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    Anyone else notice during the MNF game last night John Madden talking about Jeff Fisher? He was saying that Fisher started out with the Rams and that John Shaw really wanted him as the next head coach of the Rams. Apparently Georgia wouldn't go for a head coach that was only 33 years old and the Rams wound up re-hiring Chuck Knox.

    Now, I can't stand Fisher but I think he might have been a lot better choice than Knox at that point. I wonder what other changes would have occurred if Fisher would have taken over. I haven't really followed the Oilers/Titans closely enough to know what kind of draft picks he might have made, etc. It's definitely interesting for me to think about as the second coming of Chuck Knox was the beginning of the dreaded worst team of the 90's era for the Rams.

    Anyone else have any good "coulda-beens" for the Rams?

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    Re: What could have been...

    I heard that also last night and thought it was kind of interesting. The only that I could say is that we probably would have become a defense first team and that we would have played hard all the time. I say that because that is what the Titans are.


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      Re: What could have been...

      Thanks, Moklerman.

      1971: Coach George Allen, one of my all-time favorites, could have remained with the L.A. Rams -- instead, he was released by then owner, D. Reeves and transferred (along with several Rams) to the Redskins.


      1969 could have been our first Super Bowl win. That season we won our first 11 games... Count them, undefeated 11 straight games.



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        Re: What could have been...

        I remember as a season ticket holder in Anahiem yelling in frustration at Fisher and the defense a lot. Why I remember that I have no idea. I'm sure the team would have taken quite a different road if he was named head coach.

        My big "coulda-been" has always been Eric Dickerson. He was such a force and such a perfect fit with the Ram offense at the time, it kills me to think of how great the team could have been if he had stayed, especially with an emerging Jim Everett.


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          Re: What could have been...

          Yeah, the whole Dickerson fiasco brings back bad memories. From what I can remember he basically wanted to be the highest paid rb in the NFL (rightly so) and the Rams refused. Then, to top it off they go out and draft Todd Lyght and pay him more than what Dickerson was asking.


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            Re: What could have been...

            I don't know if I could stand seeing that mullet on the sidelines every game day.


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              Re: What could have been...

              Ferragamo not going to Canada. He had the team behind him after the superbowl season and next. Georgia struck again...

              GO RAMS


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              • Rambos
                Why I want Fisher as our HC
                by Rambos
                Why Fisher, let me start by saying I still want Mike here, but it looks like it’s a done deal. So why Fisher, defensive coach, younger coach with 11 year as a head coach don’t ,want a college coach that does not have a clue about the NFL.

                Some numbers on Fisher from his BIO

                98 victories and has amassed more regular season wins than any AFC head coach over the last six seasons with 61. He ranks third overall in the NFL behind Tony Dungy (64 wins, 30 in the NFC) and Andy Reid (63 wins). Fisher led the Titans to four playoff appearances (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003), two Division titles (2000 & 2002), two AFC Championship Games (1999, 2002) and one Super Bowl berth (XXXIV). (61 regular season wins and 5 postseason wins). Last year, he became the fourth youngest coach (46) to win 90 regular season games since 1960. Only John Madden (41), Don Shula (41), and Bill Cowher (44) were faster to 90 wins.

                Former player…

                A former defensive back in college at the University of Southern California, Fisher played for Robinson in a star-studded defensive backfield that included future NFL stars Ronnie Lott, Dennis Smith and Joey Browner. Former Titans offensive lineman Bruce Matthews also was one of Fisher’s USC teammates. Fisher’s career statistics included five interceptions and 108 tackles. The versatile Fisher also served as the Trojans’ backup kicker and earned PAC-10 All-Academic honors in 1980

                Hallmarks of a Fisher-led team include stout rushing defense, the ability to possess the ball with a strong running game and poise in the midst of adversity. In nine of the last 10 seasons, the Titans defense has ranked in the top 10 against the run and they are the only team in the NFL that can boast such a streak. In 2003, the Titans finished first in the NFL in rushing defense for only the second time in franchise history (1993).

                In 1991, Fisher headed west to be reunited with his college coach John Robinson, serving as the Los Angeles Rams’ defensive coordinator. “Come home Fisher”.

                He is a University of Southern California, guy! Shaw lives here…maybe he can reach this idiot.

                He young with a ton of experience, I think you have to be young to relate to theses players today. I think he can get the Max out of SJ and build a D that can PLAY.
                -12-12-2005, 10:18 AM
              • FestusRam
                A few key reasons why Fisher WILL take us to the promised land.
                by FestusRam
                Theres no doubt Fisher has been far and away the best acquisition during the early offseason. Landing Fisher will prove to be the biggest piece to the puzzle to making the Rams a perennial powerhouse. I want to touch on a few reasons im confident that I havent seen mentioned to often(I could have missed it though). I hope that some of the skeptics will read this and realize the situation we are currently in.

