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Question about stadium seating

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  • Question about stadium seating

    I tried to ask this question before, but I probably wasn't very clear.

    Where do you guys prefer to sit at Rams games? We are considering the end zone seats, lower level, section 153. I'm guessing that sitting there is a bit of a gamble. If you're real low, you can miss alot of the action, especially if its down at the other end. But you can also have a great view of red zone plays on your end.

    Or should we go for lower level sideline? Or even 2nd level?

    I saw two tickets in Section 153, Row C. It says Row C is front row. Does that sound right?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Question about stadium seating

    Row C may indeed be a front row seat. I think that 153 is on the opposite end from the Rams entrance tunnel. I have sat in the endzone seats and liked it.


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      Re: Question about stadium seating

      That's good info. Yeah, I checked some more, and apparently Row C is the front row over there.

      Does anyone know for sure, is the Rams entrance tunnel the one on the other side, near Section 126? If so, we might as well sit over there so Bradford can throw us his jersey after the game.


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        Re: Question about stadium seating

        If you sit in the end zone, remember that one side of the field has the big video screen. You should try to find seats accross from the screen.


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          Re: Question about stadium seating

          The Rams always come out of the tunnel below Section 107. The big video screen is behind the end zone sections in the 150s. You would have to sit in the 120s to easily view the larger screen.

          Seats in Section 110, 111 might be a good compromise if available. You would be close to the tunnel they run out of, be behind their bench, have a good view of the larger screen, and have a side view of the end zone.

          You can check out any seating choice here - St. Louis Rams


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            Re: Question about stadium seating

            Thanks. That's good info. Decisions decisions.


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              Re: Question about stadium seating

              I sat it I believe 154 and I loved it even though we lost the game. I would defently pick endzone again a lot of action down there.


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                Re: Question about stadium seating

                There really isn't a bad seat in the Dome. Afterall you'll be watching the RAMS live!!!! Win or lose it doesn't get any better than that.
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                  Re: Question about stadium seating

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