeen and have had probably had half as much life experience than the most of you. It's just... have you ever heard the phrase; 'Think before you speak?' It's occurring to me that the reciprocal extends to the phalanges and what you type.

                                So I have to ask: Are there some things better left unsaid? Is there a point where heated debate--"keeping the Ram nation talking"-- transcends that description and descends into John Milton's Chaos? Is argument, and it is exactly that, in some such circumstances as we've been privy to here at the Clan the last few days, completely futile?

                                As a spectator of these events, I have to say that simple existence here at the Clanram has become the bane of existence itself the last few days. It seems like we're all talk, and no listen. Everyone has a destination, but hasn't considered the alternative route to reaching it.

                                I'm not going to delve into the "everybody has an opinion" cliche. But when that opinion is utilsed to purvey thoughts that are personal, attacking or plain mean, you're defeating the purpose of what we've had going here. And that's exactly what I've been perusing the last few days has been- mean. A gang mentality- forget SLOP, forget SLAP, it's certain posters and their allies going against other posters and theirs. And what's Ironic is that the Clanram is a nurturing environment. "The biggest and best Rams website in the world". This, my friends, is our common ground. We are all Ram devotees.

                                And so; a plea for leniency from perhaps your youngest regular poster.

                                Please, please, can't we be friends?
                                -07-31-2008, 04:26 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                I will always be an optimist
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                That's the type of fan I am, and I'm not going to change. So let me be clear on my opinions on the primary naysayers with whom I will never see eye-to-eye:

                                Ram beat writers who predict doom and gloom. I look to sportswriters to provide me with information to which I don't have access. I also am interested when a knowledgeable writer can provide analysis of aspects of the game regarding which I may not be familiar. What I have no use for is their attempts at prognostication. I have found in my many years of following football that the so-called experts are no better at predicting the future of a team or individual players than I am. And, when all they want to do is create controversy by predicting doom and gloom, I really have no interest.

                                Message board posters that do the same. There are many who think that its their job to point out the team's flaws and warn the optimists not to get too upbeat. I've got news for you... I don't need anyone to tell me that the Rams have flaws. I'm well aware of that fact. I have never been shy about expressing my opinion when the team makes errors or poor decisions. But I've been a Ram fan for over two and one half decades, and in that span I have started virtually every year with the hope for a championship. I was only right one time, but I'm still an optimist. The day I'm not, I'll find another hobby.

                                So, here I am, at the start of another Ram season. I am well aware that there are problems to address and weaknesses on the team.

                                But here it goes:

                                I think the Rams can win it all this year.

                                That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
                                -08-29-2004, 09:25 PM