                1. Fishers coaching record and his second time around. Sure, Jeff Fisher in 17 seasons had a solid record, but thats not even the point. This record is impressive for a first time head coach dealing with an awful relocation and an owner who liked to sometimes make calls he shouldnt be making. The point here is, that his second time around, you would think his chances of bettering his record is high. After seventeen years of head coaching, he knows alot on every level of the game. No learning on the job, hes already got that down. Why wouldnt his second tenure go better than the first with all the experience under his belt coupled with an owner who plays to win and has more than enough mula?

                2. The quality of coaches pouring in. Look, at the end of the day, were just fans. We dont know how good any coach is at every facet of the game on and off the field. You know who has the best idea of the quality of a coach? Other coaches. It speaks volumes on how well respected Fisher is when he lands basically every coach he desires. Coaches with experience too. They have to believe in him to come to an organization thats been so pathetic. Dave Mcginnis spoke about how well Fisher knows every level of the game. He couldnt wait to be a part of Fishers staff once again. Thats gotta give everyone some confidence.

                3. Players love playing for the man. He has already proven in Tennessee he will get the most out of his team on gameday. Fisher is an ex-player himself. Players know that Fisher knows what theyre are going through. Thats a huge common ground to immediately have with every player you coach. I love the reports I get about how his teams have fun but put in the work they need to. What a great atmosphere for players to come into. That Mayne Event special he did was hilarious. Fishers also very personal with his players. He gets to know them and shows he cares for them. They'll be playing hard for Fisher every chance they get. Hes going to bring in some talent in FA as well as he rebuilds the teams.

                The futures bright for the Rams boys and girls
                -02-10-2012, 03:52 PM
              • Rambos
                Coach Fisher gives Rams reasons for optimism
                by Rambos
                Ann Killion

                St. Louis --

                This isn't how the Rams drew up their start either. High offseason aspirations have slammed into the hard reality of a 1-2 record.

                Such a start used to be routine for the Rams, but Jeff Fisher's arrival in St. Louis in 2012 raised expectations. His team's toe-to-toe play with its historical rival last season - a tie and an overtime victory against the ***** - raised them higher.

                "With respect to the rivalry, it really hasn't been one," Fisher said this week. "This organization has been on the losing end of a lot of games. Last year, we got our feet back on the map, but I don't think there's a rivalry yet.

                "I hope it will become one."

                It seemed to be on its way last season, especially after the Rams' overtime victory at the Edwards Jones Dome. The ***** made crucial late-game errors, running an ill-advised pitch play deep in their own territory and botching the clock management at the end of the game. Fisher got some digs in at the ***** afterward, saying, "I don't know what they were trying to accomplish there."

                This week, Fisher had former Rams great Eric Dickerson attend practice. Dickerson whipped up the renewed rivalry angle.

                "We hate the Niners still," Dickerson said. "That hasn't changed."

                A former great could spout off, but Fisher and his players were saying all the right things. Coming off their own beat-down on the road, a 31-7 drubbing by Dallas, they can't dare express any belief that they might be catching the diminished ***** at a good time. But after playing the ***** dead even for almost 10 quarters last season, the young Rams - the youngest team in the league - are confident.

                "Guys have complete respect for the *****," Fisher said. "But we know that when the game's on, both teams have a chance to win."

                It's that self-belief and confidence that's a new thing for the Rams under Fisher. It's the same kind of changed mind-set that Jim Harbaugh brought to the ***** in 2011.

                "Having that confidence in your locker room every day is worth a lot," said Rams defensive end Chris Long. "It kind of breaks you out of that culture of losing. Of expecting the worst.

                "With Coach Fish you expect the best. You really look forward to every day of work, thinking what can go right rather than what can go wrong."

                Safety Craig Dahl, who switched uniforms from the Rams to the ***** in the offseason, said of Fisher: "He has an aura about himself that just exudes through the team."

                And Fisher has longevity. Perhaps the most underrated head coach in the league, Fisher has 150 wins under his belt, third most among active coaches behind Bill Belichick and Mike Shanahan. Most members of the Rams team grew up...
                -09-26-2013, 12:39 PM
              • MauiRam
                With season spiraling out of control, Fisher remains a rock of stability
                by MauiRam
                By Austin Murphy
                (from SI 10/07/14)

                Did any team in the league get off to a worse start this year than the Rams? When franchise quarterback Sam Bradford was felled in August by a Groundhog Day injury -- poor guy tore his left ACL for the second time in 10 months -- his job went to Shaun Hill, a jowly, 34-year-old journeyman who’d thrown just 16 passes in the NFL since 2010. But Hill strained a quadriceps in the first half of St. Louis’ opener against the Vikings, giving way to third-stringer Austin Davis, a former collegiate walk-on and Dolphins practice-squad player who’d been working one year earlier as a volunteer high school football coach. Final score: 38-10, Vikings.

