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Rams Getting a Mascot

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  • Rams Getting a Mascot

    There was an opening for a Mascot Coordinator position for the Rams, so I am assuming they will be having a mascot. So after 4 years of pestering the team, they are getting one.
    I will say this now because I don't want to be blamed for another Louie (Blues mascot) thing where I get told how awful a mascot it is or why did I design it like that or why do I suck at being a mascot. I am not involved in it's design. Also, unless a small miracle happens, I doubt I will be the mascot. Seems you have to know someone to have that happen, but hey, who knows.
    I am giving it the same hope that I put on the team itself to play well. Gotta keep hope alive.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Rams Getting a Mascot

    I would pay them for me to be the mascot lol. That would be great gettin to meet all the players


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      Re: Rams Getting a Mascot

      all i know is, I can't be the mascot~ cuz i know i'd be down in the pitch starting a scuffle.

      mascot fighting is the bomb!!!


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        Re: Rams Getting a Mascot

        "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

        Jack Youngblood


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          Re: Rams Getting a Mascot

          Originally posted by MoonJoe View Post
          Great! Add insult to the injury of a 1-15 season by getting a mascot. The only mascot I have ever liked is the Tulsa Talons mascot - he got suspended by the league before.


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          • ButterflyStyle
            Ram's Mascot revisited
            by ButterflyStyle
            Hey all,

            I know it's been a while since I brought up this subject, but as someone that is one, a big proponent of mascots, and someone unemployed, this is something that could be a positive in two ways, maybe even more.
            The response to a mascot hasn't been unanimous, but I do think everyone understands that they aren't around to impress adults, but to entertain kids and get them into the football spirit.
            And while I am sure I would be taking my life into my hands in a Rams' mascot costume right now as there are quite a few PO'd fans, I would hope someone will shield the eyes of the children. Please think of the children!

            I am going to continue to try and get a mascot for the team, what I would ask of everyone here is if I could ask for your support in the endeavor. If you have a child that plays peewee football, flag football or anything like it, these are the kids that will get to see the mascot most, and hey, a cheerleader might even show up too, so hey, it could work for everyone.

            So what do you think at this point, shall we storm Rams Park and get us a mascot?
            -01-16-2009, 06:11 PM
          • ButterflyStyle
            Rams Mascot?
            by ButterflyStyle
            Howdy all,

            I have been a fan of the Rams since they came to town, before then, did anyone really care about the LA Rams? Ok, maybe you did, but I didn't, it was Cardinals and then Rams. I come to you all today to ask for some insight. I had contacted the Rams in the past about them having a mascot and was told that there was no interest on the team's end in having one, that they tried in the innaugural St. Louis season and didn't get much response, so they canned it.
            I received the same stuff from the Blues (minus the ever having a mascot part) and look what I badgered them into. No, Louie was not my idea, I gave many, they went with something else. Ok, so back to the Rams.
            I'd like to see what folks think of the possibility of a Rams mascot. I know it isn't as important as the Rams turning things around, but as a mascot trying to make it into the pros, it is in my important things category.
            All I ask is that if you have something to say, keep it positive. If you don't like the idea, say so and say why, but don't resort to childishness. And please, keep things on topic, no rambling off into Draft Picks and whatnot.

            Thanks guys and gals.

            -01-14-2008, 02:03 PM
          • Nick
            Adrian McPherson victim of drive-by... from team mascot
            by Nick
            First this, now the mascot? Poor guy....
            -08-13-2006, 11:34 AM
          • ButterflyStyle
            Mascot Squash
            by ButterflyStyle
            I finally got a little toe in the door and asked about my plan. I was told that the team was discussing the possibility of a mascot at some point, but beyond that, they were being noncommital. So my efforts may have pushed the team to think about it. Hey, a year and a half to pestering em and we have a maybe kinda possibly. It took longer than with the Blues, but hey, I'll take anything I can get.
            But my efforts have also left me with money in towards a mascot costume which I am hoping I can find a use and actual design for. So maybe Nascar will be up for a trial run. But back to the Rams. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read and comment about the mascot program I was pushing for.
            The suit will be designed by the NFL, IF, the team decides to get one, and then, I will try for the position.
            Thank you again and let's hope for great things this upcoming season.
            -03-19-2008, 06:29 PM
          • ButterflyStyle
            Howdy all
            by ButterflyStyle

            my name is Chris and I have been following the Rams for a chunk of years, even a little attention when they were back in LA. I am a mascot looking to repeat my efforts with the Rams that I did with the Blues. That being, to bring in a mascot to the team. Glad to see that there is life in the fan base and hope to see some of you at a game. (Yes, I know that this season is running out of home games)

            -11-29-2007, 11:35 AM