                What tone did coach Jeff Fisher take with his players in the wake of that debacle? Were there harsh words? Was there shaming?

                Please. This is Fisher, who is to head coaches what Drake, the wholesome Canadian hip-hop artist, is to rappers: considerate, progressive, averse to the profane rants to which many of his peers are partial.

                “You point out exactly what happened, then you move on,” says Fisher. “Players don’t make mistakes on purpose. After a tough Sunday, you still want them to look forward to coming to work on Monday.”

                We know the NFL is a cold business. One of the reasons Fisher’s players love strapping it on for him is that he tries, possibly harder than anyone in the league, to warm it up a little.

                Not that optimism and a nurturing environment make much of a difference when you’re down to your third-string quarterback. Right? Surely the Rams’ Week 2 opponent, the Buccaneers, would make life miserable for Davis, who walked on at Southern Miss, incidentally, where he became a four-year starter and broke all of Brett Favre’s passing records. Turns out that, despite his scant NFL credentials, Davis has a few things going for him, as Tampa Bay discovered. In his first start since throwing a pair of TDs in the Golden Eagles’ 31-28 loss to Louisville in the 2010 Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, Davis was almost shockingly poised and in control, making checks at the line of scrimmage, working deep into his progressions. He completed 23-of-29 passes for 235 yards, to eight receivers, and was never more collected than in the final minutes, when he zipped completions of nine, 13, 15 and 25 yards to get kicker Greg Zuerlein into field goal range. Legatron’s 38-yarder with 42 seconds left gave the Rams their first win of the season.

                The fiery and unflappable Davis has emerged as one of the few bright spots in an otherwise painful season. So poised and promising was the 25-year-old in the Rams’ otherwise brutal, come-from-ahead loss to Dallas in Week 4 -- St. Louis led 21-0, before dropping a 34-31 stunner -- that Fisher declared him the regular starter going into last Sunday’s game in Philly.

                With the Eagles teeing off on the greenhorn quarterback early and often, the...
                -10-07-2014, 06:58 PM
              • r8rh8rmike
                Bonsignore: Jeff Fisher is out of bounds in alienating franchise icon Eric Dickerson
                by r8rh8rmike
                Bonsignore: Rams coach Jeff Fisher is out of bounds in alienating franchise icon Eric Dickerson

                Nov. 29, 2016
                Updated 7:48 p.m.

                Former Rams running back Eric Dickerson, center, has been critical of Rams coach Jeff Fisher, but his comments have been fair and warranted, columnist Vincent Bonsignore writes. (Photo by Keith Birmingham/Pasadena Star-News)


                The Rams have long admired the job Jeff Fisher has done in helping the team make the transition from St. Louis to Los Angeles during the past year. The coach’s role in that difficult situation is one of the justifications cited for potentially extending his contract beyond this season.

                But we now have to wonder how skilled Fisher is with even that responsibility, considering how he naively and absurdly let some criticism by Rams icon Eric Dickerson get so far under his skin he actually had the audacity to call Dickerson and threaten to ban him from the sideline or team functions unless he toed the line.

                Criticism that frankly, was warranted and within reason and completely fair considering the Rams’ record, their offensive performance over the first 10 weeks and the mediocre record Fisher has built over his 22-year head coaching career that leaves him with a .515 winning percentage and three losses away from the record by an NFL head coach.

                But not to Fisher, who called Dickerson recently to express his misgivings before telling the former Rams great if he kept up the criticism, he'd no longer be welcome on the Rams sideline as long as Fisher was the head coach.

                To which Dickerson told me Monday night: “I lit into him after he told me that. I told him: 'You can go back to Tennessee, you can go to Cleveland, you can go to USC or wherever else you might go. But I'm always going to be Eric Dickerson of the Los Angeles Rams. And I have the right to say what I say.’”

                Dickerson said Fisher tried to walk things back at that point, telling him he would always be welcome on the sideline. But the damage was done.

                Dickerson promised Fisher that as long as he was the Rams’ coach, he'd never see Dickerson on the Rams sideline.

                Imagine that. Not even a full season into his first year back in L.A, and Fisher alienates one of the franchise’s greatest players.

                Dickerson first brought up the phone conversation on his Monday radio show on AM 570. He initially declined to say who the call came from within the organization, saying only that it was from someone in “upper management.”

                He said he was content to let it stay right there, but then Fisher was asked about it Monday at his weekly news conference and feigned complete ignorance. In fact, he pointed to a recent phone call with Dickerson he described as “really good” and said Dickerson was always welcome at practices and games.

                A rightfully angry...
                -11-30-2016, 03:41 PM